Community Services Update
July 2021
"Mom, I am just so in love right now."
- Patricia, age 11, resident at Windover Palms

When COVID-19 shut down numerous municipal libraries and most schools pivoted to online learning, many of our youngest residents immediately felt the effects of the limited access to books. Windover Palms' RSC, Diamond Delvalle, recently jumped at the opportunity to utilize a book donation from Brevard County and established a ”Reading Corner” for all residents to enjoy. Dozens of residents have used this program in the last month with children especially enjoying the inviting set up.

Patricia, age 11, is just one example of the impact this partnership has had. She wants to be an author and is additionally working with Diamond to put her ideas to paper and begin her writing career. 

Keep up the great work!
Good News for Good Grades!
Atlantic Housing Foundation offers rent discounts and other incentives to families with K-12 students who achieve perfect attendance or are on the A/B honor roll. Incentives are available to all residents who are on a housing choice voucher and rent discounts are available to residents who qualify. The mixture of rent discount and incentives ensures that the program is open to all residents across all properties.
Report Card Submissions
(July 2020 - July 2021)
Properties had resident submissions in last year.
In discounts were given in Spring 2021.
The deadline for the summer 2021 Good Grades program has been extended. Encourage residents to apply by August 6!
Upcoming News and Events

August Campaign
"Back To School" month in partnership with local school districts

August 6th
Deadline for Good Grades submissions

September 14 - October 31
Scholarship applications open