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The Future of Construction Site Automation
The construction site is changing rapidly. Automation, new technologies and methods—and the demands to continuously improve cost, schedule, safety and quality—are all pushing modern construction management into a completely new era. We hear the buzzwords: the Internet of Things, the connected jobsite, analytics. But what do they really mean for the day to day work on a jobsite? How will they really impact the true business goals of construction? Read More....
What to consider before splitting up a subcontractor's scope of work
Finding the right subcontractor is a critical task for any general contractor or construction manager. Not only should the specialty firm provide top-notch service, but it must also be able to meet staffing requirements and drive production in order to stay on schedule.
Just a few days of delays can have a ripple effect on the agreed-upon timetable and prevent other trades from being able to start or finish their work. The timing of special material orders or prearranged equipment rentals can also be jeopardized if a subcontractor can't keep up. Read More....
AIA publishes amended architect scope contract documents

  • The American Institute of Architects has released its second round of 2017 contract revisions, which includes updates to architect scope documents, as well as other commonly used AIA forms, as part of the changes that the organization makes to its series inventory every 10 years.
  • The architect scope documents, said Mike Koger, manager and counsel of AIA contract documents, in a press release, were updated to reflect the duties architects take on beyond providing architectural services. Changes to scope also include the architect's role in site evaluations (Form B203-2017), historic preservation services (B205-2017), to what extent an on-site representative can act on behalf of the architect (B207-2017) and facility support services (B210-2017).
  • Koger said these latest changes would coordinate with the AIA's previous document revisions, released earlier this year, and make the forms "more efficient and user-friendly." Read More...

In a  report  from the School Building Authority (SBA) of West Virginia dated March, 2017, Director of School Planning and Construction Scott Raines highlighted the impact - or LACK of impact - on construction costs by West Virginia's repeal of Prevailing Wage on school projects.
"The overall cost of school construction does not reflect a reduction in overall construction costs on SBA Projects at this time," Raines wrote in his report. "At this time, the SBA is not realizing an overall savings that would allow for the 'construction of five schools for the price of three' as some have previously claimed."
Raines  included detailed spreadsheet with his report , showing labor wage rates both before the repeal (2015) and after. "As you can see from the comparison," said Raines, the wages paid to employees post repeal are lower than those paid prior to the repeal. These differences are pretty dramatic depending on the classification of the employee."
Plumbers/Pipefitters, for instance, were paid an average of $22.54/hour less post-repeal, and Sheet Meal Workers saw an average drop on wages of $13.36. Every craft saw some loss of wages, ranging from $5.88 per hour to $22.54 per hour. 
This report is an example in action of the "Race to the Bottom" argument often sited by Prevailing Wage advocates. Cutting a journey person's wages - sometimes by more than half - is a sure way to land more skilled craftsmen and women on public assistance; ultimately costing taxpayers infinitely more that paying Building Trades workers the Prevailing Wage.

OSHA's silica rule now fully enforced

  • After 30 days of compliance assistance for its revised silica rule, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is now fully enforcing the measure's finalized provisions.
  • The agency has released interim enforcement guidelines for the rule, counseling construction companies and regional administrators on its set requirements while the final compliance directive moves through the review process.
  • The OSHA memorandum also provides inspection and citation guidance, in addition to charts for assessing employers' efforts to control workers' exposure to silica. Read More...

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