February 18, 2019
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Dairy gets a lifeline in 2018 farm bill
The last few years have been tough for dairy farmers. Or, maybe I should say even tougher, since the ups and downs of dairy prices often make the dairy business challenging.
But things are especially challenging now. The price of milk today is less than it was a decade ago.

Farmers wanted for Good Food EXPO
Good Food Expo
Good Food EXPO is literally putting money where its mouth is this year. It is offering 20 scholarships to specialty growers to attend the March 22-23 expo that celebrates local and sustainable food with the industry and the public in Chicago, one of the largest food markets in the nation.

‘I really love telling the story about farmers’: New vice president of National Association of Farm Broadcasting
Gale Cunningham
Watching Gale Cunningham do one of his broadcasts firsthand only confirms what his faithful radio listeners already know. He wears his passion, pride and love of agriculture on his sleeve. “I don’t work a day. I love what I do and I love the people that I serve,” said Cunningham, farm director at WYXY 99.1 FM, based in Champaign.

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