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For 78 years, United Way of Cass County has been helping people in our community, but the work of United Way is more than simply directing resources to the people who need them. The work of United Way is identifying root causes of key issues in our community and taking action to reduce the effects of those issues on the citizens, organizations, and work places of our community.  
Our Focus
United Way of Cass County focuses its work in three key areas- Education , Income , and Health -which are
considered to be the building blocks for a quality life. Goals have been developed in each of these areas which allow us to work together as a community to make Cass County great for all of its citizens. Every person who invests in United Way of Cass County is investing in a well-organized, goal-oriented plan of community improvement. Children enter kindergarten ready to learn. School aged children succeed in school. People achieve financial stability. People maintain healthy nutrition and physical fitness. People overcome barriers to become mentally and physically healthy.
Your Investment in Our Community
Every donor and every volunteer who contributes to United Way is choosing to help achieve these goals. The work of each United Way agency and program is carefully planned, with success measured by its outcomes. The work is driven by meeting the goals which will improve our entire community. "Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline" (James C. Collins).

Please join me in this investment in our community-an investment which strengthens our youth, strengthens our families, and strengthens our workforce- an investment which makes our community great for all of us.
Elizabeth Casalini Loposser
2016 Campaign Chair

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