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Thank You Site Visitors
Dedicated EMS educators who serve in volunteer positions make accreditation possible. Accreditation begins with outside teams of peers evaluating a program based on the accreditation standards. We wish to thank those who will no longer be serving in this capacity. Together, these volunteer site visitors have nearly 100 years of combined experience as site visitors.
Marie Gospodareck
Marie has been a dedicated site visitor for CoAEMSP since the mid-1980s. She was the Paramedic Program Director for the University of Alabama, one of the early programs to achieve accreditation. Marie always brought her effortless charm and sense of humor to a site visit to decrease the level of stress for the program. She has been thorough, objective, and always willing to provide positive feedback and engage in discussions on continuing the improvement and evolution of EMS education.
Carol 'Goody' Ferguson
Goody started volunteering as a site visitor in the early 1990s. She was an assistant program director with the U.T. Southwestern program in Dallas, Texas. Goody was conscientious and always wanted to ensure programs were doing right based on the accreditation standards. She has been a fierce advocate for students and a mentor to other site visitors, demonstrating outstanding communication skills and putting program personnel at ease. Her style was kind and gentle, even when having to inform a program they potentially may not be meeting the accreditation standards.
Marge Bowers
Dr. Bowers joined the site visitor cadre in 2008, averaging three to four site visits per year before her retirement in 2019. Site visitors and program directors alike appreciated her approach to site visits in which she drove home the need for demonstrating the evidence. One program stated, "Marge was very professional and informative. She was outstanding!"
Mike McLaughlin
Dr. McLaughlin started conducting site visits in 2008. Living in a smaller Midwest city, he often required a layover and was willing to travel to any destination. Mike's experience as a program director, an administrator, and his experience as a paramedic and flight paramedic allowed him to evaluate programs with the perspective of a preceptor, an educator, and an administrator.
Sandy Hartley
Although Sandy retired in 2012 from her position as department chair of health sciences, she wanted to continue giving back to education and became a site visitor for the CoAEMSP. One of the many programs she touched had this to say about Sandy: "It's wonderful to see the relationship you have with other educators and how you use your experience to analyze and appropriately criticize specific points of interest. Your vision is much appreciated, and I just think it's rare to find educators willing to help PROMOTE others in our line of duty. And, for that, I say thanks."
Kent Spitler
Kent Spitler joined the CoAEMSP site visitor cadre in 2015 and averaged three to four site visits each year. As program director at Gaston College in Dallas, North Carolina, Kent was an advocate for EMS accreditation. Program directors consistently stated they appreciated his approach of encouragement and professionalism in his role as a site visitor to their programs. We are saddened that Kent passed away October 5, 2020.
CoAEMSP is stronger because of each of these individuals and their contributions to EMS education and their support of accreditation. Thank you, Marie, Goody, Marge, Mike, and Sandy. Rest in peace, Kent.
Overview of Accreditation of Higher Education
in the U.S.

The Congressional Research Service has prepared a report for the members and committees of Congress, educating them on the accreditation of higher education in the United States.

The document is available here and on the CoAEMSP website.
Updated Process
Achieving the Letter of Review
The Letter of Review is a status granted by CoAEMSP, signifying that a program seeking initial accreditation from CAAHEP has demonstrated sufficient compliance with the CAAHEP accreditation standards through the Letter of Review Self-Study Report (LSSR) and other documentation.

The steps to achieving the LoR status are more robust, providing additional support to the program director. The steps include:
  • completing and submitting the LoR Application;
  • the Program Director attending the CAAHEP Accreditation Workshop for Paramedic Programs;
  • submitting the Letter of Review Self-Study Report (LSSR);
  • hosting a preliminary site visit as a means of ensuring that an initial applicant complies with all eligibility criteria and is in substantial compliance with the CAAHEP Standards & Guidelines. The site visit will also serve to answer questions and provide guidance.

Following the preliminary site visit, if it is determined the program is in substantial compliance with the CAAHEP Standards, CoAEMSP will issue the LoR. If it is determined the program is not in substantial compliance with the CAAHEP Standards, the LoR will be withheld.

For more information on the LoR application process, read Policy I.A. Seeking Accreditation: Letter of Review Application Process in the CoAEMSP Policies and Procedures Manual found here.
Survey: Status of Paramedic Programs
In October, CoAEMSP conducted a survey with program directors of CAAHEP accredited and CoAEMSP LoR programs to learn the status of Paramedic programs across the nation and in Saudi Arabia. The response rate from programs was a healthy 91%, for which CoAEMSP is grateful. This information helps inform the CoAEMSP and other EMS stakeholders of the landscape of Paramedic educational programs.

Register Now for New Webinars
Preceptor Training Practices
Wednesday, December 2
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Assessing and Documenting the Progression of Learning
Wednesday, January 27
1pm Central Time
Access the reference article here.
Mark Your Calendars! Limited Spots!
Upcoming CAAHEP Accreditation Workshops


February 18-19, 2021
10:00am-2:30pm Central Time each day
registration opens on December 1

March 4-5, 2021
10:00am-2:30pm Central Time each day
registration opens on January 4

April 8-9, 2021
10:00am-2:30pm Central Time each day
registration opens on February 1
These virtual workshops are held via Zoom and are designed to educate participants on the 2015 CAAHEP Standards and the accreditation process, enhancing the accreditation knowledge of Paramedic program faculty. Through the use of expert presentations and interactive group learning activities, the workshop will provide best practices to avoid common stumbling blocks.

Space is limited to 40 attendees per workshop to ensure the best virtual learning experience. The first attendees to register and pay in full are guaranteed a spot.

Mark your calendar for these registration dates, and watch for announcements to register!
For a current list of LoR and accredited programs, visit
Adam Heinz, MBA, NRP, AEMD, Program Director of the Paramedic Program sponsored by REMSA, Reno, Nevada, earned the MBA Healthcare Management degree conferred by Western Governors University on October 21, 2020. Congratulations!
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