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KCAD Board Member: Jessop Adams

 Jessop is the newest KCAD board member! He was born and raised in Keith County and returned to Ogallala in 2015 after finishing law school in Lincoln. Jessop says Keith County will always be home! His family has lived and been business owners in the community for well over 100 years and he loves that it is a great place to live and raise a family. The grit, entrepreneurial spirit, and next generation community members stepping up is what Jessop says is so exciting about Keith County and its growth.

Hobbies include:
"I enjoy being outdoors. Whether it is golfing, fishing, hunting, or relaxing at the lake. We have one of the best counties in the nation to enjoy the fresh air."

Why do you enjoy being a member of KCAD?
"I enjoy the opportunity to be able to brainstorm with some of the best minds in Keith County to help provide the tools necessary for our County to succeed."

What is one thing you have learned about economic development through serving on the KCAD Board?
"Economic development is tough work and we are not just competing with the towns in the adjacent counties. Businesses are being courted from similar communities all over the country, looking for young professionals and high paying jobs. If we do not want to get lost in the shuffle we have to ensure we have the tools and experience necessary to bring those businesses here."

What is one thing you would like to see KCAD accomplish during your board tenure?
" I want to see KCAD always continuing to push forward. Economic development is a never ending process of finding ways to support our existing business and bring new businesses to Keith County. If we try something that does not work, then we need to learn from it and move on to the next idea. If we bring in a new business or help an existing business to grow, then we need to celebrate but continue to look for the next opportunity. Keith County has a lot to offer and I would hate for someone to miss the opportunity to be part of a great community. "

Jessop, welcome to the KCAD Board!
We greatly appreciate you!