JULY 2022
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By Elizabeth Hamilton
Success Belongs to the Tenacious
Attributed to Roland Garros, French Pilot

This quote can be seen on the Philippe-Chartrier Court at the French Open Tennis Tournament in Paris. Roland Garros had it etched on the propeller of his airplane when he became the first person to fly across the Mediterranean from France to Tunisia in 1913. Could it apply to the duplicate bridge community? It seems appropriate at the moment.

In May, Denver's Rocky Mountain Regional was held. It was well attended at approximately 65% of pre-Covid numbers and the word tenacious was a very appropriate adjective that could be used to describe every member of the volunteer force who made this tournament a fun, friendly experience. 
It was the first opportunity to meet up with friends and acquaintances at a D17 Regional in 2022. 

The next tenacious team that you will have an opportunity to encounter will be at the Phoenix Desert Empire Regional in August. Think about joining us. Sometimes it is convenient to stay isolated and just play online. A lot of players became accustomed to doing just that. I have heard from several that their first time back at a tournament after the Covid lockdown was amazing! They had forgotten how much fun it could be and decided to fit both bridge environments into their playing plans. Please try playing in a tournament soon. We miss you. 

Tenacious, also describes club owners and managers who are trying to keep the doors open at many of our favorite clubs. It would be great to support them too. It has become clear that online bridge and face-to-face bridge are going to co-exist. Let’s try to find the right balance so that we can help both communities be successful. There are advantages to both.
AUGUST 15-21

By JoAnne Lowe
Tournament Chair

Great bridge, great food and old and new friends await you at the Phoenix Desert Empire Regional held at the fabulous Talking Stick Resort & Casino, Scottsdale.

The playing schedule accommodates players of all skill levels: 299er Pairs, Gold Rush, Stratified Pairs, Bracketed Round Robin Teams, KOs and Side Game Series.
World-class speakers, registration gifts, food vouchers and chocolates will be there for your benefit.

In addition to the registration gifts, your registration card will be used for giveaways. You can guess the number of cards in the barrel each day to win a special prize.
At the registration desk, friendly Unit 354 and D17 players will help with any questions or issues that you may have.

Talking Stick Resort & Casino is a cultural and entertainment destination. This AAA Four Diamond resort offers a 24-hour health club, spa and two pools. Six unique dining experiences sure to fit your budget and your taste are onsite, including the award-winning Orange Sky Restaurant providing 360 degree views of the Valley. 


Book your rooms before July 29 to receive room rates of only $119/night. No daily resort fees. Free WiFi and parking daily. 

To make your reservations, click the box below or call the resort toll free at (866) 877-9897. Mention code #19995 or Desert Empire Regional.
By Angie Clark
Tournament Chair

The Las Vegas Glitter Gulch Regional will be held at The Plaza Hotel & Casino located in downtown Las Vegas on November 7-13, 2022.

The LVGGR Tournament Team and DIC Ken Horwedel have designed an event schedule with competitions for every level of bridge player.

Tournament highlights include: 20 percent increase in Overall Awards, Premier Soloway KOs, Bracketed Teams, Gold Rush, Side Pairs, Open and 299er Pair games.

Please note: The Las Vegas Glitter Gulch Regional is a cashless tournament. All credit cards will be accepted.
We recognize the key role our new and advancing players have in the continued growth of bridge. Stay tuned for updates.

The D17 NAP Finals will take place at this regional. We look forward to welcoming all qualifying members to this prestigious ACBL Grass Roots Event.
Hotel rates at The Plaza Hotel are very reasonable but they do vary by night of the week. Book early for your best options. Use booking code: SACBL22. The booking deadline is October 7, 2022.
Except for Monday, there are no evening games, so Vegas nightlife is yours to experience. Enjoy the amazing restaurants, casinos, shows and attractions at your leisure.
For more information contact Lakin Hines, D17 NAP Coordinator, lakinh57@yahoo.com
Due to the success of Royal STaCs, an additional Royal STaC week has been approved by ACBL to be held by Districts between September and December 2022. As a result, the D17 Board voted to convert its regular STaC scheduled for September 12-18 to a Royal STaC. 

The Royal STaC deviates from a regular STaC in that players can earn 25% silver, 25% gold, 25% red and 25% black masterpoints instead of all silver points.  

ACBL approved this innovative concept on an experimental basis in spring 2022 to support the return to face-to-face play in clubs and to fulfill player requests for more pigmented point opportunities. 
D17 held a Royal STaC March 28 - April 3, 2022. There were 1,171 tables in play with 3,401.08 masterpoints earned by 1,567 players. Sixty-four clubs participated.

Clubs will receive registration information soon. Players, please plan to support your clubs and take advantage of your opportunity to earn black, red, gold and silver masterpoints. See the flyer below for details on the D17 Falling Leaves Royal STaC.
By Bonnie Bagley
D17 GNT Coordinator

The D17 GNT Finals held in May at Denver’s Rocky Mountain Regional proved to be successful.

The team representing D17 in the Championship Flight is the same team who competed last year: Sheri Winestock, Josh Donn, Roger Lee, Daniel Korbel, Geoff Hampson and Haig Tchamitch. This team, with Fred Gitelman playing instead of Josh Donn, won the 2019 National GNT Championship Flight. There was only one entrant in the Championship Flight so this team automatically won. With the exception of Haig, who is from Paradise Valley, AZ, the team is from Las Vegas.

Flight A had six teams competing with Doug Couchman, Kyle Rockoff, Ron Vickery and Jared Boulds being the victor. Doug Couchman’s team with Kyle, Ron and Cayce Blanchard, Andi Parham and Ed Helpert won the 2021 D17 Flight B GNT Finals. Most of this team reside in the Tucson area, with Kyle being from Gilbert, AZ. Bill Lindgren from Tucson has been added to the team for the Nationals.
Flight A winners: Kyle Rockoff, Doug Couchman, Ron Vickery and Jared Boulds.
The Flight B winners Beth McGregor, Karie Willyerd, Robyn Leming and Diane Adams are all from Fort Collins, CO. Diane is unable to attend the Nationals, Rhonda Huser, also from Fort Collins, is her replacement. Robyn was on the 2019 Flight C winning team with other teammates.
Flight B winners: Beth McGregor, Karie Willyerd, Robyn Leming and Diane Adams.

Since there were at least eight teams, 10 to be exact, competing in the Flight B District Final, the second-place team is eligible to go to the Nationals. This Wyoming team pictured below placed second in the 2019 D17 GNT Finals.
Flight B second place team: Kym Zwonitzer, Vickie Thomas, Clara Bunning and Dave Zwonitzer.
The Flight C winners, pictured below, are all from Colorado Springs. Sally was on the 2021 Flight C second place team playing with other teammates.
Flight C winners: Bob Wagstaff, Mark Bishop, Sally Donaldson and Howard Donaldson.

As with Flight B, a second Flight C team is going to the Nationals since eight Flight C teams played in the District Finals. The second place team, pictured below, are from Boulder Unit 359. Anita Estey and Susan Hallowell, also from Boulder, have been added to the team. Elizabeth Cole was on the 2017 winning Flight C team again with other teammates.
Flight C second place team: Jonathan Dings, Celeste Landry, Bonnie Gallagher and Elizabeth Cole.

Is there a theme here? Do not give up! If you enjoy team games, the GNTs are the ultimate.

Start thinking now about a team for next year’s D17 GNT Finals. The GNT club qualifying games will begin in September and continue through March or April -- ACBL GNT CoCs are not yet final.

The revenue from these games, along with the revenue from the Grass Roots Fund games, help to provide the $2,000 team subsidy for the first-place teams and the $1,000 team subsidy for the second-place teams who compete in the National GNT Championships.

ACBL is providing clubs with the opportunity to hold two special Grass Roots Fund Games on July 12 and 14 which will pay 81.8 % sectionally-rated black masterpoints. Clubs, please plan to hold these games to encourage your players to support the NAPs and the GNTs.
The Grand National Teams National Championships will be held at the NABC in Providence, RI beginning July 13, 2022.
By Joyce Keane
NABC Publicity Chair

The Fall 2022 North American Bridge Championships (NABC) will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center November 24-December 4, 2022. 
If you have under five masterpoints, more than 10,000 masterpoints, or somewhere in between, this event is for you. Players of all levels are welcome – beginners to experts. Play as many days as you want. 

If this is your first NABC, help will be available onsite to guide you through the process. There are plenty of players at your same level. There are daily games for those under 300 masterpoints. And numerous opportunities exist for winning red and gold masterpoints. Even better….there are free lessons/lectures from top experts daily. Partners are guaranteed for single players. Take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the camaraderie of other bridge players from around the country. 
If you’re new to NABCs and are thinking about making plans to attend this NABC but are still wondering… how does it really work? You’re not alone. We’ve set up a way to help you right now. Email us at Phoenix2022NABC@gmail.com and we will be happy to answer your questions. 

The full schedule of events for all players is posted on the ACBL website at https://www.acbl.org/portfolio/phoenix-nabc/.  The I/N schedule is coming soon. Hotel reservations are now open so start your planning now! 


For those in the local area, the Phoenix 2022 NABC Committee is seeking more volunteers to make this another first-rate event. If you are interested, please send your information to ken.titow@icloud.com
By Susan Kraght
NABC Fundraising Chair

Saturday, December 3 is designated as Volunteer Appreciation Day! The Committee needs your help! Have you ever wanted to recognize a fellow bridge player who has tirelessly served our community? Naming an event at the 2022 Phoenix Nationals is a fitting tribute. Here is your chance! 
Not only will it be exciting to see a familiar name in all of the printed schedules for the 2022 Fall NABC but the money will contribute to a great cause – a robust and exciting I/N program and improving the playing experience for local and visiting players.

A two-session event is $100 and a one-session event is $50.

Please contact Susan Kraght for more information or to reserve your spot.
By Sharon Smith
D17 Education Chair


Bridge education is our future! Do not let cost prohibit you from sponsoring programs. Since 2015, the D17 Board has distributed over $20,000 in grant funding and we would love to support your qualified program.

Education grants can be used for beginner education and membership building projects, including bridge schools for beginners and open houses. They must be unit-sponsored events.

The Cooperative Advertising Program (CAP) partially reimburses bridge teachers, clubs, units and districts for advertising expenses as long as they promote programs and lessons designed for bridge newcomers and/or to recruit ACBL members.

CAP will refund 50% of eligible advertising costs with a maximum amount of $500. Qualifying advertisements must be date-specific and use approved ACBL logos.

Interested in learning bridge or want to brush up on your bridge skills? Check out the D17 website which provides a class calendar (face-to-face or virtual) and club and teacher lists within our District.

Please contact Sharon Smith, if you are a teacher or a club and would like to be added to these resource sections.

Plan to teach a newcomer or beginner bridge class? Need course materials? D17 has licensed Patty Tucker's Bridge in A Day (BIAD) introductory program and the followup 10 lesson curriculum. The program can be taught in one long day or two to three short sessions.

The BIAD program provides presentation materials, student workbooks and hand records. Teachers can utilize the material for in-person classes or virtual classes or a combination thereof.

The focus is on student interaction placing cards in the hands of student early and often throughout the instruction. Take advantage of this successful strategy to attract and retain new players.

Contact Sharon Smith for details.

The BridgeWhiz Online Youth Basic Bridge Class has completed its pilot year with over 1,300 youth ages 9-13 taking classes. The goal for the 2022-2023 session which starts in October is to register over 4,000 students. Thank you to D17 teachers who have or are continuing to participate in this ACBL Educational Foundation initiative.

More teachers are needed to meet this demand. If you are interested, please contact Albert Bender or Sharon Smith.
The following D17 Board members are up for re-election and have declared their candidacy: 

Elizabeth Hamilton representing Las Vegas, NV, Unit 373; Bill Phillips representing Arizona at Large Units 355 and 358 and Steve Reynolds representing Tucson Unit 356. 

If you are interested in running for one of these D17 Board positions, you must be an ACBL member in good standing and a member of the respective Unit(s) you are seeking to represent on the D17 Board.  

Candidates must submit a statement of declaration to the District 17 Election Secretary, Lakin Hines, and to the President of the respective Unit(s) before August 31, 2022. 
Unit Board members elect their representative and must conduct a vote before November 1, 2022. 
The term of office is three years to commence at the first D17 Board meeting after the election.
ACBL members receive masterpoints for winning and placing in club games and tournaments as they strive to advance through the ranks. There are 16 ranks, from Junior Master (5 masterpoints) to Grand Life Master (10,000 masterpoints plus a victory in an eligible North American Bridge Championship).
David Cowan, Unit 361
Littleton, CO
Also a Bronze Life Master

Debra Kirkendall, Unit 354
Glendale, AZ
Also a Bronze Life Master
Jeanette Perich, Unit 363
Fort Collins, CO
Also a Bronze Life Master
Debe Nelson, Unit 363
Timnath, CO
Taylor Spence, Unit 374
Albuquerque, NM
Murlene Williams, Unit 360
Colorado Springs, CO
Also a Bronze Life Master
Mary Ann Rose, Unit 361 (not pictured)
Westminster, CO
Also a Bronze Life Master
Edith Joy Brown, Unit 360 (not pictured)
Colorado Springs, CO
Also a Bronze Life Master