Digital Intelligence Report
August 2020
Doing digital correctly typically starts with technology. Sure, you need a solid brand, audience, content, data and service strategy or the technology doesn't matter, but you can have all of those and be stuck with virtually no voice at all if you are missing the tools.

I've used all-in-one tools that bring multiple tech elements together in one place. I've cobbled together best-in-class tech to take full advantage of each tool's fullest capabilities.

Back in the day, the all-in-one tools usually were good at one thing and lousy at the others. Great at sending an email but data handling was atrocious, for instance. Back in the day, you had to go as best-in-class as your budget allowed to have success. What about today?

We never went through the massive tech consolidation that would lead to all-in-ones leading the charge. We're basically in the same place we were, only the sector has expanded so much that the all-in-ones look significantly more robust. However, we also haven't gotten to a place where even through strong API work, coordinating multiple tools is very efficient (or even possible).

Our answer is a combination of best-in-class and best-in-class partnering. Use the best tools available and then partner with people who use other best-in-class tools at a larger scale. Then, maybe someday, that future consolidation that always seems so imminent will give the tech headache to someone else.

Here's a supportive opinion on continuing with the best-in-class approach. MORE
WEB SITES: In April, we introduced an independent review of 33 agricultural websites, thinking it was important to use our tools to offer an unbiased, non-partisan evaluation, and to provide it free of charge, with hopes that companies could see where they stack up. Are the numbers perfect? Nope. Third-party data is better at apples-to-apples than perfection. But they are close. Take a look at our latest. MORE

CONTENT MARKETING: If you want a walk-through on the basics of content marketing -- and a callout to John Deere -- check out this posting from Search Engine Journal. MORE ... Pay per click and luck aren't going to get you where you want to go. MORE ... Do you have all of your content types covered? Bet now. There are 100 of them to sift through. MORE ... If you stop at content creation and distribution, you aren't realizing the full benefit of content marketing. MORE ... “The goal of B2B content is making sure it leaves a lasting impression with the right people.” Latané Conant, Chief Market Officer at San Francisco, CA-based 6sense. MORE ... Even if everything else is going wrong in your digital strategy, content can save the day. MORE ... Be unique, add value, be real, be timely ... and a few other things. MORE ... Score yourself on multiple engagement points to hone your content. MORE

SOCIAL: Social Media Monitoring is a business necessity. But many stall at monitoring. You need to advance that to intelligence. MORE ... Ever wonder how social messaging manipulation can work? MORE ... When sharing in social media, focus on the community you are reaching, provide expertise or a service, , use video and keep the content flow coming. MORE
  • Facebook -- More than 1,000 brands moved off of Facebook ads in July. MORE ... No matter what you think about the boycott, it was more annoying than effective. MORE ... If you are choosing to spend on Facebook OR Google, you are doing it all wrong. Typically, you need both. MORE
  • Instagram -- In the music/video social space, Instagram is keeping it Reels, yo. MORE
  • Twitter -- A hefty privacy fine is coming. MORE
  • SnapChat -- With music relationships in tow, SnapChat is taking a swipe at TikTok. MORE
  • TikTok -- President Donald Trump issued the threatened executive order banning compannies from working with TikTok. MORE ... TikTok claims the move is illegal and that they have complied with U.S. requests. MORE ... Microsoft may be in the market to buy all or a portion of TikTok. MORE ... But a deal by the deadline seems unlikely. MORE

In July, there were about 8,000 mentions of U.S. ag-specific content in social media, news, blogs, forums, etc., each day (with 14,500 in one day as the high). That average was 10,500 during planting this year and 9,000 during harvest last fall. See the chart below to see what the U.S. agriculture conversation looked like over the past month.
PROGRAMMATIC: The shift to programmatic continues, as does the shifting within programmatic. MORE ... Fraud takes a number of different forms and the more sophisticated forms are tough to battle. There are tools to help you, including MOAT. MORE ... The pivot to first-party data is what brands can do today. MORE ... Microsoft may once again test the digital ad world. MORE

EMAIL: Getting an email through the systems is about delivery. Most likely, you are focused on that metric. But, deliverability is getting it into an inbox and not into spam. You need to focus more on that. If you have good data, delivery is your email-service provider's problem. MORE

MOBILE MESSAGING: Why the heck don't more people use SMS, MMS or RCS messaging in marketing? It's inexplicable. MORE

SEARCH: Understanding the search engine is the first step in understanding how to be found. Amazon is not the same as Google, so the SEO work is also different. MORE ... First, Bing is still around. Second, Microsoft may be changing the search engine's name. MORE ... Knowledge Panels are still very tied to Wikipedia. But there are ways around that. MORE ... Have a point, answer a need, be mobile friendly ... among other things. MORE ... Are you good at SEO and love doing the work, don't set up your own SEO agency. MORE ... If you are choosing to spend on Facebook OR Google, you are doing it all wrong. Typically, you need both. MORE ... How long should content be for SEO strength? The answers may surprise you. MORE ... Are your images searchable? Probably not. MORE ... Bet you didn't know all of these criteria that are NOT a part of SEO for Google. MORE

IDENTITY: Google is pushing forward with its Trust Token approach, its privacy-friendly cookie alternative. MORE ... A Wired article is a proponent of the death of cookies. MORE

AUDIO: Podcast ad spending will surpass $1 million by next year. MORE ... Podcast deals are large, plentiful and point to a huge increase in marketing spend next year. MORE ... Do you have a podcast you would like to monetize? You need to plan for a 15-second pre-roll, 60-second mid-roll and other elements. MORE

CREATIVE: Artificial Intelligence will likely never replace the high level creative process, but there are points along the creative process that can be improved. MORE

INTERACTIVITY: So you want to make your online presence more interactive but you don't know what to do. An infographic is not the answer, folks. Check out these examples. MORE

DIGITAL STRATEGY: Automation is both super powerful and a business killer, when wielded poorly. Everyone should be doing it, but not if you are going to ruin it for the others. MORE
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The goal of the Rooster Strategic Solutions Digital Intelligence Report is to provide intelligence around the digital product landscape. What is coming next. How to use what you already have. Who might be doing it right.