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No Cracker Announcement This Year

DILLES BOTTOM –Santa Claus and his team of reindeer will not deliver a $6 billion ethane cracker during their 2017 flight across the Upper Ohio Valley — and some Shadyside and Powhatan Point residents are starting to wonder if the proposed petrochemical complex will ever become reality.

Government officials initially announced the potential PTT Global Chemical project in April 2015. Then, in February, representatives of the Thailand-based firm said they anticipated making a final investment decision by the end of this year.
However, PTT spokesman Dan Williamson said Thursday that while progress continues toward a decision, there will be no announcement until at least 2018.
“This is a big, big, complicated project,”  Williamson said.  “No one has ever built something like this in Ohio. There are so many moving parts. We had hoped to have a final investment decision this year and did not meet that.”
Williamson declined to cite a specific reasons for the delay, adding that negotiations to acquire all the property necessary to build the plant continue. He also said San Francisco-based Bechtel Corp. and Irving, Texas-based Fluor Corp. continue working on plans to build the massive facility.
“The prices of natural gas and ethane are not a concern. The availability of construction workers is also not a concern,” he said. 

“The labor leaders in the Upper Ohio Valley have demonstrated the talent and dedication they have to bring to this project.”

Officials have said the cracker plant would generate up to 6,000 temporary construction jobs. The facility likely would lead to hundreds of full-time petrochemical jobs for those in fields such as engineering.
It would also bring certain forms of air pollution, however, while dramatically changing the landscape of the Dilles Bottom area.
Royal Dutch Shell is in the process of building a similar plant in Beaver County, Pa., although industry leaders maintain there is more than enough ethane in the supply chain to support at least one more Appalachian cracker. Read More.....


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Offsite construction — what you need to know
Labor, schedules, budgets — they're all tight. While many companies are sticking it out with conventional construction methods, an enterprising few are looking off the job site for answers. Literally. One such solution is offsite construction. With offsite, components are made elsewhere and shipped to the site for assembly. And the method is gaining ground.
Below, we dig in to offsite, including projects and companies using the method, trends shaping the space and important definitions. Is your company using offsite?  Read More....

The OVCEC is excited to announce the launch of a new bi-monthly magazine, “ Under Construction, ” slated to reach architects, engineers, inspectors, contractors, local and state government offices, building trade unions and representatives throughout the tri-state area.  Under Construction  will replace our current monthly  Construction Report

This new format creates a fantastic opportunity for you to promote your company within the construction industry. Getting in on the ground level will allow your ad to run in all six editions of the entire 2018 year! 

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Under Construction  will be distributed to all OVCEC members as well as members of five other affiliated associations in the tri-state area and  elected officials, municipal building departments, and union representatives. 

The OVCEC spans throughout the Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia area, representing more than 400 construction industry professionals in over 25 local trade associations that includes general contractors, specialty and subcontractors, building owners and developers, construction managers and supply and service firms. 

Make sure you reach all OVCEC members and affiliated contractors and industry professionals by contacting us today! 
We have updated our plan room from self-service to full-service! The OVCEC’s goal is for our Plan Room to be instrumental in growing your revenues and establishing new relationships in a rapidly changing and competitive business environment. We are retooling our plan room website as well as to enable you to easily access project information and documents. The goal is to transform our plan room into a full-service facility. Our Plan Room Administrator Alicia Andrews will be happy to print plans, blue prints or copies for you in person or via email for a nominal fee. Please email for further information or for a price list. We are here to help you, let us know what we can do for you!

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