November 26, 2019
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Progress in reducing nutrient loss
Illinois’ second Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy Biennial Report indicated significant investments being made with measurable progress.
The report, issued Nov. 18 by the Illinois Department of Agriculture and state Environmental Protection Agency directors, describes the continued progress being made in the state to reduce nutrient losses from multiple sources to improve water quality not only in Illinois waterways, but also in the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico.

Improving environment important for farmers, consumers: Innovations contribute to increasing farm productivity
Robert Johansson
Both farmers and consumers care a lot about food production and the environment for a variety of reasons. “The public cares about the environment for recreation, and they want clean air and water,” said Robert Johansson, U.S. Department of Agriculture chief economist. Americans spend roughly $170 billion in the Midwest on outdoor recreation. According to the USDA, Americans spent about $1.6 trillion on food at home and away from home in 2017. “Farmers also care about the environment because they also do recreation and they are concerned about profitability and potential liability for their environmental performance,” said Johansson during the Improving Midwest Agriculture and the Environment meeting.

Commodity Insight: A tip of my hat to Obama
This week, for the first time in history, the Dow Jones closed over the 28,000 level and remains firmly in a bull trend. It is now the best and most bullish equity market in history. According to CNBC news, “The current market boom, which started March 9, 2009, has enjoyed a whopping 468% gain for the S&P 500 through the first day of November, according to The Leuthold Group. And, this record-long bull run also marks the best-performing one since World War II, the firm says.”

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