Digital Intelligence Report
October 2020
Tuesday is the day Ag Marketing in the Digital Age kicks off. It wasn't supposed to be virtual but a pandemic wasn't going to get in our way of bringing digital marketing and sales expertise to our friends in the industry.

By the way, this isn't the Rooster show. We're bringing together some of the brightest minds in agriculture on the key digital topics, no matter if they are from publishers, brands, agencies or consultancies. This isn't about us. This is about you. We want the conversation around digital to deepen whether we are in the room or not.

Our hope is that each week's event leaves you with pages of notes and a couple of ideas of how you will do your job or the next campaign differently and better.

So join us on Tuesday by registering here. You won't want to miss it.
AMiDA kicks off on Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. with a deep dive into content marketing with Justin Davey, Stephanie Gable and David Jones. See more details on
DIGITAL MARKETING: The pandemic increased the shift and need for digital marketing. The future is even brighter. MORE ... Anyone already involved in performance marketing is likely going to be increasing spend there. MORE ... Gaming companies are maximizing automation in their campaigns. MORE ... Agile marketing requires rethinking and retraining. Almost half of marketing leaders plan to accomplish this task. And training on analytics and event-based marketing is the primary focus. MORE

PROGRAMMATIC/DISPLAY: One author has an apocalyptic perspective on programmatic and believes we should all just stop. MORE ... In one recent study, nearly all marketers plan to increase spend in programmatic out of home in 2021. MORE

SOCIAL: When devising your next social influencer campaign, you can choose deeper brand awareness. You may also choose ROI. You typically have to choose but awareness can lead to greater scale for your desired action. MORE ... All of the reasons social channels are addictive and "dangerous" for consumers are reasons to engage from a marketing standpoint now. MORE ... Most small businesses are using Facebook and Twitter. MORE... Without social media monitoring -- and people actively reading the reports -- your brand(s) and your employees are vulnerable. MORE
  • Facebook: It doesn't hurt to delete your disapproved ads to help your other ads. MORE
  • Twitter: One analyst believes Twitter will reap benefits from the U.S. digital marketing boom. MORE ... If you don't like the responses to your Tweet, you might soon be able to turn any notifications off on offensive replies. MORE ... Twitter's security breakdown over the summer left some key business leaders troubled. MORE
  • Triller: This TikTok rival is aiming to go public and challenge in the viral short video arena. MORE
  • TikTok: Pakistan beat the U.S. in successfully banning the app. MORE ... The more challengers they get, the more they dominate. MORE ... The algorithm, privacy and data are the keys to unlocking TikTok. MORE
  • LinkedIn: In B2B, you really have to have a first-party targeting list. But, if you don't, here's some info on LinkedIn targeting. MORE
CONTENT MARKETING: If you are hitting people at the top of the funnel, your call to action will be different than if you are at the bottom of the funnel. MORE ... Teach and increase your bond with your audience through content. MORE ... You are putting on a publisher's hat when you engage in content marketing. MORE ... Be inspired by these examples of success in content marketing. MORE ... Quality content + audience needs + SEO mindset is the formula for success. MORE ... No, seriously, quality content + audience needs + SEO mindset is the formula for success. MORE ... The average blog in 2020 has just under 1,300 words and took almost 4 hours to produce. MORE ... Research and platform choices and optimization are early keys to good content marketing. MORE ... Planning for a mix and engaging your best fans to help you promote are ways to further your efforts. MORE ... So you want to make an infographic. What kind? MORE ... You may have to pay to distribute your content at any real scale. MORE .. Why do you have to do it all? What if your users wrote your best content? MORE

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Understanding why customers take a specific action is more important that tracking that they chose that direction. But much of the tools in CX stop ahead of why. MORE

SEARCH: Google may have to sell off some digital components, most notably Chrome. MORE ... Want to learn SEO? One of my Twitter buddies offered up a good list:,,,,,,,, Oh, and you can count on Rooster, too. MORE ... It is not always easy to know when Google makes significant algorithm changes. So make sure you at least know about these. MORE ... SEO can benefit from outside resources, but it is best handled through training of your own expert talent. MORE ... Don't forget about voice search in your SEO strategy. MORE

ANALYTICS: In case you haven't noticed, the off-the-shelf Google Analytics reports aren't nearly good enough. You can build the reports you want. Here's some help. MORE ... Getting the most out of Google Data Studio takes effort but it also takes knowing what is possible. Here are some basics. MORE

TECHNOLOGY: It seems like smaller companies would be better at maximizing technology for greatest return. But, it's the opposite. MORE

QR CODES: If you think there's only one type of QR code ... well, you are probably right. But, here are 29 ways to use them. MORE

PRIVACY: A group of companies has launched the Global Privacy Control initiative to power a browser-based communication to publishers not to sell data from specific users. MORE ... Smart speakers are grabbing the focus for privacy hounds. MORE ... The mobile app space has changed in 2020 due to privacy. MORE ... Securing passwords is one key way to fight back against data theft. MORE ... As privacy and consumer controls change everything, a focus on first-party data and audience needs increases. MORE ... Don't fear the changes ... unless you should. MORE
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The goal of the Rooster Strategic Solutions Digital Intelligence Report is to provide intelligence around the digital product landscape. What is coming next. How to use what you already have. Who might be doing it right.