Digital Intelligence Report
February 2020, v. 2
The impression is mislabeled. We all agree that the impression metric can exist without the intended audience actually seeing anything. There are millions of dollars spent on fraud protection, viewability and other tools to make the metric actually mean what the word means.

Even if this digital version of impression is in-view, it doesn't necessarily leave an impression. In an interview setting, the person that stands out is the person who made an impression. It's not just about any of the applicants who showed up in-person. Right? It's about impact.

Impact brings attention metrics into the conversation. Impact is a combination of engagement, interaction, visibility, time spent and the environment of the advertising. These are somewhat calculable with tools like MOAT and others and should be a new standard in digital advertising.

Ask your partners about moving away from the horrifically abused and misused "impression" and toward impact.
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CONTENT MARKETING: While it is probably too early to say no one reads blogs and that blogs are only effective as a lure for Google search bots, it probably is a healthy consideration for the future. MORE ... And if you still plan to blog, here are some performance-boosting ideas from other bloggers. MORE ... I'm a little bummed that single format is No. 2 on this list of things not to do with content, it should be No. 1. MORE ... Map the content to the audience journey. Really! Do it! You know it's the right thing to do. MORE ... There are many tools out there to help, including course creation, survey tools, analytics and SEO. MORE

DIGITAL MARKETING: Hey Marketer, personalization as we know it will probably go away, mostly because marketers don't know how to make money from it or have too many holes in their data. MORE ... Artificial intelligence, programmatic, chatbots, conversational marketing and personalization lead a LONG list of segments in digital marketing you need to understand in 2020. MORE ... There are vendors that can be paid to drive traffic. But traffic without relevance is worthless. Your traffic has to be convertible. MORE ... Building a form isn't a tedious practice akin to digital spreadsheet creation. Coaxing someone to give up personal data takes effort and care. MORE

VOICE: It doesn't appear that Amazon will lose its dominance in the voice assistant marketplace soon. MORE
SOCIAL MEDIA: Social commerce doesn't just mean Facebook Marketplace. You can help drive sales with social media even without a BUY NOW button. MORE ... Try out social media listening from Awario or Mention before writing five- or six-figure checks. MORE ... Facebook is calling for a soft form of Big Brother to act as a universal content regulator. Guess if Facebook is financially held responsible for content on its platform, it's a fair ask. MORE ... How do you know if you are doing organic social correctly? An audit. MORE ... Instagram and YouTube are the top places to find influencers, well out-pacing Facebook and other platforms. MORE ... When should you post in social? 9 a.m. and between 3 and 4 in the afternoon. And check this against your experience and audience. MORE ... Here's a masterclass in social media provided by a compilation of strong Ted Talks. MORE ... Want some automation help with social? Hootsuite leads the list but Agorapulse has made some noise recently. MORE ... Social media users are decreasing their use of multiple platforms and video (especially live video) is the bomb. MORE

EMAIL: What's the best day to send an email to the agricultural audience? Probably Tuesday or Thursday. Despite what these numbers tell you, avoid Friday afternoons. MORE ... Do your email newsletters meet the following very basic criteria? Have you checked lately? MORE ... Are you cleaning out inactive email addresses from your lists? If they aren't engaging, there's no benefit to sending to them. And there are growing penalties if you do. MORE ... Email is on the minds of chief marketing officers in 2020. MORE

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: AI can be programmed to accomplish both minute tasks and also seek more global answers. But the winning formula for AI will be accomplishing the mundane (probably in a better manner than manual). MORE ... There is a lot of mundane in the video-editing process. This handy tool is trying to bring AI to it. MORE

PROGRAMMATIC: Do you blacklist game consoles and sites in your advertising? Here's a viable plea for you to think again. MORE ... OTT and connected TV inventory skyrocketed late in 2019. MORE
SEARCH: Google might be following Facebook's lead in offering revenue to premium publishers. If it happens, it would also have great impact on the search results display. Interesting to watch. MORE

MOBILE MESSAGING: 87 percent of smartphone owners use messaging but the platforms can't align on how to make it more engaging. Messaging will explode at some point, if allowed. MORE

ANALYTICS: As digital effectiveness is measured into the future, tighter relationships between publishers, vendors and advertisers, or at least a level of open sharing, will be needed. MORE

PRIVACY: CCPA is here and many haven't done anything about it. You at least need to know the basics. MORE ... Washington is following California's lead and moving to implement data-privacy rules. MORE
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