Your December Newsletter
Greetings and Happy Holidays!

We are so grateful to all the supporters who donated the many, many gifts that will make this holiday season a lot brighter for our families, and especially for the children we serve.

In December several families were able to move out of the shelter into their own apartments. Donations also help our clients rebuild their new homes. Most clients flee with very few belongings and need everything, from kitchen utensils to beds and other furniture, as they create a new home for their families. A few weeks ago, a new partnership with KindWorks allowed MSP to fully furnish and set up a new apartment for a family of 8 - including a Christmas tree! We look forward to continuing to work with KindWorks, and with you, as we support our families in taking the important step of moving into their new homes.

From the MSP team and our grateful clients, we thank you and we wish you and your family Wonderful Holidays and a Fantastic New Year!

With sincere gratitude,

The My Sister's Place Team
A special thank you to Bee Fabulous Moments and Whelan Security (pictured above), for their annual Christmas donations and their support all year long!
MSP staff recently visited the Evicted Exhibit at the National Building Museum. The exhibit showcases the book Evicted by Matthew Desmond, professor of sociology at Princeton University, a MacArthur “Genius” Fellow, and a best-selling author. One of the findings noted in the book as a "big discovery" was how children can provoke evictions. Our guide also highlighted how the threat of eviction and domestic violence intersect. Tenants who call the police too much are often asked to leave. The threat of being evicted, and the difficulty finding affordable housing, keeps victims in abusive relationships. The exhibit was particularly moving as we know our clients face many of these challenges. The book provides invaluable, and impactful, insight into what some of our clients face and on the general state of housing for low-income communities. It is an important book to read and a great exhibit to visit - it will be at the Building Museum through May 19, 2019.