Digital Intelligence Report
April 2020
Nobody saw this coming. And now, you’re working in self-isolation from your home office, wondering how – or if – to communicate to your farm customers, agribusinesses, and clients. We can help. None of us predicted Covid-19, but with more than 150 years of combined experience in agricultural communications, we’ve seen just about everything else.

Check out our quick advice on how to thrive in this modified environment. We cover digital, television, social, print, radio, internal communications and public relations.

In light of our postponement of Ag Marketing in the Digital Age, we are including a few links for you in this issue to digital educational content from our archives. Enjoy!
SOCIAL: Now that user growth has steadied, the focus of the platforms will be revenue optimization. MORE ... Facebook is upgrading its livestream features at a time when its use is increasing exponentially. MORE ... Panic decisions on marketing spending is making this a strong time for paid Facebook marketing. MORE ... Is there anything more supportive than financial market profiteers giving your brand a positive nod? Facebook is a buy for these guys. MORE

CONTENT: Up your content game without pouring dollars down the drain. MORE ... Cadbury put branded content into the hands of its users. MORE ... One person's traditional media is another's nontraditional. Check out this list of brand-building channels. They are pretty traditional in my mind. MORE ... Marrying content and SEO strategy makes both more powerful. MORE ... Oh, how content expands. Here are three B2B content strategies off of the typical beaten path -- voice search, experiential, podcasting. MORE ... Now that everyone is doing it, where can you help stand out? MORE

PRIVACY: Is the COVID-19 quarantine serving to hinder consumer privacy? It is in some countries. MORE ... CCPA enforcement won't be slowed. It starts in July. MORE ... The trust isn't there. That's why these laws are coming. MORE ... CCPA matters and it should change how you interact with customers. MORE
ANALYTICS: If you are going to play a role in digital marketing, you have to know and understand Google Analytics. MORE ... Using predictive analytics is pivotal in sales planning. MORE

BANNERS: While many digital strategies are experiencing delays, Chrome's race to ending third-party cookies is not. MORE ... Facebook and Google are duking it out for app retargeting supremacy. MORE ... The Trade Desk continues to get investor love. MORE

PROGRAMMATIC: Viewability has been a tough battle on the programmatic side, but there has been improvement. MORE ... Taboola and Moat have teamed up for outcome-based buying. MORE

TECHNOLOGY: It would be a great time to pin down your technology sales reps and get an update. They aren't likely on the road. MORE ... Assessing the many players in a space, like marketing automation, is a huge task. Here's some direction. MORE

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Audience insights, targeting, chatbots and analysis are all ways you can use AI today. MORE

AUDIO: Podcast listening has declined 20 percent since the beginning of March. MORE .. Almost half of young people have listened to a podcast in the past month. People 55 and older aren't even half as engaged in them. MORE

EMAIL: When there is trust, there is engagement, lessened privacy concerns and a predilection to click. MORE ... There are ways to buy email advertising programmatically. Just be careful. Most of them perform terribly because every newsletter is designed differently (and often terribly), not considering the ad environment. MORE ... If you send your own enewsletter, here are some tips to make it better. MORE ... So you have a pile of opt-outs. They aren't dead. You can reengage them. MORE

VIDEO: Video is the premier content type in both organic and paid social. MORE ... Still wondering what the O is in OTT? Get over it. Here's a primer for you. MORE ... Telaria and Rubicon have merged and will be a powerhouse devoted to video, Connected TV as well has other areas of programmatic. MORE ... YouTube has noticed TikTok and is trying to mimic it. MORE

SEARCH: Your site can disappear from Google. You can easily check that and also work to correct it. MORE ... Does your product or business have a profile card when searched in Google? You should make sure to have one, especially as it plays into the paid search algorithm. MORE ... You can use social tools to check keywords and phrases for search. MORE ... In a war of SEO versus paid search, most marketers would go with the sure thing not whimsically challenged by algorithms. MORE ... Prep your content now to be ingested for voice search. MORE
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The goal of the Rooster Strategic Solutions Digital Intelligence Report is to provide intelligence around the digital product landscape. What is coming next. How to use what you already have. Who might be doing it right.