Digital Intelligence Report
June 2020
Don't you love trendy content? You know, the top 10 trends in digital marketing in 2020. Those types of articles, highlighting what marketers believe will take off in the next few months. My challenge is figuring out if the author is writing about the PR-supported trends or from first-hand experience. Is it buzz or is it really helpful?

With that in mind, here are my top 5 post-quarantine digital marketing trends for 2020. And it's not about buzz, it's about what I see working.

  • Actual impact. The reach and frequency models have led marketers down the path of standard IAB banner sizes. But their impact is even less than a year ago. Seek opportunities where your impressions are seen, not just viewable.
  • Real optimization. Dashboards that tell a real story. Expert assessments and then optimizing on the fly based on performance. Not just saying it, doing it.
  • Working data. Putting demo, behavioral and other data together to make a better audience. Watching to see if that audience responds as it should. Proving the data's value. 
  • Solidifying the basics. Digital marketers are handling user experience on landing pages and sites, managing SEO, SEM, organic and paid search. Getting the always on, always working. 
  • Oh, and TikTok. Any trend article has to include it. It's a rule.
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SOCIAL MEDIA: Think about your social media work in terms of measureable numbers. Otherwise, you'll spend too much or not enough and won't even know it. Here are a few suggestions on what to follow. MORE ... The executive order directed mostly at Twitter and Facebook already has a legal challenge. MORE ... Here's one expert's thoughts on the recent executive order on social platforms. MORE
  • Facebook: Watch out, Millennials are getting older and now prefer Facebook. MORE ... Facebook video ad pricing is bouncing back. MORE
  • Twitter: The Pope is just third on the list of world leaders based on Twitter followers. MORE ... Getting Twitter-verified might soon make more sense. MORE ... What does the Twitter June calendar look like? MORE ... Emoji responses are once again getting tested. MORE
  • Pinterest: There's another platform messing in the story arena. MORE
  • TikTok: For any strategy to work on TikTok, it has to be memorably cool and trendy. MORE ... Branded hashtag campaigns? Ok. Sure. MORE

VOICE TECH: For voice to expand, it can't be singularly aligned with smart speakers. The hearable market will balloon over the next year. MORE ... The use of voice is expected to grow in retail to help avoid contact in a post-quarantine era. MORE

AUDIO: In just over a year, the Rooster Cast surpassed 100 episodes and 55,000 listens. Meanwhile, we learned a lot about podcasting. MORE ... Programmatic audio has a framework. It has its flaws but it can work. MORE

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Seventy-one percent of brands need to up their game digitally. MORE ... CX is aggressive in adding words to the digital lexicon. The terms around journey methods can be misunderstood. Here are the terms to know and get to know.
PROGRAMMATIC: MediaMath is apparently in trouble. MORE ... As cool as digital can be, it's also infected with fraud. Take geo-location fraud, for instance, there might be a good workaround for fixing it's main black hat. MORE

CONTENT: Do you have the 5 Ws and 1 H covered in your content plans? MORE ... Digital is changing public relations forever and content marketing is a key part of it. MORE ... The bigger the company, the more expensive and complex the content build. There are savings through automation, analysis and creating new internal sources. MORE ... You can do more with your content by saving time via batch planning, systematizing idea generation and having a standard promo plan, among other things. MORE ... Errors happen in content all the time, including overselling, not having a reason, not watching the metrics and repeating the same topics or same content too often. MORE

DIGITAL MARKETING: There is a method to trying out new digital marketing technology and approaches. It mimics other investigative approaches -- research, find the hook, extract the energy without sacrificing reach. MORE ... Should we give up on the top of the funnel because our mid-funnel and lower-funnel activities are poor? No, but we should take another look at what we are doing and be better. MORE ... I've heard omni-channel often when the person meant multi-channel. It's a trap, typically. But, omni-channel means marketing organization and a buy-in to executing in that manner. It is possible. MORE ... Account-Based Marketing is one of the many items B2B companies should be investigating. MORE ... ABM can be awesome but it can also be an awesome pain. MORE

LANDING PAGES: The average landing page conversion is 9.7%, which would satisfy fewer than 30 percent of marketers. It appears we have higher expectations than we have talent to convert. MORE

VIDEO: The traditional television market may never be the same after the COVID-19 exodus/cord-cutting. MORE ... Self-certification on YouTube could help channel owners widen their revenue opportunities. MORE

EMAIL: The process of getting feedback on your next email is cumbersome and usually involves more email. Establishing timing and a workflow would help. MORE ... UTM codes and email do mix. Make sure you are using them correctly. MORE ... There's more that you can do with email these days. Kinetic, interactive, agile, AMP are all terms that also can be used in email development. MORE ... Email is back on the trend charts. MORE

SEARCH: Are you overpaying for SEO support? Are you too big to allow failure and should support it more? Key considerations. MORE ... Where does content, links, research, load speed and sitemaps fit into SEO? Probably in a different manner than you think. MORE ... Google, specifically its ad tech portion, is the target of investigation from the U.S. states attorneys general. MORE ... Keywords/phrases, content and backlinks remain pillars for SEO. MORE ... Is Google perfect? No. They might be better if they didn't have to fight off 25 billion spammy pages each day. MORE

DATA: A solid Customer Data Platform (CDP) can jumpstart your audience database. A new one on the market claims to be a no-code tool, making it easier to get started. MORE ... Learn more about CDPs and the players in the space here. MORE ... Do you like to nerd out on data or know someone who does? Here are a few blogs for you to check out. MORE ... Data should guide your marketing. MORE

ANALYTICS: Here's a reasonably new player in the dashboarding space. Loads of templates and connections. MORE ... Well organized marketing data and insights can change how you do the daily work and make you more powerful. MORE
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The goal of the Rooster Strategic Solutions Digital Intelligence Report is to provide intelligence around the digital product landscape. What is coming next. How to use what you already have. Who might be doing it right.