Community Services Update
June 2021
AHF Awards over $1.2 million in Scholarships!

"Thank you so much for selecting me to receive this scholarship! It’s going to be such a HUGE help in paying for my college expenses. This truly means a lot to me, thank you so much for making a difference in my life!" - Luelya

The AHF Board of Trustees is pleased to announce our Fall 2021 Scholarship Award Recipients! This semester, 49 students were selected to receive either academic or housing awards in addition to the nominees for the Sharon Whaley, Sharon Murphy and Bart Marantz scholarships. The total amount awarded in 2021 just surpassed $1.2 million. Congratulations to the recipients!

Any full-time college student is welcome to apply including students enrolled in technical, community college or graduate degree programs.

Encourage residents to apply by September 30 for Spring 2022 awards!
Fall 2021 Scholarship Award Recipients

Barakat Bashiru
Texas State University
Chason Britt
Texas Tech University
Christian Henry
Midwestern State University
Chhua Tha Bihrei
University of Texas at Arlington
Darryl Thomas
Texas Christian University
Dominique Clawson
University of Sam Houston
Elizabeth Maire Carreon
Dallas Baptist University
Elizabeth Soetan Balogun-David
Houston Community College
Genesis Gabriela Santos Baylor University
Sharon Whaley Scholarship for Educators
Hsay Mo
University of Texas at Arlington
Isaiah Michael Oh
Texas A&M University
Bart Marantz Legacy Scholarship
Janice Pan
Texas A&M University
Lauren Michelle Simien
University of North Texas
Lidia Lara-Perez
University of North Texas
Lilibeth Ramirez (SM) Southern Methodist University
Sharon Murphy Excellence in Education
Luelya Weldetensae
Texas Woman's University
Madison Hamilton
Spelman College
Maresa Orta Paniagua
Colorado State University
Na Da
University of Texas at Arlington
Naing Thang
The University of Texas at Dallas
Nana Rabiu
Texas Woman's University
Nandy Lamptey
Sam Houston State University Housing
Pu Reh
UT Arlington
Say Meh
University of Texas at Arlington
Sefiat Ologundudu
University of Texas at Austin
Seneca R Green
Texas State University
Serena Tanner
Sam Houston State University
Shaltiy-El I'nez
Beythsheown Jackson
The University of Texas at Austin
Trinity Castro
Sam Houston State University
Not Pictured: Aaliyah Khalilallah, Eastern Flordia State College; Angela Magaly Guzman, University of Houston-Main Campus; Angelica Brittany Yensi, Sam Houston State University; Anjel Davis Sam Houston State University (Housing), Erin Briana Griffin, Sam Houston State University (Housing); Brianna Marie Navarro, Southern Methodist University; Daniella Hart, University of North Texas; Eusebio Deer, Eastern Florida State College; Jessica Castillo, San Jacinto Community College; Kamron Derrion White, University of Texas at Dallas; Kelsey Hansler, Sam Houston State University ; Kenady Vandiver, Sam Houston State University; Litzy Paola Torres Moreno, University of North Texas (Housing); Luis Alberto Liera, Texas A&M at College Station; Marla Shifflet, Sam Houston State University; Marlon Hardeman, Sam Houston State University; Mary Alfieri, Eastern Florida State College; Nao Misan Pongroq, University of Texas at Austin; Ranjita Roka, The University of Texas at Arlington; Viridiana Reyes, Sam Houston State University (Housing)
Community Services June Highlights:

  • Covington Creek distributed special Father's Day gift bags (pictured above). Maria was able to obtain donations from multiple vendors and community partners.
  • Waters at Magnolia Bay invited Ganesa Bacon, a local author, to read from her book, “Juneteenth ABC.”
  • Arrowood hosted a COVID vaccination event to ensure their residents all had an opportunity to get vaccinated and stay healthy.

Keep up the great work!
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July Campaign
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July 4
Independence Day

June 1 - July 31
Good Grades Cycle Opens for Summer Discounts*
*PBS8 properties: We see you! Stay tuned for incentives to offer your residents.