December 2019
Monthly Sign Video
ASL Signs for December
Gather your kids or students and take a few minutes to learn some ASL signs you can use this month.
ASL Weekends
NEW January Workshop
Are you ready to take your ASL skills to the next level? Sign up for an ASL Weekend near you! We'll be in:
  • Maryland in January - new
  • Tennessee in April
  • Massachusetts in May
  • New York in June
Thank you, Runners!
Hug A Runner 2019 a success

We're sending a big thank you to the 668 people who signed up to support ASDC and run ten 5K's in ten days.

During this challenge, 59,400 activities were logged in the tracker for a total of 231,409 miles! That is an average of 3.8 miles per person, per day.

The organizers raised twice their goal and presented ASDC with a check for more than $6,500!
Gift an ASDC Membership
Give the gift that gives all year

Give a family, teacher, or speech therapist you know a one-year ASDC membership.
Making a Difference
Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to these generous individuals, families, and organizations for their support.
  • E-Commerce
  • Exelon 
  • Network for Good
  • Run the Edge - Hug a Runner 
  • Elizabeth Allen
  • Geri Rios
  • Gerard Buckley
  • Joseph Bukassa
  • Judith Mounty
  • Nathanel Zeidel
  • Suresh Patnam
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