"This year at Abbotsford we had about 6-10 boys attending group on a weekly basis, we...
  • Held our groups at the community center in the housing projects and local restaurants
  • Stress the importance of behaving well publicly because they never know who is watching them
  • Keep in mind that other members in the community are aware that they attend the PSR Peaceful Posse groups and other children may look up to them, so they should behave as role models. A few of the boys did very well academically this year
  • Have been displaying a lot less aggression and a willingness to talk through issues as opposed to fighting being the first option
  • Hold each other accountable and tell on each other in group if someone misbehaved during the week, that is reassuring to me; clearly they feel comfortable enough to tell and no one gets upset as a result."
-Corey Davis, PSR Philadelphia Peaceful Posse Leader