SOCIAL: Many are considering or playing in the influencer arena. Here are some things to think about. MORE ... Instagram has righted its ship after the exodus of 2018, but what is in the future for Facebook's more visually appealing brother? MORE ... Facebook cut off more than 60,000 apps in a privacy investigation. MORE ... Marketers like the idea and engagement of TikTok. MORE ... Social media is a net-negative as it relates to news. Chicken or the egg in my opinion. MORE ... Using social in a marketing mix is different than it was a year ago. Some of the changes are unfriendly to your goals. MORE

WEB SITES: Whether you track it or not, the goal of your web site is a conversion. That conversion can be defined in many manners, but you want the audience to leave differently than they arrived. What helps? Brevity, page and site speed, directed copy and strong informative design. And a few other items, too. MORE ... If the idea of conversion optimization is intriguing, I have a webinar for you. MORE

VOICE ASSISTANTS: Voice search is a big deal and there are things you should be doing today to be ready MORE ... Google's latest update will allow you to delete your voice command history. MORE ... What if it didn't matter if you had a Google Home device or an Alexa? It all worked the same and you could choose which service to deploy. That's an Amazon-led consideration. MORE