I am pleased to share this inaugural edition of our Community DNA Newsletter, DNA: Details, News, Awards. NCIRE is adding to its footprint and facilitating communication and collaboration between our various stakeholders and partners. The information and stories are intended to highlight NCIRE-supported research activities.

I am proud of the many accomplishments and I am eager to work on building these as we move forward and continue to innovate. We are working hard to be flexible, accessible, strategic and thoughtful as we carry out our Mission - Advancing Veterans Health through Research. We remain committed to using our financial and human resources to build the capacity of our research enterprise.

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Rebecca Rosales, MBA, CRA, Executive Director  
Q and A:
An Interview with Carl Grunfeld, MD, PhD

Associate Chief of Staff for  
Research and Development, SFVAHCS
Staff Physician, Chief of Metabolism
and Endocrine Sections, SFVAHCS
Professor of Medicine, UCSF

Q: What are the most exciting aspects of your current position?
A: Getting to know our great research community. Facilitating collaborations. The ability to help them do their important work.  
Q:How do you view/value the role of NCIRE in supporting the research community and advancing Veterans Health Research? 
A: NCIRE is nimbler, more flexible and more focused on helping researchers than the massive bureaucracies of the VA and UCSF.    
FOCUS on Research

Shira Maguen, PhD
Mental Health Director of the SFVAHCS OEF/OIF Integrated Care Clinic
and Psychologist, PTSD Program

The Impact of Killing in War

Many Veterans who have killed in combat suffer mental wounds that are deeper and more complex than the post-traumatic stress that already burdens them. Shira Maguen, a national expert on moral injury, has found that these Veterans often feel stigma, guilt, shame, anger and isolation. She and co-researchers have developed a unique research and treatment program that concentrates explicitly on the act of killing. It emphasizes self-forgiveness and helps Veterans heal relationships, make amends, and move forward in their lives.
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Spotlight on Shira Maguen, PhD
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Veterans Serving Veterans
A Veteran's Commitment to Care

Martin Frigaard 
Staff Research Associate and Statistical Core Member,
Kidney Health Research Collaborative 
U.S. Army Veteran

"The military taught me that the success of any job or task you are assigned is dependent on how well you can work with the people on your team. Success is never a solitary effort."  - Martin Frigaard 
Martin Frigaard grew up in a small town at the base of Mt. Hood, Oregon. As a teenager, he had pretty standard career aspirations. His future plans were either based on conversations he'd had with a high school guidance counselor or in professions he'd heard were lucrative. He'd considered a future career in everything from an architect to a helicopter pilot, but he had no idea that his time in the military would lead to a stimulating, meaningful career in Veterans health research.
Board of Directors
NCIRE Welcomes New Board Members

Theodora Mauro, MD
has been the Service Chief of Dermatology at the San Francisco VA Health Care System and currently is the Interim Deputy Chief of Staff at SFVAHCS.  She is a Professor and Vice-Chair of Dermatology at the University of California, San Francisco, and the Chief of SFVAHCS Research at Mission Bay.  She is an NIH-funded NCIRE scientist.
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Rina Shah, MD, FACP 
is currently serving as the Interim Chief of Staff of the San Francisco VA Health Care System. She is also a Professor of Health Sciences in the Department of Medicine at UCSF and the Lead for Primary Care for VISN 21.

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