Dear Santa, All we Want for Christmas is... Amazon?
With Pittsburgh on many people's list as a top finalist to be the home of Amazon's second headquarters many see this as a huge opportunity for the Steel City. With this honor, 50,000 high paying jobs would be provided, redevelopment sites would provide new life to neighborhoods due to their $5 billion dollar promise and prestige for an already rejuvenated city. However, should Pittsburghers ask Santa for this on their wishlist? Or would this be a "present" from the Grinch? 

Future. Forged. For All.

The City of Pittsburgh's Bid for Amazon's Second Headquarters

The City of Pittsburgh's Bid for Amazon's Second Headquarters

"Following the Bike Trail..."

There are obviously many variables still to be assessed, but based on these criteria and the weight I expect Amazon to place on them, here are my finalists, in descending order: Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Toronto, Chicago and Boston.

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The Positives of HQ2: 
Is Amazon HQ2 Worth the Price? 

Most economists say the answer is a qualified yes - that an Amazon headquarters is a rare case in which a package of at least modest enticements could repay a city over time. That's particularly true compared with other projects that often receive public financial aid, from sports stadiums to the Olympics to manufacturing plants, which generally return lesser, if any, benefits over the long run.

Rust Belt Cities Could Win Big

The skew towards the eastern half of the U.S. would appear to be a good diversification move for Amazon. In addition, as a group, the Rust Belt cities present some interesting possibilities.

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The Negatives of HQ2
The City Amazon Picks will Change Forever

Apartment List said Raleigh, Pittsburgh and San Jose would experience the highest rent increases if HQ2 comes to town. The impact would be smaller in cities like Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Dallas.
Amazon Could Detonate a 'Gentrification Prosperity Bomb" 

"The expense is a trade-off against schools, infrastructure, health care, etc.," he said. "Can you... support 50,000 high-net earners who all want nice homes, nice restaurants, easy commutes, etc.? Amazon is NOT a fan of unions or regulation."

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Dave's Take on the Issue

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