Digital Intelligence Report
December 2020
The end of the year, even a year like 2020, always welcomes prognostication. Based on this year, what are we going to see in 2021?

We are tackling a number of the emerging technologies and trends in our final session of Ag Marketing in the Digital Age next Tuesday. Meanwhile, I will be covering the top 10 digital marketing and sales trends for 2021 in The Rooster Cast for the remainder of the year.

It all starts with this morning's look at 5G. I'll also be focusing on connected TV, analytics, social channels, artificial intelligence, privacy and other topics for the rest of the year. Check it out!

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AMiDA: Emerging Technologies. Tune in next Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. for the final session of Ag Marketing in the Digital Age. See more details on
VIDEO: YouTube owns 20 percent of the U.S. audience time spent with Connect TV, which equates to about $2.89 billion this year. MORE

SOCIAL: Don't fall into the trap of relying only on Facebook and Twitter to reach your audience. There are nine other sites you need to assess. MORE ... If we learned anything in 2020, users like to offer their perspective. How can user-generated content fit into your plans for 2021? MORE ... Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and LinkedIn are already hinting at what they have planned for 2021. Here's a load of predictions. MORE ... Influencers will solidify as a go-to marketing channel in 2021. MORE ... We focus most of our attention on social channels, but photo sharing, video sharing and blogging communities play roles in marketing as well. MORE ... Zoho and Sprout Social lead the pack of social media management software. MORE
  • Facebook -- Facebook is now under significant legal fire for its Instagram and SnapChat purchases. MORE ... And expect a vigorous defense. MORE
  • Tik Tok -- The U.S.-imposed sale deadline was Dec. 4 but talks continue. MORE ... Meanwhile, another judge has blocked the proposed ban. MORE ... The best of TikTok for brands in 2020. MORE
  • Twitter -- Ad frequency caps are now available in Twitter. MORE
  • What's App -- Ecommerce options were enhanced recently for What's App users. MORE
CONTENT MARKETING: If we learned anything in 2020, users like to offer their perspective. How can user-generated content fit into your plans for 2021? MORE ... Virtual events are now a core strategy for a third of marketers. The tactic is primarily about lead generation. MORE ... Continually assess your content -- old and new -- for its ability to help you. MORE ... Are you covering all of the bases in your content marketing? Tone, audience, style, SEO ... MORE ... A blog post is not enough. Grow it through infographics, ebooks, social posts, podcast and other ideas. MORE

SEARCH: If you are looking for the hot trends of 2021 in search, they will ring a little similar to the trends of 2020, 2019, 2018, etc. MORE ... If you don't have a branded term SEM strategy, bet that your competitors are using your brand terms. MORE ... Another Google Discover ad format (the 4:5 ratio) has been added to the offering. MORE ... As you look at 2021, you see shrinking marketing budgets and have no idea how to achieve your goals -- or fill your day. Focus hard on SEO. MORE

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Will 2021 finally be the year of AI in marketing? MORE ... Ethics in AI is running faster than ethics in digital marketing did, but groups are calling for tougher action now. MORE

PROGRAMMATIC/DISPLAY: I'm seeing the next trend already. Once we get through this programmatic push for first-party data and audience finding, the followup trend will be that PLUS the value of context/deep behavior. MORE .. Geo-fencing, personalization and local programmatic are three ways for smaller brands to make efficient impact. MORE ... Marketers are looking at programmatic and wanting greater media quality ... especially as the cookie crumbles and context and anonymous behavior take steps forward. MORE

MARKETING TECHNOLOGY: Even before the insertion of AI, was technology owning you or were you owning your technology? MORE ... You are likely paying for something your team no longer uses or needs. MORE

PRIVACY: The laws are ever-changing, the knowledge about the laws are sparse. MORE ... Apple is in a comply or get kicked out kind of mood. MORE ... Google and the IAB are under fire in Europe for data practices in programmatic. MORE

DIGITAL OUT OF HOME: The trouble plaguing the scale-up of DOOH is non-standard sizing. The industry is working to fix that. MORE

DIGITAL MARKETING: The challenges we faced in 2020 will continue into 2021. MORE ... Marketers fail in digital without a plan, without patience and without empathy for their key audience(s). MORE ... Digital transformations led by professional communicators will take it farther faster. MORE ... The recent FCC nomination could hinder net neutrality proponents, including Biden. MORE ... The 2021 version of online behavior will be more mobile, more social and more self-directed than ever before. MORE ... Here are a handful of upcoming webcasts that you can access to learn more.
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The goal of the Rooster Strategic Solutions Digital Intelligence Report is to provide intelligence around the digital product landscape. What is coming next. How to use what you already have. Who might be doing it right.