Digital Intelligence Report
August 2020
Digital marketing is exploding right now. As sales departments and event coordinators around the globe grapple with business-relevant social distancing, it's digital that earns the benefit.

  • Social's uptick has been massive, so much so that one of the fastest growing channels TikTok landed in the middle of a global dispute.
  • Programmatic has ballooned to half of the spend in the U.S. and even higher in agriculture.
  • Even email, which has been riding a fairly hum drum engagement trend of the past decade bumped up sharply.
  • Meanwhile, voice and voice search was already on a hefty pace even before we had to keep everything separated. Now, it has leaped closer to the top for many tech firms.

Where does it all go when (or if) things return to more normal practices? Well, if it ever happens, it is looking like next spring/summer anyway, so most of us will have a full year of budget and marketing planning to go through. That means this digital spike brought by COVID-19 is likely to continue, possibly curving even higher.

There are speed bumps over the next 6-9 months: Privacy legislation, the death of the cookie, politicization of social media, continued lack of transparency, and things not yet in the way. Money has fixed a number of these issues in the past, or at least taken the attention away from them. Given how devastating some of these could be, I'll pin my current hopes on a repeat.

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Speaking of Rooster content, did you know we have an agronomist on our team? Tom Hall watches agriculture even closer than most of us, and he has some thoughts about 2021 to share: Ag Forecast 2021: Preparing for an Avalanche
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PRIVACY: CCPA 2.0 is on the November ballot in California and includes some key additions to the original. You need to know about this because it will likely pass. MORE

DIGITAL MARKETING: "Keep in mind that while B2B buyers want the same transparency, simplicity, and speed of the B2C buying experience, their needs are often more complex and come with a higher risk." Amanda Mountain, VP of Marketing Communications at SAP Digital Commerce MORE ... Digital marketers and tech companies talk a great transparency game but drag their feet to actually deliver on it. MORE .. .The world of digital marketing isn't nearly as dire as Augustine Fao says in this article, but it is a good reminder to know your dollars are up against martech, viewability, data variances and fraud. MORE ... The loss of the cookie is huge, but a reliance on old tech and taking the art out of the science are also troublespots in the future. MORE ... More technology and external help in 2020 while we see declines in paid media and labor. MORE
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The goal of the Rooster Strategic Solutions Digital Intelligence Report is to provide intelligence around the digital product landscape. What is coming next. How to use what you already have. Who might be doing it right.