September 2015 Newsletter - 2

Life Without A Centre

Do not seek love, do not look for the light, but be it, offer it; the joy of loving another is infinitely greater than the joy of fearfully clinging to another's love, for deep down you know it is only an illusion that what you have always longed for could ever have come from outside of you. 
You are the One; you have always been the One. 
The search ends exactly where it began - in presence.

- Jeff Foster

Welcome to another newsletter! 

What is your purpose in life? 
My friend, sometimes your purpose in life is to have no clue as to what your purpose is. And to wonder. To explore. To be silent. That's the purpose, sometimes; to wonder about purpose. To not know. To feel the purpose in every moment, every breath...

What is the meaning of life? Well, sometimes the meaning of life is to feel that life has no meaning. To question. To doubt. That's the meaning, sometimes: To wonder about meaning. It feels so meaningful, to wonder, sometimes. And full. And close. And nobody can take these things away from you: Your questions. Your innocence. Your open heart.

In this newsletter there's some information about upcoming webcasts/meetings/retreats, plus some new writing.  I hope you enjoy what's on offer here. I want to t hank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued love and support. Your courage, honesty, and dedication to truth is a real source of inspiration for me.
With love from yourself, as always,
Jeff xx


Busting the Core Myth of Healing... and Trusting Life
Jeff will invite you to a paradigm shift in your understanding of awakening and healing. He will explain why healing is not a destination or a goal, but an ever-present reality. And why you are already enlightened, even if you don't believe that. And why even your doubts and fears contain great intelligence. Want to attend in person? More info here

Waking Up, Slowing Down, and Mindfully Embracing Life's Challenges
Jeff will invite you to see the perfection even in the imperfection of your life. He will invite you to slow down, reconnect with the present moment, and embrace both the joy and sorrow of your days. Want to attend in person? More info here


Jeff's new writing regularly appears on his Facebook page:

When someone criticises or judges you, please remember, they are only criticizing or judging a part of their own heart, a reflection of themselves in you. We are all mirrors to each other. Don't take personally their attack. They do not know the real you, only an image. And if you believe they should think or feel differently right now, if you don't want them to have the experience they're having, you are lost in a fantasy too. Allow them their opinion, and allow yourself yours. Feel your feelings, think your thoughts; and know that people are only 'right' from their own perspective.
If someone thinks you are bad or wrong, it doesn't mean that you ARE bad or wrong. Don't internalize their criticism or judgement. Let them believe what they believe. And perhaps - if they are willing to listen and self-reflect - help them understand more clearly your experience, your voice, your heart, and listen to theirs. You have nothing to defend, because the truth is the truth, and the truth will out. There is no need to take things personally, and if you do take things personally, you are still not bad or wrong, only human, and wonderful in your humanness.
It can be both terrifying and thrilling to realise that everybody is dreaming of you until they wake, and they only wake when they wake. And perhaps they never wake. So walk your path with courage, knowing there will always be those who advise you to turn back and go home. Thank them for their opinion, and keep walking; your heart yearns for the Unknown, and pumps for the thrill of an original path forging itself with each new day.
And with every judgement, with every criticism, you see more clearly.

A true healer does not heal you; she simply reflects back to you your innate capacity to heal. She is a reflector, or a loving transparency.
A true teacher does not teach you; she does not see you as inherently separate from her. She simply reflects back your own inner knowing, and reminds you of the vastness of your being. She is a mirror, a signpost.
And love is the space in which all of this is possible; love heals, and we learn best in a loving field, no threat of failure, no punishment.


The truth of meditation 
is very different
from the dream of meditation.
We often go into meditation
expecting bliss, joy, unending peace,
an end to all pain.
But meditation has its own intelligence,
its own way.
Sometimes doubt, sorrow, even heartbreak
want to dance with us in meditation.
Let them in. Give them space.
Let meditation be a giant field
in which EVERY thought, sound, sensation,
urge, impulse, fantasy
is allowed to come, stay for a while, and leave.
Let the dream of meditation shatter.
Let the plans crumble. 
Let the expectations fall away.
Let meditation be what it is:
an all-embracing space,
a vastness allowing all,
as the sky allows the weather,
as the Sun shines 
on the 'good' and 'bad' alike,
making no distinction, 
giving freely its Light.
The dream of meditation is control;
the truth of meditation is love.

The word 'friend' - like the word 'love' or 'God' - has become almost meaningless these days, empty from overuse. 
It has lost its sense of sacredness, preciousness.
True friendship is not a Facebook click. It is not blind praise. It is not about how someone makes you look. It is not a commodity.
It is not something you decide upon one day.
It is easy to say "we are friends now". It sounds good, positive, comforting. 
And many people get their sense of self-worth from "how many" friends they have. Or "how often" people are in touch with them. 
For we live in a world of quantity, not quality.
We are so connected, yet so disconnected.
You can only discover who your true friends are over time.
You do not know until you are both tested, over and over. 
True friendship is forged in the fires of experience.
It is a journey, not a destination.
For what happens when pain and discomfort arise, as they will?
Do you hide your pain, fear, anger, sorrow from each other? Do you shut off, avoid, distract? 
Or do you turn towards your hurt? Own it? Share it with each other?
Do you continue to connect, even though your hearts are broken and tender?
Can you step into the field of love with each other, not shaming or blaming each other, not judging each other for having thoughts and feelings, but being present, creating a safe haven, a sanctuary of friendship where the most intense energies can be metabolised?
And not trying to fix each other. Not trying to erase the other's pain, out of guilt. And not trying to hide your feelings, out of fear of losing them, disappointing them, or making them angry.
Can you listen to each other's viewpoint even when you strongly disagree, honour the way you are individually processing reality?
Can you support your friend, and feel their warm support too, so the friendship feels two-way, balanced, not co-dependent or needy?
When you lose your status, your job, your looks, your health; when your success turns to failure; when things aren't going well for you, is your friend still there for you? Or do they suddenly lose interest when you begin to walk a different path, a path they do not 'approve' of? 
Do they love you for who you are, not what you do, or how you make them look, or how much you give them materially?
Is it an unconditional connection, forged in the fires?
Then, and only then, perhaps, just perhaps, you may begin to use the word, 'friend'.
For friendship is sacred, and rare, and infinitely precious when you find it, over the years.

Stop trying to be normal.
You weren't born to be normal.
Normal means numb, inauthentic, 
identified with ego.
Be abnormal.
Be your crazy, wild, brilliant self.
Be unhinged, broken, open.
Let unbearable joy and profound sorrow flow through you.
Let every crazy thought arise and fall.
Remember, you are spacious.
You are consciousness itself.
So vast. So free. So damn real.
You are not an object. 
You cannot be contained.
You'll never fit in.
In a violent world, alienated from its spiritual roots,
you're mad to be normal.
You're sane in your unwillingness to comply.
You're beautiful in your vulnerability.
You're strong in your uncertainty.
You're loveable 
without ever having to deserve it.


Thanks for being HERE, ! 


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"Your pain, your sorrow, your doubts, your deepest longings, your fearful thoughts, are not mistakes, and they aren't asking to be healed. They are asking to be held. Here, now, lightly, in the loving arms of present awareness..." 
Through heartfelt talks, intimate dialogues, guided meditations and restful silences, Jeff guides us in his own unique, compassionate, humorous way back to the Home we never left - the present moment. He holds a safe, loving, agenda-free space where even the most intense thoughts and feelings can be welcomed, and we can remember our original wholeness.  

"Jeff shows us how to meet everything and to turn toward instead of away from Life... He has no lineage, so he has no spiritual guru baggage to carry around. His meetings are just raw, naked, unconditional love..." - R.P., participant.

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9-16 October
7-Day Retreat in the beautiful Chateau Frandeux in the Belgian Ardennes.
Join Jeff and friends for a deeply transformative week of delicious silence, juicy group meetings (dialogues, meditations, truth, laughter and tears...), and lovely vegetarian food....
*A few places still available*
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"What a week. It was wonderful and heart-wrenching.... Jeff, with his whole being, slowly and deliberately shoves a crowbar in your heart and pries it open and you can't shut it again." - S.H., participant 
"Jeff's retreats are an opportunity to be in silence with myself, present with the waves of every moment... An opportunity to share with a group a tremendous vulnerability in which true honesty can bring clarity of understanding and healing... - B.A., participant 







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