Your Present is their Future
Our present is Ariel Aparicio

Ariel Aparicio

Ariel Aparicio, a fixture in the NYC Indie/punk/alternative/queercore scene, has been compared to David Bowie and The Strokes. Ariel balances touring & recording with co-owning & running 3 successful Brooklyn restaurants with his husband of 16 years. Together they're raising their young son.

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December 9, 2010
Your Daily Voting Reminder

Your votes can change the future of homeless and foster care LGBTQ teens and young adults.

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Our gift to you: Ariel Aparicio

Inspired by recent sad events, Ariel created an It Gets Better video sharing his personal journey. At our Power of Pride concert this summer, he rocked the house with Lucille (#7 in Logo TV's Top 10 in 2010), the single off his Bedroom Tapes EP, in support of our NYC programs & the LGBTQ youth community.Here's our gift to you, an mp3 of I'm the One, one of our favorites Ariel Aparicio songs!

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Support the LGBTQ community
Pepsi Refresh lets you vote for your 10 favorite ideas every day. We know we're first in your heart. Please use your second and third votes to help the

University of Florida Foundation fund a GLBT Film Collection

Open Minds Center create an LGBTQIAAP Youth Center in San Diego