Spring 2020

Dear Members of the Class of 2002,
Like colleges all over the country (and the world), Luther College has just wrapped up a spring semester like no other. Our students participated in remote learning, connecting with their professors and classmates online and on Sunday, May 24, we celebrated the Class of 2020 with a virtual commencement . It certainly wasn't the spring semester we imagined, but the Luther community responded with resiliency and creativity.
Many of us are making adjustments, sometimes daily or even hourly, to these uncertain times but we wanted to be sure to connect with you and to send you Scott and Julia's letter. We think you'll enjoy reading what they have written to your class.
Especially now, gifts to the Luther Fund can make a big difference in supporting students as they navigate all that's ahead. If you can ,   I hope you will consider making a gift today.

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during these times. For updated information about Luther's response to the pandemic, visit luther.edu.

Many thanks for your steadfast love and support.
Mariah Bringer Smith ‘95
Director of Development, Current Gifts
Dear Classmate,

Before I begin, I want to acknowledge this uncertain time in which we are working and supporting and encouraging ourselves, our families, and our communities locally, nationally, and internationally. For my own family, it has provided opportunities and challenges. We are blessed to be able to work from home and encourage school as teachers and as parents. We have enjoyed being able to learn alongside our children both through the lessons they are learning and having them teach us to use multiple platforms to teach others. It has provided challenges as well as at times we feel isolated from our friends and family. It is difficult to not reach over and embrace our friends and family due to laughter and through tears. We have experienced loss. However, through it all, we have been able to practice kindness and greater good as we work to keep ourselves and our communities safe. We are grateful for this. We have been so inspired by the words and stories shared by many of you of the encouragement and kindness and inventive ideas you have experienced helping your own families and friends and communities. Thank you and continue with your stewardship. We look forward to being able to connect with you in person although the Zoom meetings have been wonderful and humorous.

We also wanted to take time to celebrate the inauguration of Luther College’s 11th President, Dr. Jenifer K Ward. We have appreciated her dedication to the vital work being done at and around Luther College. She has offered energy and motivation of “now is the time” and "not IF but How and WHEN” for Luther’s current students and future and past students. If you are looking for ways to stay connected with Luther and how Luther is responding to the pandemic, here are some resources from campus:

In terms of Luther’s presence, although done through distance learning as well, the students and families are still active and an asset. I know that the education and experiences we had together prepared us to be on the front lines or supporting those who are. It has also offered us insight and training to support ourselves and others who are not working or are working in a different capacity. President Ward’s recent message to the community about Luther College’s response to the pandemic and will highlight this: 

We are living in an uncertain time and we don’t have answers to all the questions right now. But here are some things that I do know. I know that over these past weeks I have witnessed a profound testament to the power of a liberal arts education, as we have worked creatively together amidst ambiguity to find collaborative solutions. I know that our way of learning has equipped us to understand and confront a changing society, even one facing a pandemic. I know that we are called to challenge one another to learn in community and that as a community we will learn from this challenge. I know that our community is strong and committed to serving with distinction for the common good. And I know that our community will stay strong and committed during this time and beyond. 

Sharing thoughts of strength and encouragement to you and your families and friends,
Scott and Julia (Haugen) Peterson

2002 Class Agents:
Scott and Julia (Haugen) Peterson
9681 211 th Street
Lakeville, MN 55044
Devon Wendler Alvord
3967 Hendricks Lane NE
Solon IA 52333


Trina (Uvass) Crowe earned the MS and EdS degrees in school psychology from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. She is a school psychologist for the Whitefish (Mont.) School District.
John Dague is senior systems engineering manager for advanced datalinks with Collins Aerospace in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He also has a hobby exotics business called JD Constriction breeding rare genetic combinations of ball python color and pattern mutations.
Rebecca (Brennan) Haymaker is vice president of revenue cycle services at The Wilshire Group in Madison, Wis., and a member of the Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin Board of Directors.
Missy (Knott) Huff is assistant to the director of elementary and secondary education at Pleasant Valley Community School District in Bettendorf, Iowa.
James Russell teaches fourth grade at the Middleton-Cross Plains (Wis.) School District.
Kelly Shinn is associate director at Groundwork Denver.
Mary (Wilgenbusch) Yamoah is principal at Carondelet Catholic School in Minneapolis

Finley Ember, in August 2019, child of Tiffany and JOHN DAGUE

Anton Victor, in February, child of ANGELA (OLDENBURG) and Mike Kueny