The only Operational Excellence focused event with a dedicated Culture Transformation Track , and over 25 Cultural Transformation sessions across the agenda. 
Engaging Leadership in the Bose Lean IT Journey

Jeff & David will describe how they engaged with IT leadership at Bose—who were initially reluctant—to inspire them to begin and then sustain a culture of continuous improvement. Hear from Jeff & David on:

  • Engaging with leadership and engineering the “ask” – how to get leaders to move from no to yes
  • Laying out the roadmap – making sure leadership knows how to get started
  • Creating a culture, not a program – going slow to go fast
  • Focus areas to create a strong foundation – critical success factors
  • Roadblocks and speed bumps – when the journey doesn’t go as planned
  • Where are we now, where are we going? – the value of persistence
David Margil
Lean Enterprise Leader, Corporate Information Services

Jeff Hastie

Global Director, Lean Enterprise
Ensuring that the Executive Board is Bought in to Sustain a Successful OpEx Program

Cardinal Health has had considerable benefits with operational excellence since they embarked on this journey 11 years ago, but how have they sustained this in the organization? Hear Bill discuss their journey and how they have trained > 20,000 employees to look for continuous improvement and achieved significant economic benefit to their organization. In addition, Bill will discuss:

  • How to engage and educate executive leaders and management in OpEx?
  • Getting the leadership team to understand the end to end value stream
  • Demonstrating strategy alignment with OpEx benefits, efficiency, productivity, top line growth and cost savings
  • Communicating the expecting operating system that is to be present in all areas of the business, culture and leadership behaviors, metrics, diversity and talent management  
Bill Owad
Senior Vice President, Operational Excellence
Transforming the Culture to be More Innovative: A Roadmap for the Future

NASA is concentrating on creating an open innovation culture looking for continuous improvement and creative solutions. In this session Omar will discuss:

  • Created a strategy for 20 years balancing the short and long-term
  • The gaps that they are creating to solve now and in the future
  • Transforming the culture to an innovative one and receiving cross-industry support
Omar Hatamleh   
Chief Innovation Officer, Engineering
How Walmart is building Continuous Improvement capabilities into the business, creating self-sustaining OPEX areas as they go.
As they go into a business unit, you will hear about:
  • How they initially engage in a small area
  • How they expand their reach into other parts of the BU
  • How they replicate small projects to become big wins, both in the BU, and then the Enterprise
  • How benefits are tracked
  • The next stage of Benefits Tracking
Bob Abel
Senior Director, Global Process and Capability Excellence
How to use OpEx as a Competitive Advantage

Guardian Life has been undertaking large scale operational excellence transformational activities in customer service improvement and evaluating partnerships to drive more business. In this session hear how they are:

  • Creating a sales excellence team: streamlining the sales process for internal/external clients
  • Improve customer through a high-level operational excellence program 
  • Driving a culture of continuous improvement organically throughout the business
  • Problem solving, tracking benefits and following up on projects implemented
  • Using OpEx to grow the business with M&A and partner evaluation

Pranay Butala
Associate Vice President, Continuous Improvement and Consulting
Empowering your Employees to Select their Own Improvement Projects that are Aligned with Strategy
OC Tanner, winner of the Shingo prize has successfully embedded CI within their culture. All of their employees are focused on improving their work and choose the projects that will yield the most result that is aligned with their strategy.  In this session hear how they:
  • Connect and successfully engage their employees with strategy
  • Set the corporate strategy, cascades this down to employees and get employee buy-in
  • Establish a true north for the team that enables employees to select the right projects 
  • Adopted the Shingo model early on that focuses on process and seeks perfection
Gary Peterson
Executive Vice President, Supply Chain & Production
Transforming the Culture: Create a Lean and Continuous Improvement Culture in your Existing Business

Culture and successfully planning is critical to any business. Daymond will talk about getting the existing business to focus on the basics and: 

  • Enabling your employees to have the right tools in order to achieve operational excellence
  • What makes people successful in their Lean and CI transformation
  • Developing the problem solving mindset by looking at end to end value streams, processes and integrating functions
Daymond Cox
Global Operational Excellence Leader, PMO
Support Top Line Growth with Operational Excellence 

LEGO is in a phenomenal growth curve with a goal of having 300 million children learning with LEGO products by 2032, up from 100 million children currently having LEGO products. In this session you will hear how they are focusing on:

  • The global capability and current employees to achieve this ambitious growth without overstaffing
  • Consolidating 3 locations with their back office capability, creating a shared services team that will scale with the business
  • Engaging the culture to change while taking the business on a growth and innovative journey 
Peter Evans
Director of LCI
“How to Sink a Business Excellence Project; Proven Methodologies to Ensure your Failure”

In this engaging presentation, learn the “what, when & how not to do’s” to maximize the intent of transformations. Ricardo will explain the ‘culture trap’, expose the 7-Habits for failure and discuss why, even though research show that overall transformations fail, companies continue to learn in a hard and costly way. Key takeaways include: 

  • What not to do as you pursue your transformation
  • The difference between project - implementation and transformation
  • The 7 habits that cause a transformation not to be sustainable 
Ricardo Estok
Enterprise Principle Leader, Global Manufacturing Operations & Council, Johnson Controls, Inc.
Executing Strategy through the Development of an Integrated Management System That Drives Cultural & Behavioural Change
  • How to translate, communicate and align goals throughout the organization that engages employees up and down the value chain?
  • Achieve sustainability of the continuous improvements that you make throughout the organization 
  • How to develop a management structure that visualizes abnormalities that calls for improvement.
Bryan Crowell
Assistant VP of Continuous Improvement
Shifting the Culture with Employee Learning: Training your Employees in OpEx & Performance Improvement
What should your training program look like?
  • Involving leadership and front-line staff on business improvement and the importance of metrics
  • Engaging your employees: remove the fear factor and create a culture of transparency 
  • Understanding your employees purpose and processes to show to the executive leadership team on their impact
Christopher Govero
Executive Director of Performance Improvement and Outpatient Services
Linking LEAN & Agile for Successful New Product Development 

To help them achieve business excellence, most organizations either use LEAN or Agile methodologies. At Morningstar they have successfully deployed both when developing new products which is helping them to achieve top line growth. In this session hear how they are: 

  • Combining the best of both LEAN & Agile principles (and why) for their new product development while creating a Morningstar Center of Excellence culture
  • Using data to not only help with the flow of processes but to evaluate and develop new products 
  • Embedding LEAN & Agile throughout the organization globally that ensures that excellent customer service is provided 
Anu George
Head of Operations, Morningstar Excellence
Driving Change from Crisis Through Transformation

Many organizations struggle through turbulent periods caused by internal or external factors. Selecting the best path forward during these challenging periods, and driving the right set of changes, can accelerate a transition to renewed performance. It can also set the foundation for sustainable success using the principles of operational excellence. Hear from a change agent at Computershare who successfully drove a strategic transition in operations, and introduced effective change by: 

  • Utilizing a combined top down and bottom up approach to focus on needed changes
  • Leveraging existing organizational strengths and select tools of operational excellence
  • Winning the hearts and minds of people with successful and cumulative results
  • Providing the C-level with a roadmap, to view changes in waves
  • Gaining renewed confidence from clients with differentiated performance
Joseph Spadaford
Chief Operations Strategy Officer
Achieving Enterprise Excellence by 2020: Linking Key Behavior Indicators and Key Performance Indicators to Deliver Ideal Business Results

In 2012, a new President for the Global Manufacturing & Supply Division was brought into Bristol-Myers Squibb to drive their transformation and delivered a new simple vision for the organization – to be the Benchmark in BioPharma Manufacturing & Supply. They began their transformation with a major focus on Technology Transfer Excellence, Supply Chain Excellence, and Operational Excellence (OpEx). In this talk, Rick will share how they have developed a strong OpEx capability and culture and are now moving to a new performance level with Enterprise Excellence by:

  • Building a strong global Operational Excellence team and network in terms of skills, process, culture to drive continuous improvement, cost and productivity savings, & efficiency
  • Focus on mission critical systems, infrastructure, and products to balance agility, service and cost performance.
  • Leveraged “Real Time” Analytics to deliver on speed to customers and patients, reducing time to market from months to days
  • Using Hoshin Kanri planning to strategically layout where the business is going
  • Utilized Key Behavioral Indices (KBIs) & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to deliver Ideal Results aligned with business strategy … embedding OpEx as “The Way We Work”  

Rick Hepp
Executive Director, Operational Excellence

Agile Business Transformation: Using Operational Excellence Tools & Methodologies

In this unique presentation, Kevin will discuss his experience at Adobe, Microsoft, Spotify and now at a legal online marketplace, Avvo. In each organization, Kevin used his background in Operational Excellence to transform businesses. Kevin has created nimble innovation cultures at Adobe & Microsoft, and has used operational excellence tools to help innovation at Spotify. He will discuss how: 

  • How Avvo’s leadership team focuses on the larger strategy at this rapidly growing company, empowering employees to make decisions
  • Articulating and communicating the strategy in a way that employees understand 
  • Aligning and prioritizing innovation projects at Spotify to overall business goals and objectives

How to benefit from speed and how to operate on a larger scale. 

Kevin Goldsmith
Designing and Preparing for the Business Future with People, Process & Technology

Moving from a reactive state of solving points of pain, Vanguard is preparing to gain a competitive advantage in the future. In this session you'll hear how they are: 

  • Ensuring all of the employees share the organization's vision, imperatives and initiatives to support the future
  • Embedding the operational excellence team in their investment management shared services team
  • Bringing people, process and technology together in a cohesive way
  • Getting employees comfortable to experiment more, creating a culture of innovation
Jean Lu
Creating & Sustaining a Toyota-Style Lean Culture in a Large Hospital
At BS&W they focus on 3 specific components of Lean Healthcare to change the continuous improvement culture of the leaders and employees of this company. Hear how Dennis:
  • Instilled an employee led problem solving lean focused system and trained over 400 leaders in a Lean Management System
  • Identified and implemented a new style of huddle boards that tracks metrics and engages staff
  • Increased the dollar amount of average business office cash collections by 50%
Dennis Raymer
VP of Operations Excellence
A Systematic Approach to Creating a Culture of Structured Problem Solving

In this session, hear from Mustafa Abdulali of NCR Corporation on his priorities in culture transformation. Key focus points include:

  • Systems govern behavior; behaviors create a culture
  • Define what a system is and how one gets created
  • Identify what systems you need to in order to do structured problem solving
  • How is this different from what we do now and what will it lead to?
Mustafa Abdulali
Director of Lean Transformation
The Critical Role of Culture in Strategy Execution

When a new strategy around customers became the top priority and focus, hear how culture change was needed to make this happen by:

  • Rolling out a new strategy top down in concert with culture shaping
  • Getting results by changing thought habits
  • Creating the behaviors that are needed to execute the strategy
  • Aligning people and using a common language and tools for accountability 

Beth Schmidt
VP, Process and Project Management
PLUS 5 Engaging Cultural Transformation Roundtable Sessions:
  • Introducing a Robust Operational Excellence Program to a Non Continuous Improvement Culture
  • Cultural Transformation: Embedding OpEx/LEAN throughout the Organization
  • Sustaining & Embedding an Operational Excellence Culture
  • Business Excellence: Creating a High Performing Culture with Operational Excellence
  • Sustaining an OpEx Innovation Culture: Is it possible?
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