Digital Intelligence Report
May 2020
The quarantine era has been marked by a serious increase in social media usage. TikTok added almost two thirds more users in just a couple of months. Facebook usage jumped 27 percent. Time spent on social is up 9 percent. Social is also the third most-used platform for learning about the Coronavirus.

We are witnessing a social media explosion during a time of social distancing. The beauty of this time from a marketing standpoint can be learned through the metrics: Overall usage and adoption and whether the platforms can hold onto the new users.

Even if there is heavy attrition afterward, we know social plays a role in society. But each platform seems to be playing a specific role.
  • Facebook: Connectivity with friends and family .. and their shared thoughts on the latest news.
  • Twitter: As an agent for news, opinions and open vitriol.
  • YouTube and TikTok: As entertainment vehicles.
  • Instagram/Pinterest: A place to inspire with ideas.
  • LinkedIn: Mostly to recruit or job seek, but also to lead and mentor.

The puzzle pieces have somewhat fallen into place. And the number of pieces to the puzzle are growing substantially.

With that in mind, we have a poll question:
How much is social (organic and paid) a part of your overall marketing/communication budget?
More than 50%
SOCIAL MEDIA: How authentic are you on social media? It demands more. MORE ... Post timing is always up for discussion across the major channels. In the quarantine era, the timing has changed. MORE ... The power of social listening software is underutilized. Because it isn't just about listening. It's about learning and executing based on that knowledge. If the tools are used in crime prevention, they are probably worth checking out. MORE ... Don't miss a step in your ongoing social strategy. Download this checklist. MORE
  • Facebook is upping its game in the video chat arena. MORE ... Lower ad rates at Facebook are creating opportunities for previously ROI-unfriendly executions. MORE
  • Instagram certainly has a place in your social media strategy. It's the inspire channel and doesn't require you to feed the beast like Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn. MORE
  • LinkedIn has a place when used correctly. The headline on this one is a tad overzealous. MORE
  • TikTok is hot among teens ... not surprising given the predominance of content from that age group. MORE
  • I thought Twitter was pretty trashy until the past year. I now see that it serves a real need. MORE ... As I note above, Twitter is a news and opinion platform. Seventy-three percent of Twitter users follow at least one journalist. MORE
  • WhatsApp is still likely to have an ad play. We just don't know when. MORE

CONTENT MARKETING: A strong content manager has a full plate juggling content, maximizing the CMS, planning, digging through the analytics and, of course, other duties as assigned. MORE .. The CMS is so key to content marketing and the technology is getting better. No one wants to move from one CMS to another, but here are things to consider. MORE ... The ROI on content marketing is knowable, and you need to measure it. It will inform the choices that you make. MORE ... Always add value. Even when you are sharing someone else's work, don't just share the link. MORE ... Make sure your SEO keyword/key phrase strategy is aligned with your content strategy. MORE ... Bot writers are coming. MORE ... No more one-offs with content. Use it again in a different way. MORE
MARKETING TECHNOLOGY: There is software to help you with social media, customer data, audience insights, and audience interaction. MORE ... If you love hearing about the latest software options, here's a list for you. MORE ... 83 percent of marketers have shifted their martech stack within the past year. MORE ... Technology changes, improves, merges, etc. Always be on the lookout for the next thing that makes the work better and faster. MORE ... IAS has partnered with Amino Payments to form Total Visibility, a tool that shows both media quality and programmatic cost transparency. MORE ... StackAdapt and Comscore are working on Connected TV attribution. MORE

SEARCH: Yelp is a major local player that you should at least know about. MORE ... The work of SEO has changed quite a bit over time, but the categories of work have not. Check out this map on how to get it right. MORE ... Here are same basics on how to work with Google. MORE ... Does your attempts to be cute in your design harm your SEO? MORE

BANNER ADVERTISING/PROGRAMMATIC: Good job, industry. Viewability is finally showing strong signs ... even on the programmatic side. MORE ... Forty-five percent of marketers have limited to no understanding of the programmatic landscape. Here's some help for you. MORE .. Banner-dependent digital marketing plans have to account for this stat: A quarter of web traffic in the U.S. uses ad blockers. MORE ... Google removed 1 million ad accounts last year. MORE

WEB TRAFFIC: We pulled together a look at web visits across a cross-section of agricultural sites. Take a look at the results. MORE

MOBILE: In-app advertising is a landscape that does not always get to play in the programmatic space. That can offer you a unique targeting opportunity even in the post-cookie world. MORE

EMAIL MARKETING: While all outbound marketing has ramped up during the worldwide quarantine, email is the one most noticed (and annoying). MORE ... Are you in a position where you still have to fight through Outlook HTML issues? Here is some help. MORE ... Emojis can enhance a subject line or pre-header text, but there are challenges. MORE

VOICE TECHNOLOGY: The number of voice assistant devices will outnumber the world population by 2024. MORE

VIDEO: On-site explainer videos have proven to be a successful web site execution. These don't only have to be about products, but can also guide on key topics or categories. MORE

PRIVACY: The specter of GDPR has been over the industry for a few years. But, could it eventually just not work? MORE ... Ever wonder what privacy-minded consumers are sharing with each other? Here's some advice from one of them. MORE
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