MAY 2022
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By Elizabeth Hamilton
Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty. 

-- Winston Spencer Churchill 

These words were written a long time ago but they seem particularly relevant to our world in 2022. At the last D17 board meeting of 2021, there was a discussion about moving forward to face our bridge challenges as we emerge from Covid with a “glass half-full” perspective. 
It is important to remember and learn from how things were done in the past. However, it is more important to think “out of the box” and keep the focus on growing the bridge community so that players will be attracted back to our clubs and tournaments. 

The D17 board members are a talented, experienced group who enjoy hearing new ideas and opinions. New approaches are constantly being tried and adjusted based on results. An example of this is how D17 decided to move forward with dedicated STaC events in 2022. This has been very successful and we hope our next two STaCs this year will encourage players to play face-to-face again. This transition to dedicated STaC events has allowed us to award all the available points to D17 members. 
By Wayne Eckerling
Tournament Chair

Don’t miss Denver's Rocky Mountain Regional, May 24-30 (Memorial Day) at the Renaissance Denver Central Park Hotel by Marriott. The Renaissance Hotel is conveniently located between Denver International Airport and downtown Denver. Check availability at the $120 bridge rate by clicking on the box below.

The regional kicks off with a Pro/Am pairs event Tuesday, May 24 at 1 pm - THE LARGEST IN THE COUNTRY! Ams with five to 299 MPs who wish to play with an advanced player defined as a pro with 1,500+ MPs may participate. Pros play for free. The Pro/Am pairs signup deadline is May 14. Early registrations encouraged.

The tournament includes four KOs (one traditional, two Soloway and one Compact), Swiss teams, bracketed teams, Board-A-Match teams, open pairs, fast pairs and side pairs. 

Two-session Gold Rush events will be held Wednesday through Sunday. These are pairs events with the exception of Friday when a two-session Gold Rush Swiss will be held. To play Gold Rush events, you must have fewer than 750 MPs. Also, for players with fewer than 300 MPs, single-session pairs will be held Wednesday through Sunday at 10 pm and 3 pm.

We are honored to once again host the finals for the D17 Grand National Teams. Games for all flights (A, B, C and Championship) will be held Saturday, May 28 and Sunday, May 29.

The regional will conclude on Monday with A/X/Y Swiss Teams and bracketed Gold Teams for players with fewer than 3,000 MPs. 


The Regional will comply with ACBL Safety Protocols and the City of Denver requirements.
Check the Unit 361 website for specific information.
Are you ready for the D17 2021-2022 GNT Finals, Saturday and Sunday, May 28 and May 29 at Denver's Rocky Mountain Regional? 

Send your team’s registration (names and ACBL numbers), along with a check made out to District 17 in the amount of $112 (first two sessions of play) no later than MAY 15 to: 
Bonnie Bagley, 7285 Ross Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 

ATTENTION FLIGHT C PLAYERS – just send your team names and ACBL numbers – D17 waives your entry fee.
For more information contact: Bonnie Bagley, 719-593-0205 or bon1bon@comcast.net 
By JoAnne Lowe
Tournament Chair

Unit 354 invites you to attend the 2022 Phoenix Desert Empire Regional, August 15-21 at the Talking Stick Resort and Casino, Scottsdale, AZ. We appreciate your support and we hope you win points and have a great time!
Talking Stick, a four diamond resort, is a cultural and entertainment destination. It offers six unique onsite dining experiences sure to fit your budget and your taste, including the award-winning Orange Sky Restaurant providing 360 degree views of the Valley. Non-playing companion? Just minutes from the resort, experience outstanding shopping at the Scottsdale Fashion Square or visit the Desert Botanical Garden or the OdySea Aquarium.


Book your rooms before July 29 to receive room rates of only $119/night. No daily resort fees. Free WiFi and complimentary self and valet parking daily.

To make your reservations, click the box below or phone 480-270-5555 -- toll free 866-877-9897. Use booking code 19995 or “Desert Empire Regional.”
We hope you join us at this fun and affordable regional!

With convenient start times of 10 am and 3 pm, the Phoenix Desert Empire Regional boasts a varied playing schedule that includes several KOs, four days of bracketed teams, five days of stratified open pairs and six days of gold rush pairs. Also, six days of 299er pairs. Only Monday has evening games that begin at 7 pm. Free lectures by top experts will be held Tuesday through Saturday between the morning and afternoon sessions.

The intermediate/newcomer program is designed for players with less than 300 MPs. There will be special goodies given daily and ACBL players under 10 points will play for FREE.


The registration deck is the hub for many activities. Enjoy a bite of chocolate, ask questions or check the speaker schedule. Register to receive a convention card holder, our Kokopelli patch and a $5 voucher to use at the concession stand. Also, $2 coupons will be given to players during the week. Random draw gifts will be given daily. 
By Ken Titow
NABC Tournament Chair

The 2022 NABC will be, once again, held in the wonderful Phoenix Metropolitan area. Experience winter in shorts and sandals instead of boots and heavy coats!

All events will be held in the same venue: the fabulous Phoenix Convention Center, from November 24, 2022 to December 4, 2022. There are many activities for non-bridge partners who are coming, and there are numerous eating establishments, at all price-points within walking distance. The three “host hotels” are less than a three-minute walk from the Convention Center, and there are numerous other choices nearby.
Don’t forget that starting times will be 10 pm and 3 pm, which means you can have a leisurely dinner, including an “adult” beverage to help you rehash the hands – all after play for the day has been concluded!
Don’t forget that starting times will be 10 pm and 3 pm, which means you can have a leisurely dinner, including an “adult” beverage to help you rehash the hands – all after play for the day has been concluded!

Among the sites to be sure to see while you are here include:

In addition, there are several casinos for the gamblers among you, and numerous opportunities for golf, horseback riding, ballooning, hiking and backroad adventure via 4-wheel drive vehicles. 


For those in the local area, the Phoenix 2022 NABC Committee is seeking more volunteers to make this another first-rate event. If you are interested, please send your information to ken.titow@icloud.com
By Susan Kraght
Fundraising Chair
Phoenix NABC

Want to name a game after your mentor, partner or all-around great person from your local club? Now you can by purchasing the right to name a Phoenix NABC event in their honor! It will be exciting to see a familiar name in the event schedule. The Daily Bulletin will include biographical information and a photo of the individual you name!

Name a Game pricing is as follows:

  • Name a Day: $1,000. These are special opportunities as an individual or group of individuals can name every game for a specific day, excluding National events.
  • Name a four-session event: $100.
  • Name a one-session event: $50.
The money received from Name a Game will ensure a robust and exciting I/N program and upgrade the local and out-of-town player experience during the NABC.

Please email Susan Kraght, sklraght@gmail.com or call 480-433-7724 for more information on Name a Game.
Much appreciation goes to the club owners and players who participated in the D17 Royal STaC, March 28 - April 3, 2022.
There were 1,171 tables in play with 3,401.08 masterpoints earned by 1,567 players. Sixty-four clubs participated.
In 2011, D17 established a Goodwill Committee and Charter to recognize D17 members in good standing who exemplify congeniality and ethical behavior.

Committee members subscribe to the ACBL Goodwill slogan, "It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice."

Congratulations to this year's recipients. We appreciate your kindness, enthusiasm and dedication to bridge!
Karin Hansen
Mesa Unit 351
Nominated by Lakin Hines

Karin Hansen has been instrumental in promoting bridge with the Sun Lakes Duplicate Bridge Club for many years. She served on the Sun Lakes Club Board of Directors. She has worked with the under 499er pairs for many years. She wants to help others improve their games and to enjoy this game as much as she does. She is very dedicated to ‘her’ players. Karin Hansen will make a great Goodwill Ambassador and is someone to emulate.
Phebe Packer
Phoenix Unit 354
Nominated by JoAnne Lowe
Phebe Packer is a people person. A lover of bridge, she plays with all level of players, and plays at both our Scottsdale clubs. She is friendly to all and happy to answer any questions a newer player may ask.

Phebe is always ready to lend a helping hand either at the clubs or at tournaments. Mentoring new players is just one way she helps.

A past president of Unit 354, Phebe is a retired bridge teacher and is the partnership chair for the 2022 Phoenix NABC. She is an asset to Unit 354, D17 and the ACBL.
Joan Shay
Flagstaff Unit 355
Nominated by Bill Phillips
Joan got her start in bridge when her husband asked her to learn the game as a wedding gift to him. She instantly fell in love with the game, and it was not long before she became an accomplished player. When the City of Prescott, AZ built a new adult center, Joan realized that this would be an ideal place for bridge clubs in Prescott to call home. At the time there were three small bridge clubs competing for players. Joan merged the clubs and brought them to the adult center, and Prescott bridge thrived. She worked very hard for many years, serving as the executive director of the adult center, and running sanctioned and non-sanctioned bridge and sectional tournaments. She recently stepped down from her leadership positions, but remains an active and highly skilled player.
Dev Deluca
Tucson Unit 356
Nominated by Steve Reynolds

Dev is a director who donates his time and he is also a good player. He teaches numerous people for free. When Covid hit, the Adobe Bridge Center needed a lot of landscaping (they were quoted $1,700) and Dev did it for free. 

He makes the boards for our tournaments anytime he is asked and helps in every kind of way. There is not a nicer person at the table.
David Baglee
Albuquerque Unit 374
Nominated by Cindy Shoemaker

David has made a real difference to bridge in Albuquerque. After retiring from Intel, David became a board member of the Duke City Bridge Club, Albuquerque. In 2020, he became president -- the year of the Covid lockdown. David has launched a new website for the club and after a break in, guided the enhancement of club security. He qualified as a club director in early 2021.

In 2020, he helped the club manager raise over $10K for The Alzheimer’s Association’s The Longest Day fundraising event. That same year, he raised over $7K for the club’s Christmas charity, Feed NM (New Mexico) Kids.
Charles Lewis
Colorado Springs Unit 360
Nominated by Bill Curtis
Charles will be turning 93 later this year. He graduated from the US Naval Academy, but joined the US Air Force. During one of his missions in the Vietnam War as an F-4 pilot he and his wingman crashed because of a malfunction in the fuse of the bombs they carried. It ignited immediately instead of waiting the normal time and damaged their wings. The four crew members survived the crashes but one was captured. Charles was also one of the first Covid-19 patients in Colorado Springs and spent some time in the hospital. Charles loves bridge and willingly will come and play with anyone who doesn't have a partner. Although he plays 'old time' bridge, I have had fun winning games with him. Charles is a bridge lover and a great patriot.
Ev Dahl
Las Vegas Unit 373
Nominated by Elizabeth Hamilton
Ev has served as our unit president, unit secretary and unit recorder. In 2019, she was a key member of the Summer NABC committee in Las Vegas. Her official title was volunteer chair and she recruited over 40 volunteers. That made it possible for us to offer outstanding player hospitality throughout the tournament. In reality, Ev played many roles on this team and was always there to support fellow volunteers in whatever role required. 

The most amazing thing about Ev is that she is always willing to play with newer players and to be part of teams working to help other players achieve their Life Master status. It is this caring and kind attitude that makes her a perfect nominee for the D17 Goodwill Committee. 
Donna Givner
Denver Unit 361
Nominated by Jennifer O'Neill

Donna is known to many as a kind and gracious player at the table and sets the standard as an exceptional ambassador of the game. While on the unit board she was in charge of the mentor program, bringing many new players to the table with encouragement. She continues to mentor although her priority now is her family. She helps the west side local clubs by helping set up and clean up, but supports multiple clubs in the Denver area. In addition, she supports the unit as a committee member and at tournaments even though she retired from the board.
Jerry Fleming
Los Alamos Unit 381
Nominated by Neil Hunter

Jerry has devoted most of his non-working hours to his family, gardening, coin collecting and duplicate bridge. He has been an essential promoter of duplicate bridge in Los Alamos, NM starting in 1985, and he continues to play and direct in Unit 381 to this very day.

In the early '80s, he was actively involved with District 18. He is a fine player, keen to play Precision or 2/1. We have lost track of how many sectionals he has organized, and he has taught duplicate bridge locally and on over 50 cruises. He devoted at least a decade of toil for the D17 board. He also served the ACBL at the national level as treasurer, vice president and president.
Jerry has been a great help to the unit in Santa Fe. Over a decade ago he arranged for the Los Alamos unit to donate $3,000 to our new bridge center in Santa Fe. He often directs our special games so that our own directors can play. I can think of no other person in northern New Mexico who has given more to the game we all love.
Kristi Brown
Steamboat Springs Unit 422
Nominated by Sharon Smith
Kristi has been volunteering for the Steamboat Bridge Club since she first started taking lessons several years ago. She has helped with marketing material, social media marketing, serves on our unit board and has contributed to marketing the D17 Swiss Team Coaching event and GNT Team events.
The flyers she creates are eye catching with just the right amount of information. 

Kristi setup a weekly newsletter for the local club last summer which has been a lifesaver. Every week is different. Are we online? Face to face? Players know to check their weekly ‘Here’s the Deal’ newsletter! The newsletter has accomplished communication where emails and website updates were often ineffective.

We highly recommend newsletters for clubs that, like us, are trying so hard to provide games in an ever-changing landscape brought on by Covid. 

Kristi loves games, especially cards. She played bridge with her parents when she was little and she played in college. She saw an ad for a local bridge class and has been taking lessons and working on her game with a group of beginners that all began together. She also plays with more advanced players and is constantly learning.

She is enthusiastic and has loved making a whole new group of friends even after living in Steamboat for over 20 years. Steamboat Bridge, Unit 422 and D17 are fortunate to have benefitted from her energy and cheerful participation! 
Bill Phillips is passionate about bridge and is dedicated to growing the game. A certified bridge instructor (Better Bridge), Bill has recently reinstated online classes for intermediate to advanced players using Zoom and Shark Teaching Console technology. 
Bill is an integral part of the Sedona Bridge Center's teaching program where he has taught face-to-face and beginner classes. Currently, Jackie Haugen, president, Sedona Bridge Club, and ACBL certified online instructor, is teaching an online beginner class where many of her students have went on to learn from Bill. 
“With years of experience, good humor and attention, Jackie and Bill have helped me build foundational skills and self-confidence,” said student, Karen Schudson. 

Irwin Sheer, webmaster and board member, Sedona Bridge Center, took a beginner bridge class from Bill in 2017.

“Bill is an excellent teacher who got me off to a great start,” says Sheer. Recently, Sheer placed first in the D17 Winter Wonderland STaC held January 31 - February 6 where he earned over 21 silver points. 
In addition to teaching bridge, Bill is a D17 board member representing Arizona at Large Units 355 and 358, and currently serves as district secretary, tournament supplies chair, member of the regional tournament committee and member of the policies and procedures committee. He is a silver life master. 

The D17 website is an excellent resource for those seeking a club, teacher or a class. If you are an instructor and wish to list your class or Play and Learn on the D17 website, please contact Sharon Smith, D17 education chair, sharondrsmith@me.com

ACBL members receive masterpoints for winning and placing in club games and tournaments as they strive to advance through the ranks. There are 16 ranks, from Junior Master (5 masterpoints) to Grand Life Master (10,000 masterpoints plus a victory in an eligible North American Bridge Championship).
Helen Kosley, Unit 360 (also Bronze LM)
Colorado Springs, CO

Judith Repp, Unit 361
Evergreen, CO
Amy Hillenbrand, Unit 422 (also Bronze LM)
Steamboat Springs, CO
Elizabeth Ludlow, Unit 422
Steamboat Springs, CO
Kay Kennedy, Unit 351 (not pictured)
Phoenix, AZ
Raising Funds and Awareness for Alzheimer's Disease 

The ACBL has raised $7.8 million for Alzheimer’s patient care and research through participation in The Alzheimer’s Association’s The Longest Day fundraising event.
During 2021, approximately 300 Units and Clubs raised $917,000. All Virtual Club Games held the weekend of June 18 and 19 are designated Alzheimer’s Association games, and the ACBL sanction fees will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Clubs that have returned to face-to-face play can choose any day during the week of June 19-26 to hold events and offer upgraded games. 

Join the fight against Alzheimer's. Check your local clubs for details.