Spring 2020

Dear Members of the Class of 1982,
Like colleges all over the country (and the world), Luther College has just wrapped up a spring semester like no other. Our students participated in remote learning, connecting with their professors and classmates online and on Sunday, May 24, we celebrated the Class of 2020 with a virtual commencement . It certainly wasn't the spring semester we imagined, but the Luther community responded with resiliency and creativity.

Many of us are making adjustments, sometimes daily or even hourly, to these uncertain times but we wanted to be sure to connect with you and to send you this letter from your class agent, a.k.a. Headless. We think you'll enjoy reading it.
Especially now, gifts to the Luther Fund can make a big difference in supporting students as they navigate all that's ahead. If you can ,   I hope you will consider making a gift today.

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during these times. For updated information about Luther's response to the pandemic, visit luther.edu.

Many thanks for your steadfast love and support.
Mariah Bringer Smith ‘95
Director of Development, Current Gifts
Hello Again! 

Hey everyone, it’s your favorite Headless Norseman coming to you live from quarantine. I want to start this letter first of all, by thanking all of you who are first responders and especially all you nurses and doctors from our class who are doing everything you can to help others during this crisis. I am conveying my hopes and prayers for all of your health and safety during this unprecedented time. For all of us, please be careful, and do what you can to help stem this virus so that we can eliminate it forever. Now, on to the letter.

Been riding my headless self around Palisades Park over the past few months since we talked last. There I go again! Didn’t talk to anyone, just communicated. Sooooo, either we didn’t understand my last and first newsletter, didn’t like it at all, didn’t realize that you were supposed to write in and give a little feedback or not one of you actually got the newsletter.  I am officially going with the latter and that no one actually got the last newsletter. I know we’re not sharing the night together but zeesh, can someone please comment? Something, anything is just what I needed. Fresh start!

To reiterate: I am trying to evoke memories of our time at Luther and leaving clues as to who I am, which you are encouraged to guess. I am also leaving clues to songs from 1978 - 1982 and encourage you to guess on those as well as download them for some blast from the past memories. Additionally, if you are mentioned and recognize your name, please write in and give some quick feedback or a quick memory of your time at Luther. In either case, doing so will get you a little something something if you are correct and in the case of guessing my identity, the first one is the winner. Again, if you know and recognize your name, or identifying the songs, let me know. Those are the rules in a nutshell. BTW – Do you still double space after every sentence like we learned in HS or are you woke? Just wondering.

For those of you keeping track and playing which looks like no one, the playlist in the last newsletter of songs that were in some form or fashion mentioned are as follows:

Don’t Stop Believing – Journey
Horse with No Name – America – OK, I cheated on this one as it is early 70s, but it fit the story. 
Caught Up in You – .38 Special
Hard to Say I’m Sorry – Chicago
Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
Money for Nothing – Dire Straits
Fantasy – Earth, Wind & Fire
Time Passages – Al Stewart
All Out of Love – Air Supply
Last Dance – Donna Summer
Been to the campus lately? It is certainly different than in the past as it has really gone through a Cool change. Can't wait until we can all visit again!

Hey, Is anyone headed down to the gymnasium to see the new Rock group Air Supply? Bingo!! Must be in the front row! It's going to be a terrific concert!

What was your favorite dinner in lunchroom? Me? I kinda liked the Swedish meatballs. Anyone work in food service? Let me know.

Anyone else experience this? So, I thought that because I was a pretty good handball player in high school, (my school didn’t have racquetball and for that matter, handball was just against a wall) it would translate to racquetball, right? Anyhow, I really wanted to get to know Kathy Kemp better and thought, hey, how about racquetball? I really liked her; she’s one of the very few people who actually called me by my given name, and thought that it would be fun to play racquetball. I figure I will take it easy on her and just enjoy the company. Boy was I wrong. She just worked me and ran me ragged on the court. I am not sure if I ever want to play the game again! Still fun though as she did it with the style and grace that she is. What a kind heart and always smiling.

Don’t stop me now but in our last newsletter, we talked about the starting quarterback for the mighty Norse, but do you remember the backup? Rocket for an arm and extremely tight spiral. Hint: Sang in Oratorio Choir. Another hint: Climbs trees…. Another hint: Knows how long it takes for a mattress to float down six floors from Miller Hall. Also, one of the nicest guys a person could ever meet. What are you doing now and where are you?

Speaking of nice. Boy do we have some really great people in our class. Not just nice, but also beautiful people inside and out. The kind of people who no doubt have gone on to great things and been a tremendous influence to others. I would love to hear from you and let me know what you are doing now. 

Walking around campus, just said hi to Jodi Hovey. Now that I think of it, have you ever seen her without a smile on her face? Jodi, Kathy and that back up quarterback…. Beautiful, Nice, Kind. Ah, I could dance the night away if you know what I mean. Speaking of dances, anyone going out to Maters this weekend? Knock on wood there is going to be some hot stuff going on out there.

We sure would like to hear about your Fame and fortune and what you have been doing for the last few or 38 years. If you would like to let us know or not, email me or send a Message in a bottle for goodness sake, but communicate! I’m losing my head over this!
I know, you're (again, anyone else pet peeve when people write, "your", just wondering) thinking the kid is hot tonight. But alas, my time, depending on some feedback, any feedback may be coming to an end just as it was getting started. So let’s get those cards and letters, (or just email me!) coming in. 

By the way, if you are not getting this via email, that means that we do not have your correct email address. Please contact Annette Laitinen at l aitan01@luther.edu to get that updated so that you get communications and our next reunion, is our best reunion yet.
Do you like this kind of letter? Would you like a more traditional one? Hate my sense of, or lack of humor? Anything! 

To leave you with some thoughts until we meet again..... AG - Shine A Light (feat. Connie Lim)

Until next time…. Be safe, be generous and be kind to others.


Rob Serres of Platteville, Wis., was inducted into the Wisconsin High School Track and Field Coaches Association Hall of Fame on Feb. 8, 2020. Rob has coached track and field at Platteville High School for the past 36 seasons, beginning as an assistant in 1984. He became the boys’ head coach in 1986 and has been the PHS girls’ head coach since 2000. The Platteville boys have won an incredible 32 conference titles in Serres’ 34 years as their head coach. The Platteville girls have won 13 conference titles in Serres’ 20 years at their head coach. The Platteville boys have also won 18 WIAA regional titles, six sectional titles and won the WIAA Division 2 state title in 1988 and 1989. The Hillmen also finished second in D2 at state in 1987 and 1993. The Platteville girls have won seven regional titles and one sectional title, and finished second at state in Division 2 in 2012 under Serres’ guidance. Serres has also coached 19 individual state champions. Over the span of his career, the Hillmen have sent 503 male and female athletes to compete at the WIAA State Track and Field meet, including his three children Tricia Serres ‘16, Allie and Jace.

Jim Whitesell was named head men’s basketball coach at State University of New York at Buffalo.


Joyce Ann (Lauffer) Womeldorf of Lanesboro, Minn., died Oct. 23, 2019, age 61.