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The Kidney Health Research Collaborative (KHRC)

What is the Kidney Health Research Collaborative (KHRC)?
The KHRC is an innovation hub based at the SFVAHCS and UCSF whose mission is to improve kidney health worldwide. The KHRC's team of researchers believe that a multidisciplinary, collaborative research program can foster innovation to improve the lives of those affected by kidney disease, and they are committed to making kidney disease preventable and reversible.
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The Kidney Health Research Collaborative Team 
Q and A:
An Interview with Carl Grunfeld, MD, PhD 
Associate Chief of Staff for  
Research and Development, SFVAHCS
Staff Physician, Chief of Metabolism
and Endocrine Sections, SFVAHCS
Professor of Medicine, UCSF

Q: What are the most exciting aspects of your current position? 
A: Getting to know our great research community. Facilitating collaborations. The ability to help them do their important work.  
Q: How do you view/value the role of NCIRE in supporting the research community and advancing Veterans Health Research? 
A: NCIRE is nimbler and more flexible.     
Information Technology

"We recognize that the use of technology  
is a critical part of research. Our team
strives to respond promptly to support our community so that they can achieve their goals and objectives for supporting Veterans health research."                               
- Keith Chan, Director, Information Technology

Meet Your IT Team!

Contracts and Grants 
NCIRE Welcomes Two New Employees

Ingrid Davila
Ingrid joined NCIRE in July as a Contracts and Grants Specialist. She was born in Guatemala , Central America and raised in San Francisco, and is the mother of an 18 year son. Ingrid has been working in the administrative field since she was 16 years old.  
Pureshka Panicker 
Pureshka joined NCIRE in September as a Senior Grants Specialist. Prior to coming to NCIRE, Pureshka focused her career on working for other leading research organizations in the Bay Area, including Stanford University, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, El Camino Hospital and The J. David Gladstone Institutes.
New Awards as of 6/1/17   
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Message from the Executive Director
Rebecca Rosales, MBA, CRA  

Last month, I attended a meeting of the National Association of Veterans Research and Education Foundations (NAVREF), and I was reminded of the important role that the Non-Profit Corporations (NPC) play in improving the lives of Veterans across the U.S. I heard a constant theme: the value of collaborations among researchers, educators, Veterans and more.

Here at home, I see those kinds of collaborations, and others that are just as crucial. They are the partnerships among support staff - our fabulous IT people, for example, and many more -- and the scientists who produce the pioneering work that make NCIRE the largest non-profit research institute devoted to Veterans health.

NAVREF recently announced a goal to double participation in VA/NPC clinical trials. Already, our researchers strive constantly to include more Veterans in studies that could lead to innovative treatments. If we can do our part in meeting that goal, it will be due to the partnerships and teamwork that form NCIRE's backbone. I look forward to continuing to work with you as we meet all our important challenges ahead.

Rebecca Rosales, MBA, CRA, Executive Director

NCIRE - The Veterans Health Research Institute has one mission and one goal: Advancing Veterans Health. We sustain a scientific community of clinicians and researchers and support over 200 researchers who have joint faculty appointments at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and the San Francisco VA Health Care System (SFVAHCS) and are working to foster innovation through leadership in the field of Veterans health research. Our broad portfolio of projects receives generous support from the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, and individual donors, making us the largest nonprofit research institute devoted to Veterans health in the U.S. NCIRE is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. (Tax ID #94-3084159). Visit NCIRE at