The Prologue                                 
Tuesday, December 17 , 2019
  Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, Indiana
   Congregation founded 1949
   LGBTQ Welcoming Congregation since 1995
   Green Sanctuary since 2007
Seeking the Spirit, Building Community, Changing the World
Wednesday, December 18, 2019
6:15 pm
All ages are invited to come share in this quiet, reflective service celebrating the returning sun. We will fully inhabit this place on our planet as we join together in a candlelit spiral procession and reconnect with the earth and its natural cycles. A Family Choir, directed by Jill Courtney, will share their singing. Childcare is available for little ones in  Room 108. Snacks will be served after the service in Fellowship Hall.
Sunday, December 22, 2019
9:15 am and 11:15 am
The -ish List 
Reverend Scott McNeill
This time of year calls on people to think about their past year (mistakes, successes, hopes for the future) while many kids are worried about whether they're on "the naughty or nice list". But truly, our lives are imperfect and one of the important things on which we can focus is not whether we're "good" but striving to be better. Sunday's service will lift up our monthly theme of "Promise" and how we can put those to good use as we better our lives and our world.
Tuesday, December 24, 2019
4:00 p.m.
Reverend Mary Ann Macklin
Adrienne Summerlot, Director of Religious Education
A service especially designed for children; includes a Nativity pageant, in Fellowship Hall. No childcare.   Click here for details on roles to play in the pageant. 
Tuesday, December 24, 2019
7:00 p.m.
Reverend Mary Ann Macklin
Reveredn Scott McNeill
Join us for a UU Christmas Eve, with music from our choir and singing of carols, including Silent Night by candlelight (We'll be using the UU hymnal, which has some new/revised lyrics, so please feel free to sing the words you like the best!)  
No childcare. 
Sunday, December 29, 2019 (almost 2020!)
9:15 am and 11:15 am
The Miracle of Light
Reverend Mary Ann Macklin
Sunday, December 29th will mark the 7th day (8th day will begin that evening) of the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, in which Jews celebrate victory over a tyrant king and the re-dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem. The miracle of light is that a small quantity of oil, most likely olive oil, lit the Temple's menorah, lasting eight days. Join us for this worship service in which we honor Hanukkah as well as prepare for the entrance of a new decade and New Year 2020.  
MAM's Musings

Tis the Season
          I hope many of you will join us for the Winter Solstice service tomorrow, Wednesday, December 18th at 6:15 p.m. With the uncertainty of the times in which we live, I find the regular celebration of the seasonal cycles of mother earth to be grounding and reassuring.
Tis the Season
          As I gaze out along the horizon, I see the year 2020 awaiting its entrance. I have a whole set of questions to ponder as we enter not only a new year but a new decade. I will share some of those in the December 29th worship service. For now, as a prelude to the New Year, I invite you to ponder the queries I offered at last Sunday's worship service: What would it take, deep in my bones, for me to know "I am enough"? What would it take for me to know, deep in my bones, "I have enough"? Of note, when I spent time at the Quaker retreat center, Pendle Hill, I learned that a spiritual query is an invitation to a deeper process of discernment; the answer is not as important as the process engaged.
Tis the Season
          During the month of December, we often receive generous donations to our Ministers' Discretionary Fund, coinciding with the end of another tax season.  Yes, such donations are tax deductible. It is the practice of our congregation to offer congregants opportunities to contribute to a Ministers' Discretionary Fund which our ministers may, at their individual or joint discretion, use to respond confidentially to requests for assistance from members and friends.
The existence of this fund, a longtime tradition of our congregation, arises from the fact that ministers are often made aware of situations where a one-time aid in financial assistance may help further the vision and mission of the congregation for individuals, families or groups who are members/friends of the congregation.  Examples: a one-time assistance for emergency purposes (like an unpaid water bill),  financial assistance in participating in a congregational activity which may be cost prohibitive, and other means of helping those involved here to seek the spirit, build community and change the world. 
The funds in the Ministers' Discretionary Fund are to be spent in accordance with the mission and vision of the congregation and in keeping with the congregation's tax exempt status.  Restrictions include that funds may not be used for the direct or indirect benefit of the individual minister or her/his/their family. Without violating the confidential nature of the disbursement, the ministers provide the Chief Financial Officer with a general description of the purpose for which the funds are requested.  Funds are maintained in the regular financial records and totals reported according to standard reporting procedures.
If you are interested in contributing to this fund, please make your check payable to Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington with "Ministers Discretionary Fund" in the memo line.
Tis the Season, 
Reverend Mary Ann Macklin
From Our Associate Minister 
Using December's theme of "promise", I'm reflecting on both the past and upcoming years. New Year's Resolutions aren't really my thing; if I notice something needs to be addressed, I strive (but sometimes fail) to work on it immediately. But I do find that this year, I'm energized by the idea of making promises - to myself, mostly - of how and who I want to be in the coming year.

The next couple of weeks will be busy times for many of us; some will celebrate and others will grieve (many will do both). Perhaps you can find an opportunity to pick up a new habit - 2 minutes of morning journaling, or receiving (and reading - which is always my downfall) a daily meditation or poem. Adding in just a brief moment of reflection and mindfulness can be a helpful way to keep yourself grounded during times of chaos (and to help spur you to greater heights during good times). 

Maybe you promise yourself you'll listen to your favorite composer or musician once a week, or will take 5 minutes to look at art online (or, in person!). Good habits do not need to be wholesale, grand lifestyle changes. In fact, some of the most effective changes we can make are the small ones, that fit in with how we're living our daily lives.

In this time of busy-ness and cold, may you know peace and warmth (inside yourself, and all around you).
In faith,
   Rev. Scott
Rev. Scott McNeill
mcneill (at)
Emily's Post 

The winter solstice approaches--the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.  We will be celebrating this time of turning back towards the sun this Wednesday night at 6:15pm.  In our solstice ritual, we invite the rhythms of the earth into ourselves as we join together in singing and a spiral labyrinth walk.  We celebrate darkness and light, warmth and cold, and, most of all, community.  

As winter days grow short, we may be drawn to stay cozy and warm indoors.  I know that I have been hunkering down at home way more than usual.  But on this brilliant, sunny day, I am reminded that world outside is stunning in the wintertime and well worth heading outdoors to enjoy.  The sun warms my face, the birds are easier to see and hear among leafless branches, the ice and snow twinkle with reflected light, and there are beautiful lichens and mosses on tree trunks all around.  Even the feeling of the colder air entering my lungs feels like an invitation to wake up to my breathing and notice the air flowing into and out of my body.  The winter earth seems to embrace me as I step outside the door, and I feel my heart overflowing with a returned affection.  In this season, may each of you find places in your life where such love is offered and received.

A happy solstice to you all,
Reverend Emily Manvel Leite
Minister of Religious Education  
mre (at)
December  Religious Education Events:
More Special Events  in December  

Thursday, December 19, 6:15 p.m. 
Holiday Sing Along
Holiday Sing Along . Join us to sing songs of the season from many different traditions, with our pianist Ray Fellman.  No childcare.

Tuesday, December 31, 5:00-10:00 p.m. 
All-Church New Year's Eve Party
There will be fun and games for all ages at our All- Church New Year's Eve Party on December 31, 5-10 p.m. We will have separate games for adults and children, and special children's activities.  Adults- bring your favorite game and a snack to share.  We'll order pizza for those who arrive before dinner.  Children's activities and games will be 5 PM to 8 PM.  Adult games will end at 10 PM. This is an alcohol-free event.   See our Facebook event.
Of Snow Days and Cancellations
When local travel conditions deteriorate due to ice and snow, please check with the leader of your group before coming over for weekday meetings here at church, to be sure our lot and sidewalks have been cleared and are safe. We do our best to ensure everyone's safety when using our facility. If schools are delayed or closed due to snow or ice, there is a good chance our office will open late or will be closed. Always call the church (812-332-3695) first before coming over after a snow or ice event, to be sure someone is here. Staff are in touch with all the leaders of meetings on a given day, to let them know the status of the parking lot. We also post meeting cancellations and up to date information on the front page of our website, and our facebook page. If you have a friend without easy access to the internet, you might consider being an internet buddy for them, to give them a call to let them know (as appropriate) when meetings and events at church have been canceled or postponed. 
Thanks for your patience, and remember to wear your snow boots! 
--Carol Marks, Church Administrator
  Building Community 
Gardeners' Gathering this Sunday
Join other gardeners this Sunday to share tips, ideas, stories, and questions.  Join us in room 112 at 10:30 AM.  We gather on the fourth Sunday of each month during coffee hour. If you would like to be added to the Gardeners' email list, email 
This Sunday! Young Adult (18-35) 
Continuing  Conversations with Free Lunch
If you are age 18-35, join other young adults this Sunday to discuss current events and related topics. We will gather after second service at 12:30 PM in room 112. Thanks to a generous donation to our Young Adult program, we are able to provide lunch to all who attend. This is open to anyone ages 18-35, so bring a friend!  The Young Adults meet every second and fourth Sunday at 12:30 pm.  Free childcare is available for these events if requested one week in advance at:  Questions? Contact the Connections Coordinator at 
Drop-in Childcare on Wednesdays
On Wednesday evenings, from 6-8 pm, we are offering free drop-in childcare in Room 103. (Provided on December 18 but not on December 25 or January 1.) Parents must remain on site, on the building grounds or in the building. Please use the Courtyard Entrance. We hope to provide a moment for parents to breathe deeply, have a cup of tea with a friend, or sit in silence before running children to the next event. For more info contact Adrienne Summerlot 
Sentinel of a Cornfield by Betty Wagoner
Artist of the Month for January - 
Betty Wagoner
The January Artist of the Month will be UU member 
Betty Wagoner. A watercolorist, her subject is the natural world, painting Indiana landscapes. Betty has won art awards and exhibited in juried shows and has taught workshops for the T.C Steele outreach program and won a grant for the "Artist in the Parks," teaching at Starve Hollow State Recreation Area and T.C. Steele. She has degrees in fine arts, art education and library science. 
Explore Unitarian Universalism on January 12 & 19
If you are new to Unitarian Universalism (UU), or this church, we invite you to learn what UU and this church has to offer on January 12 and 19, 2:00-4:00 pm in Room 112. We will discuss the UU Principles and how we live into them, the history of this church, all the ways to get involved here, and what it means to be a member of the church.  Plan to attend both dates, since different material will be covered in each session. We ask for completion of this class before you become a member of the church. Everyone ages 14 to 100+ is welcome! Email if you plan to attend.  Free Childcare will be offered both Sundays. 
Year-End Giving and Thanks
Many thanks to all of you who make a financial pledge to support the work of our congregation each year. We recently mailed pledge statements for the current pledge year, and if you have any questions, please contact the office at 812-332-3695 or If you would like to make a contribution towards your pledge before the end of December, please send (or cause it to be sent) or bring it to the church by Monday, December 23. We can also accept credit card payments for pledges; please give us a call during office hours with your information and we can take care of it over the phone. We'll be here (barring natural or ice/snow disasters) December 18, 19, 20 and 23 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The office will be closed December 24-January 1.
B uy Grocery Cards on Sunday and Support the Church
We have grocery gift cards for sale in the Commons every Sunday between services. The participating grocery stores send a percentage of your purchases back to the church to support our operating budget. We have gift cards for Bloomingfoods, Lucky's, and Fresh Thyme, and you can  register your Kroger Plus card by clicking here. Our Kroger organization ID number is EW763. 
  Changing the World 
Crafting Grief and Resiliency: 
Using Hobbies and Crafts in 
the Healing Process After a Loss
Sunday, January 12, 1:00-3:00 p.m. 
Presenters: Kathleen R. Gilbert, PhD, FT and 
Rebecca J. Gilbert, PhD, CTRS
     Come join us in the Library on Sunday, January 12, 1:00-3:00 p.m., to learn about the role that hobbies and crafts can play in the healing process that follows loss. Parents will be interested in learning about how creative leisure activities can provide their children with healthy continuing bonds with loved ones no longer present in their lives. Everyone is encouraged to come with examples of how crafts and hobbies have helped them deal with loss. Childcare provided, Room 108, if reserved by January 2. Click here to reserve childcare.
Community Connections
Faith in Action in Our Community Rally at Courthouse this Evening is hosting an Impeachment Eve Rally on the courthouse square this evening, December 17 at 5:30 p.m. (Bring a flashlight; it'll be dark by then. --Ed.)

Winter Solstice Celebration at UU Indianapolis, December 19 and 20
Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis will host Winter Solstice Celebrations on Thursday, December 19 and Friday, December 20, 7:00 p.m. followed by a pitch-in feast. Seating is limited; doors open at 6:30 p.m., so plan to arrive early. 615 W 43rd St, IndianapolisThe Indy Winter Solstice Celebration is a collaboration among Central Indiana Unitarian Universalists from six UU congregations in the Indianapolis metro area. Singing will be led by Pam Blevins Hinkle. Click here for more info.  
WhaleCoast Alaska 2020 Summer Program
Ever dreamed of visiting Alaska? WhaleCoast Alaska is a Unitarian Universalist eco-cultural and spiritual program for people who are looking for an authentic Alaskan experience. WhaleCoast Alaska is operated in cooperation with four UU Alaska fellowships - Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, and Sitka - that provide home stays, dinner parties, activities, and transportation for guests. Find out more at Discounts for groups of 8 or more! 
Poll Workers Needed for 2020 Elections 
In May 2020 the Election will be very busy. Poll workers, both Republican and Democrat, will be needed.  As a poll worker you must be able to help set-up your appointed poll site on Monday night or late afternoon, May 4th and work on Tuesday, May 5th starting at 5 a.m. until finished.  Also you must agree to come to a paid training session on being a poll worker. Interested? Contact Tina Engle at Voter Registration at 812-349-2690.
Will You Join Us in Reducing Our Reliance on Single Use Plastics?  December: Microbeads
The Task of the Month Program for Reducing Plastic Use   focuses on a single category of plastic each month, allowing participants the time to try alternatives and establish new habits.  Each month, you'll receive an email with suggestions for reducing (and eventually eliminating) that month's target type of plastic.  Click here to sign up!   --Stephanie Kimball, Green Sanctuary Task Force 
  Seeking the Spirit  
Religious Education for Adults
Shambhala Meditation Meets Mondays at 12 noon
Join us at 12 noon every Monday in the Library for an hour of Shambhala Meditation.  There is no cost to sit down with us and practice meditation. We are beginner friendly. We meet in the library at church on the second floor. Use the Portico entrance and turn right, we are in the first room on the left, the library. You can use a cushion or a chair or switch between. We stretch 1/2 way through, and walk, then sit some more and close with some teachings in chant form. Take what you want and leave the rest. All are welcome. Info:  Contact Sarah Flint.
Open Mind Zen Meets Mondays at 7:00 pm
Join Frank Seisho Diaz for meditation, talks, and discussions on Zen Buddhism, Mondays 7:00-8:30 pm, in the Library here at the church. All are welcome regardless of faith or experience. 
For more info: Contact Open Mind Zen or visit  
Gentle Hatha Yoga
on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm
A gentle Hatha Yoga practice to balance the mind, body, and spirit. Tuesday evenings, from 5:30-7 pm, in Fellowship Hall. Led by Kate Mulligan of Maxwell House Yoga.
Traditional Taiji Meets Tuesdays at 7:15 pm
Brian Flaherty leads "Wu (Hao)" style Taiji in Fellowship Hall on Tuesdays at 7:15 pm. (No Taiji on December 24 and 31.) All are welcome, even those with no previous Taiji experience. Please wear loose-fitting clothing.  For more i nfo: Contact Brian.
UU Freethinkers Meet December 22 , 12:45 pm
The UU Freethinkers bi-weekly meeting creates the opportunity for participants to raise questions and engage in open and non-structured discussion of issues of social, political, and theological/religious concern. Every other Sunday in Room 208 at 12:45 pm.
UU Humanist Forum Potluck on December 29, 12:45 pm, Fellowship Hall
On Sunday, December 29, at 12:45 pm the UU Humanist Forum will meet in Fellowship Hall for a potluck lunch, and to decide on discussion topics for the winter/spring. The Humanist Forum meets every other Sunday with a different  discussion topic.
UU History for You
RICHARD HILDRETH: AN UNSUNG HERO OF THE UNITARIAN MOVEMENT                                                                    
Richard Hildreth (1807-1865) is rarely mentioned when we think of the founders of the Unitarian movement in 19th century United States. He was born in Massachusetts and died of tuberculosis in Italy and WAS buried near his friend and hero, Theodore Parker. Hildreth's father was Congregationalist and principal of Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts. Richard was appalled that his father was fired for exchanging pulpits with Unitarian ministers, and he became a Unitarian. He supported the transcendentalists and freethinkers. He wrote in 1836 the first antislavery novel condemning the institution of slavery. In 1840 he published a book showing how slavery corrupted the social structure and economy of the south. He opposed the annexation of Texas as a slave state. He supported the activism of Theodore Parker on behalf of the Abolitionist movement and he argued against the dispossession of native American Indians from their land as the US moved West. He wrote a six-volume history of the US, warts and all, instead of embracing manifest destiny as was the custom of the time. He wrote a history of morality and was condemned for arguing that good behavior came from the human effort to create a more caring world rather than from God-given rules of behavior.
-- Elof Carlson, UUCB Historian
WRITING GROUPS. Women Writing for (a) Change writing circle registration is open for Spring 2020 programs.  New!  All-Gender workshop, "Object Lessons", January 12, 1-4pm, led by UU members Amy Cornell and Lauren Bryant.  9-Week inclusive gender series in February.  Curious? 
Our Ministers
Reverend Mary Ann Macklin, our Senior Minister
can be reached on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, 812-332-3695, ext. 201. macklin (at)

Reverend Scott McNeill, our Associate Minister,  
can be reached at 812-332-3695 (ext. 209) and is available by appointment on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. 
For pastoral emergencies, please call Scott at 812-727-0919.
Reverend Emily Manvel Leite our Minister of Religious Education,  can be reached at  812-332 -3695 (ext. 207) and is available by appointment  on Wednesday and Friday mornings. 
Email: mre (at)
Our Covenant of Right Relations
In June 2017, our members affirmed a Covenant of Right Relations. 
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