Community Services Update
May 2022
For over 20 years, Atlantic Housing Foundation has worked to transform communities by providing accessible, affordable quality housing and supportive services that help residents break the cycle of poverty and improve their lives. We do this by connecting residents with resources focused on housing stability, community engagement, education, health and wellness and financial wellbeing.

Roosevelt Gardens
Easter Egg Hunt
Community engagement events such as Roosevelt Gardens' Easter Egg Hunt ensures residents can build a supportive community that fosters participation and connection beyond the property but in the neighborhood and city as well.

Covington Creek
Food Pantry | ESL Classes
Housing stability is an important factor in economic advancement. Frequent moves often result in job instability and loss of educational gains for children. We work with residents to create a safe, stable housing environment through programs such as ongoing food bank deliveries. In addition, "Communities Transformed" starts with our commitment to education through on-site ESL classes as well as our Good Grades and Scholarship programs.
Good Grades Program Opens June 1
Atlantic Housing offers rent discounts and/or incentives to families with students (K—12) who achieve perfect attendance and are on the A or A/B honor roll.

Atlantic Housing will give up to a 20% rent discount or alternative incentive each semester that a student receives either perfect attendance or is on the A/B honor roll.