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Outcomes Publishing Requirement
Staff Contact: Lynn Caruthers, lynn@coaemsp.org , x115

Reminder: based on CAAHEP Standard V.A.4:
“The sponsor must maintain, and make available to the public, current and consistent summary information about student/graduate achievement that includes the results of one or more of the outcomes assessments required in the CAAHEP Standards.”

All programs (CAAHEP-accredited and CoAEMSP-LoR) must annually publish their outcome results (e.g. National Registry or State Written Exam, Retention, and Positive Job Placement ) from the calendar year two years prior verifiable by the latest annual report required. For example, outcomes data for 2017 was submitted in 2019 (as a reminder, the reason for reporting data two years prior is to allow programs time to gather a complete set of outcomes on their cohorts). The data published must be verifiable by the program's Annual Report due by March 15 of each year. Since the Annual Report is based on the calendar year two years prior, the outcomes data is no longer reported as a 3-year average as previously required . Programs may choose to publish additional data, but at a minimum must indicate year by year results.

To assist the public in finding your outcomes, programs must publish their latest outcomes results on the Paramedic educational program’s homepage of its website. Programs must provide the direct link to the website location of the published outcomes in their Annual Report. The direct link will be forwarded to CAAHEP.
Meet Up with the CoAEMSP at the Annual NAEMSE Educator Symposium

The CoAEMSP will be at NAEMSE in Ft. Worth, TX, July 31-August 5. Find us in Booth #302. We look forward to answering your accreditation questions and help you in any way we can. Stop by and say hello! Learn more about the NAEMSE Educator Symposium here.
Now on the new CoAEMSP Website:
a Comprehensive Resource Library
We've developed a comprehensive Resource Library on the new CoAEMSP website that contains an array of accreditation tools for programs. These resources include articles, webinars, and explanations of terminology and requirements that everyone associated with the accreditation process will find indispensable in seeking or maintaining accreditation.

Dozens of resources can be found related to the following topics:
  • Seeking Accreditation
  • Evaluation Instruments/Program Resources
  • Maintaining Accreditation
  • Program Directors
  • Medical Directors
  • Site Visits & Visitors
  • Personnel Changes
  • Fees
  • Standards & Guidelines
  • Self Study Reports
  • Continuing Education

Did You Miss the July 1 Due Date for the Annual Accreditation Fee?
Staff Contact: Heather Parker, heather@coaemsp.org , x116
On May 1, all billing contacts for the CoAEMSP Letter of Review Programs and the CAAHEP Accredited Programs, along with each of the 14 sponsors of CoAEMSP, received their annual fee invoices from heather@coaemsp.org .
You may pay the annual fee by check, ACH or the View and Pay Invoice option in the email. (Credit cards are not accepted.) Programs are encouraged to pay by ACH, and the CoAEMSP is moving toward eventually requiring all payments to be made via ACH.
Although the fee was due July 1, 2019, a late fee will only be incurred for those fees received after July 31.
If you have questions about the invoice or other accounting related items, please contact Heather Parker ( heather@coaemp.org , 214-703-8445, x116).
The CoAEMSP will never ask for sensitive information; all invoices will be in the form of attachments, NOT hyperlinks. If you receive suspicious looking email, contact the CoAEMSP directly (do NOT click on a link in any suspicious email) and we can advise you whether or not the email is legitimate.
Site Visitor Workshop to be Held at ACCREDITCON 2020
The CoAEMSP is increasing its site visitor cadre and is seeking Paramedic educators and physicians to become site visitors for CoAEMSP. The training workshop will be conveniently hosted in conjunction with ACCREDITCON, May 27-31, 2020, in Louisville, for those applicants who have been selected to be site visitors.

Those interested in becoming site visitors can get more information from the links below.

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