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ASNAZZY has been producing music for 10 years now. Since his 1st Techno album was released in 2007, he has released 7 albums and many single dance tracks. His style of music is both Trance/Techno music and Ambient music. ASNAZZY music has been aired on many Internet Radio Shows and is played daily on Soma.FM and Astreaux World. With a army of musician friends and contacts, ASNAZZY continues to create a positive influence on the electronic music world. He also owns three Indie Record Labels - ASNAZZY Productions, ASNAZZY Records, and Skylar Records.We are proud to announce that we will be exclusively distributing ASNAZZY's catalog. Welcome to the team ASNAZZY Records!

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YMC is one of the largest independent music companies in the United States, with over 5,000 musical tracks and star artists. Musical elements from the collection are consistently featured on CBS network broadcasts of major sporting events such as The Masters Golf Tournament, the NCAA Basketball Finals, the Super Bowl, NFL Today, the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament and the Olympics. The catalogue owns songs or masters that have been on

albums that have won or been nominated for over 15 Grammy and Dove Awards. Welcome to the team YMC Records!
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Founded in 1999 by SF Bay area producer Keith Crusher and electronica artist Artemis, RTFM is a collective of artists and musicians who share an adventurous desire to explore and synthesize new musical ground. RTFM is both a resource for electronica artists looking for information on being more successful and an outlet for fans of genre-crossing electronica to find the best new music. We are proud to announce that we will be exclusively distributing

RTFM Record's catalog. Welcome to the team

RTFM Records!
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With over 50 albums, MAH Records is known for piano solo performances and recordings, producing and creating music for ballet, theater and film, Owner and producer, Michael Allen Harrison, was honored with a star on the walk of fame in front of the Portland Performing Arts Center for his artistic and community contributions to his beloved city of Portland Oregon. Michael is the founder and president of The Snowman Foundation which has raised over 2 million dollars for music education supporting school programs, many community centers and has given hundreds of instruments and scholarships to kids who cannot afford it. MAH records continues to impress critics worldwide. We are proud to announce that we will be exclusively distributing their catalog. Welcome to the team MAH Records!

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Octane features over 100 albums of music from some of the hottest PROGRESSIVE HOUSE, TECHNO & DJ artists in the world. We've been impressed with Octane Recording's work for quite some time now and we are proud to announce that we will be exclusively distributing their catalog. Welcome to the team Octane Recordings!
Meet Our New Label Partners!
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With 9 albums, Flowinglass Music showcases a range of Celtic music styles from Rock to Early Celtic Music as well as Celtic music from the British isles and the Medieval Era & Renaissance music of the European courts and countrysides. We are proud to announce that we will be exclusively distributing their catalog. Welcome to the team Flowinglass Music!
Meet Our New Label Partners!
NATIONAL RECORDING CORP. signs with SMG! With over 40 albums albums, NRC showcases a range of
Jazz, Rock n Roll Oldies, Comedy, and Spoken Word albums. We are proud to announce that we will be exclusively distributing their catalog. Welcome to the team National Recording Corp.!
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Sugo Music Group is a 30 year old San Francisco based music distribution & entertainment company that provides global delivery, one-stop music distribution services. We represent hundreds of artists, labels and content providers that are seeking an alternative solution to the limited, redundant services being offered these days by the common digital distributor.


So if you want to deploy & maximize your music (& video) assets worldwide via numerous channels & territories, and if you wish to immediately improve distribution, sales, and visibility, please contact us at your earliest convenience. Again, there are no up front costs for our services.

Please contact us at: 

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The music & video industry is evolving every day--and this will greatly affect your potential global royalty payout. If you are looking to take your music distribution to the next level, it may be time to talk with us. Sugo Music Group distributes to over 1000 digital sites in 80 countries--and this number will increase to an estimated 2000 sites by the end of 2014. We coordinate significant marketing and outreach programs to over 10,000 recipients worldwide--including a substantial number of international distributors, music supervisors, marketing agencies, sync brokers, sub-publishers, licensees and artist management. We secure overseas master use licensing deals with various global distribution companies and we qualify emerging online & mobile outlets on a daily basis. In addition, we work directly with numerous internet radio stations such as Pandora and SiriusXM. Our international mobile Telecom database is growing every day--for both mobile download & streaming revenues. We can also register your works with every Performance Right Organizations in the world. Please find out more and visit our new website at:


Sugo Music Group offers the largest, most comprehensive global music distribution solutions & services in the industry today. Over the past 30 years, we've distributed, sold and manufactured every type of music media: digital, CD, cassette & vinyl. We've distributed music products through every imaginable channel: mobile, internet, TV, wholesalers, big box retailers, music stores, gift shops and more. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of the ever-changing entertainment landscape: technology, social media, hardware, legal rulings, RIAA, distributors, collection agencies, labels, artists, music trends and more. Sugo Music Group was founded in 1983 by artists, musicians & by a savvy business entertainment team-and was built from the ground up. Please let us know more about your artists, label & music archive and we'll show you what it is like to have a Complete Distribution Portfolio:













What labels & artists are saying about us:


"Sugo is the true cutting edge for digital music distribution. It was definitely the right decision for us as a label..." -Todd Washburn, President/Lure Records


"Sugo Music Group has been an excellent company to work with from day one. They exhibit a level of professionalism unparalleled in the industry & are constantly exploring new ideas & technology for their label partners..." -Helen Marrs, Owner/Promotion Music Specialties


"Sugo Music Group has become a leader in facilitating music distribution-providing a much needed service for independent labels & musicians. They provide complete personal service combined with a professionalism that gets results..." -Richard Patterson, President/Omni Foundation for the Performing Arts


"Right from the start, Sugo Music Group impressed us with their efficient, professional manner. Their services & approach not only inspired confidence, but generated the results needed & a much broader audience. We have made them our main distributor & it's been awesome working with them since 2011..." -Robert Simmons, President/Soul Shift Music


Please take a look at our website and contact us. We'll check out your request and get right back to you. We promise!



Ean Carell

VP Business Affairs

Sugo Music Group

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Music Distribution: Grow, Grow & GROW!

Sugo Music Group is the only distributor to integrate global digital distribution as well on-demand physical distribution services, acknowledging the importance of selling and marketing across both formats with superior supply chain management. Whether it's a full length album on iTunes, an EP compilation on Spotify, a single on our various YouTube radio channels, a ringtone through Telefonica, or a one-at-a-time manufactured "on demand" CD via Amazon, we supply hundreds of outlets around the world through our unparalleled distribution supply chain and asset management system!


From San Francisco to South Korea, Chile to China, and from India to Indonesia, your music will be distributed the right way! 


Sugo Music Group's distribution platform stems from 30 years of strategic partnerships and will connect you to more listeners & more paying customers!



Get your music heard in films, TV shows, ads and games through Sugo Music Group's sync licensing platform. Our licensing team works with a trusted network of music supervisors, studio executives and agency producers to navigate your catalogue through the world of music & visual synchronization. Besides film, TV & commercials, there are hundreds of millions of people uploading videos, photos and all sorts of user-generated content. Your music can be a part of this ever-growing phenomenon--while getting paid of course. Don't miss out!


The above graphic is an example of some of our most recent placements.
More Sub-Licensing
In this new burgeoning digital era, it is necessary to have your music tracks placed on as many album compilations as possible. Increased exposure equals increased sales and will expand your fan base exponentially!
Sugo Music Group releases more than 500 new album compilations per quarter!
We specialize in licensing your music for album compilations! We have licensing partners throughout that will include your track on new album releases, thus generating new royalty streams and publicity. Don't miss out!

As part of our total music solution, we help manage your rights and exploit new revenue streams. Our licensing department handles the publishing approval, licensing, accounting and royalty payouts so that you can sell third-party compositions that are on your recordings--and never have to worry about it again!! Also, for all of your original compositions, we can collect worldwide royalty payments and licensing administration on your behalf. And finally, make sure you're not missing out on substantial revenue from your broadcasting royalties! Sugo Music Group actively registers and collects from societies in over 30 different territories to ensure you get prompt payment directly from the source. All this is to say, we will handle the complexity of mechanical licensing, pub admin and sound performance royalty collections so that you still have plenty of time to make music and develop your artistry.

There are over 100 countries that may already be broadcasting your music. It's time to get paid!
We've got some BIG news making its way to you in 2013
& we'll continue to keep you informed with strategic business affairs!


NEW SPOTIFY TERRITORIES: Reports suggested it was coming, but recently Spotify finally brought its popular music streaming service to Italy, Portugal and Poland. Sugo Music is now, of course, servicing all territories.


SOUND EXCHANGE: Sugo Music is proud to report that we are now a part of Sound Exchange's International Performer Database Association (IPDA) as well as five new reciprocal agreements with record label collecting societies in France, Spain, Sweden, Ireland and Jamaica. With the addition of these agreements, it brings SoundExchange total number of international agreements to 22. We expect this number to double in the next 12-24 months!


APPLE iRADIO: Apple is currently negotiating with labels to license master-rights for an Internet radio service that would offer custom channels in a way similar to Pandora and Clear Channel's iHeartRadio. We are monitoring this very closely and will one of the first to be a part of this new distribution!


PANDORA SUES ASCAP: The move is the latest by the Internet radio company to lower the amount it pays rights holders, performing artists and composers. Stay tuned & we'll update you!


ITUNES LAUNCHES IN 56 NEW TERRITORIES: Apple's iTunes Store expands its global footprint by launching in 56 new territories, with Russia, India, South Africa and Turkey among the larger newcomers. iTunes is still our #1 retailer, yet there are so many new partners in our distribution portfolio that we are currently witnessing a gradual global attrition set in. In the end, it'll all add up to more distribution DOLLARS for you!