Digital Intelligence Report
April 2021
PROGRAMMATIC: If you have tears over the loss of cookies, there is a potential answer growing strength around household IDs that will make targeting even more intelligent. R ... A suit has been filed against Google for sharing data in the real-time bidding process they said they would not share. R ... Google's heavily context-based FLoC is now open for testing. R ... SWAN is another alternative for identification. R

SOCIAL: On the consumer front, social influencers are shifting to a more performance marketing tool and are treated almost like an additional platform. For the influencers, that means more pay aligned to sales like affiliate marketing or embedded e-commerce. R ... The power of influencers has reportedly been used in Russian propaganda. R ... Twitter and Facebook are still financial darlings but not without risk. R ... What's your ROI on social? R
  • Discord: Discord just added a Clubhouse-like audio conversation offering. R
  • Facebook: Facebook Analytics is going away, soon. R
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is also planning a Clubhouse clone, which makes sense given the amount of professionals using Clubhouse. R
  • TikTok: Ecommerce executions are getting tighter on TikTok, including one with Shopify. R ... TikTok is rolling out playlists to group similar content together. R ... SnapChat and Instagram have announced they will make the "duets" feature from TikTok possible on their platforms. R ... Instagram's is called Reels Remix. R ... Can you post too often on TikTok? Test it. R
CONTENT MARKETING: Even when you are sold out, you can still engage with your future customers and prospects through content. R ... The basics of a content marketing strategy are simple: Need, audience and your unique story. R ... Content marketing doesn't stop at content. The marketing aspect keeps the next action front and center. R ... There really isn't anything standing in your way to start a content marketing program. R ... What defines your content strategy to stand out? Brute force, differentiation or ingenuity? R ... Have you checked out a content experience platform? R ... SEO data should feed your content strategy. It gives everything from low-hanging fruit topics to competitive insights. R

SEARCH: There are specs for title tags for Google but the length of the title tag does not affect how Google reads it. R ... There are some Google ad features you might not knw about. R

DIGITAL MARKETING: Optimize for Core Web Vitals, prepare for the end of third-party cookies and figure out how to get your hands on first-party data. R ... The flexibility demanded in 2020 based on shifting budgets and optimizations is here to stay. R ... The third-party cookie challenges may bring many smaller publishers out of the advertising model and into the subscription model. R ... Do you have the tools that you need to do everything? R ... There were some entertaining April Fool's Day approaches this year. R ... Here are a few upcoming webinars and events to consider:

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Digital transformation is a set of processes, tools, and methodologies used by businesses to optimize their operational activities, such as offering differentiated service, increasing performance and expanding their reach. R ... Should AI guide all of your marketing efforts? R

PRIVACY: You have been able to opt out of personalized ads for years. Why isn't that good enough? R

EMAIL: During the pandemic, email volume increased. It might be time to pump the breaks a bit. R ... Don't embed video to your outbound email and send it to an Outlook environment. But there are other environments that will be fine with it. R ... Marketing automation requires technology, but it also requires skills. R

AUDIO: Podcasts continue to make the list for new forms of content marketers should try. R ... Pandora leads a cluttered marketplace for digital audio. R

VIDEO: The CTV fraud war continues to be waged. R ... YouTube Shorts, it's TikTok clone, now has more clarity to it. R
NFT (non-fungible token) – A unique, blockchain description of ownership over an original digital file, typically art but could involve more. Here's more about them:
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