Digital Intelligence Report
March 2020 v. 2
Postponing an event is a painful action.

There's no doubt that any size of live event scheduled for this spring has no choice but to postpone or cancel due to travel, health and safety concerns around COVID-19. Out of an abundance of caution, we postponed our Ag Marketing in the Digital Age event, moving it to July 14.

It wasn't a difficult choice, but it was painful. We have been working on this first-year event since August and are certain it is needed and wanted. There is a knowledge gap in digital marketing and sales at every level of agriculture -- publishers, agencies, brands and associations. It's a gap that has widened over time and wastes real time and real money on poor planning and execution. The conference was built to close that gap, bringing some of the top minds together for a day to learn from each other while teaching everyone in attendance.

While the agenda was made up of the usual topical suspects -- programmatic, content marketing, search, social, analytics and privacy -- the must dos and must nots and the open Q&A on other topics would certainly have sparked serious conversation about the choices we all make.

As much as we believe in the event, we can see through the strong registrations that it is filling a need. As impressive as the contributor list is, the roster of attendees is equally powerful. It will be a great event to attend.

Maybe you couldn't make the previous date. Maybe July 14 fits your schedule better. Hopefully by July, we'll all be glad to be together to change how digital marketing and sales happens in agriculture.

Join us and make others aware Ag Marketing in the Digital Age is coming this July. MORE
SOCIAL MEDIA: If you are desperate to discover the next Facebook, it's probably on this list ... but MeWe is probably not it ... probably. MORE ... If you are using or considering use of social influencers, there are legal issues to understand. MORE ... Social media is a part of people's every day. MORE ... Employee branding is the more controlled rendition of influencer marketing. But it comes with some risks. MORE ... LinkedIn is close to releasing a conversational ad offering, bringing the power of interactivity to what has been an expensive and underperforming ad platform. MORE ... Social media usage and online purchasing is expected to substantially increase during the recent quarantine. MORE ... TikTok opens up to programmatic advertising through The Trade Desk. MORE ... Likee is coming to the U.S., another short-form video app with some adoption. MORE

CONTENT MARKETING: The average person needs 18 touches of some sort to become a customer. MORE ... Much of the content marketing expert content is pretty basic right now. MORE ... But hitting the target audience, which apparently very few believe they are doing, is job No. 1. MORE ... Offering a mix of gated and ungated content is a way to grow your own audience data. MORE

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Interested in learning more about AI but not spending anything more than your own time? Take one of these courses. MORE ... AI is quick, will take over all of our jobs and then kill us, right? Nope. MORE ... How do you spot fake AI in the technology landscape? Ask how it works and how the data supporting it is organized. MORE
VIDEO: YouTube is changing its "Trending" link to "Explore", which allows Google's popular video channel to include more content types. MORE ... Due to health concerns, YouTube and Twitter have shifted to a more automated review process for videos. MORE ... IGTV (Instagram's video app) is testing ads within the content, surprising no one. MORE ... Given creative performance in digital right now, and the ease of creating video nowadays, not doing something in video is a mistake. MORE

DATA: Customer Data Platforms continue to sell as the answer for everything but most fall well short of that. Some tools come to the market at five or six figures annually only to fail to generate any real benefit. MORE

DIGITAL MARKETING: As direct-to-consumer brands flocked to digital early on, it created a glut ... forcing many to find traditional routes like direct mail to help them stand out. MORE ... Speed, findability, accessibility, privacy and consistency are cornerstones for good digital marketing. MORE ... Make sure your IT teams/developers are in sync with your business. MORE

SEARCH: Keywords are less and less important as Google's algorithm learns more about te language. Topic clusters and search intent are a better aim. MORE

DISPLAY: The cookie is molding and the IAB isn't going to recreate it in a new form. But, there are reasons to be optimistic for advertisers. MORE
NATIVE: If you love the social media stories concept, one native programmatic vendor is attempting to take the concept to native display. MORE

PROGRAMMATIC: The SSP is the cornerstone for publishers surfacing their inventory to buyers. There might be a better way. MORE ... PubMatic has a tool to make audience extension work into the future. MORE

EMAIL MARKETING: Email ebbs and flows but has maintained a dominant position in digital marketing. MORE ... An open rate isn't about TOTAL OPENS. It's about total people who opened against the number delivered. MORE ... As work environments are in flux, take a few moments to create an email plan for the year, communicate the power of email internally and pull together some budget for R&D for email in 2020. MORE

PRIVACY: A bill in Washington state stalled when it granted consumers a bit more teeth. MORE ... Digital IDs and biometrics are two trends to watch in the area of privacy. MORE ... Privacy is a concern as is how it is monitored. MORE

ANALYTICS: You are wasting efforts, time and budget by not monitoring and optimizing more often. MORE

VOICE: There's still time and substantial future benefit to jumping into voice tech to be ready for voice search. MORE ... Adoption is reasonably strong but mostly for basic tasks, games and entertainment. MORE

CREATIVE: The same style of messaging for a completely different digital marketing landscape? It's not effective, folks. MORE ... Be more personal in your persuasion. MORE
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