Digital Intelligence Report
May 2021
PROGRAMMATIC: The industry is not ready for this one, so you will have to be. R ... All of this conversation is about identity, not cookies. R ... Here's some more about Google FLoC? R ... Sick of Google? There's value to be found in Microsoft's audience network. R ... It is possible that privacy isn't the driver for the cookie problem. R ... And Bloomberg thinks there are a few brands that will benefit from the recent privacy-based moves. R ... There are more players than Google. R ... The rush on first-party data really is a rush on email data. R

SOCIAL: Microinfluencers are a less expensive and more relevant approach than many of the major influencers. R ... Be aggressive with Instagram hashtags, frugal with Twitter and avoid them on Facebook. R
  • Facebook: Two lawsuits against Facebook may not make it very far despite strong support from the U.S. government. R
  • Instagram: Many are leery of an Instagram for kids. R
  • Snack: A video-based dating app. R
  • TikTok: TikTok just passed Instagram among Gen Z in the U.S. R ... More innovation from TikTok offerings to offset competitors. R
  • YouTube: YouTube has announced it is going to be paying content creators to feed into it's TikTok competitive offering. R
CONTENT MARKETING: I know I need to write my next blog entry but I don't know what to write. Here are some jump-starters. R ... There are 5 Ps of storytelling in 2021: People, Place, Pictures, Personal and Platform. R ... Do you have a CDN? Maybe you should investigate getting one. R ... In the year of connection ... or reconnection ... content is a key component. R ... But you have to do it right. Expecting immediate results and not measuring are two errors. R ... There's long-form content and then there are books. Maybe you should go longer? R ... So you want an infographic but are stuck on what to put in it. Here are some starters. R .. If you aren't looking at your curated or third-party content for theft, you are missing a step. R

SEARCH: SEO can be a deep dive into an abyss. But if you start out thinking about the market, your appeal, accessibility and your content, you're most of the way there. R ... To make search work for your business, you have to pull together the data it is feeding back to you. R ... Are your competitors buying your branded keywords? Do you know the answer? R ... More than half of all web site traffic globally starts from a search result. R

ANALYTICS: Getting your bearings in a new Google Analytics setup is the first step. Here are 35 steps to take to master the data. R

NATIVE: Are you still confused about the term "Native Advertising"? Simply, it is your content in someone else's established environment. But, here's more detail for you. R ... And 10 years after native was coined, why is there still confusion about it? R

EMAIL: Improving your email open rate takes a multi-faceted approach. R

VIDEO: YouTube is more search than social, so you have to treat it like search and do keyword research. R

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: For digital marketing, the wins with AI will be wrapped around data, content and interactivity. R

PRIVACY: Beneath the headlines around privacy, there is a global divide on the specifics and rules. R

MOBILE: SMS continues to be a tool for marketers, although they use it judiciously. How do you grow a list and what do you send? R

DIGITAL MARKETING: When Google gets a buy alert on Wall Street, that's typically not a good thing for the rest of the industry. R ... Google and Facebook are not your friends. R ... To stay on top of digital marketing, you are going to have to work harder, faster and smarter in the next year. R ... And the same is true in performance marketing. R ... So you are bright but you can't get any of your digital ideas through to upper management. Maybe you aren't listening. R ... Here are a few upcoming webinars and events to consider:
CPC (Cost Per Click) -- Any ad buy that is sold at a rate based on the number of clicks per spend. For instance $5 on a $1 CPC campaign would generate 5 clicks.
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The goal of the Rooster Strategic Solutions Digital Intelligence Report is to provide intelligence around the digital product landscape. What is coming next. How to use what you already have. Who might be doing it right.