Digital Intelligence Report
December 2019
We sensed there was a need in our industry for a solid voice in digital sales and marketing news and tactics. Throughout 2019, your response to this Digital Intelligence Report proved that assumption.

The next need we noticed was for a digital sales and marketing conference that was relevant, inexpensive and held in agriculture's back yard. Last week, we announced the inaugural Ag Marketing in the Digital Age conference, scheduled for March 24 at the Four Seasons in St. Louis. This conference is a day of powerful education perfect for anyone that has benefited from this eNewsletter.

It is for you and certainly for:
  • brand marketers wanting to know how the tools and techniques can be used better
  • digital experts at one of the many ag-focused agencies trying to keep up with all of the offerings available
  • publishers fighting to stay ahead of the ever-changing digital vendor landscape

After signing up below, send the link on to anyone you believe would benefit from joining us. There is an early-bird discount, so check it out now. No doubt you will leave the event with piles of notes that will make your 2020 the strongest year yet.
SOCIAL: Facebook advertising benefits from having the tool auto-optimize against multiple messages and also from using video. ... DO YOU FEEL ATTACKED BY MY USE OF ALL-CAPS? MORE ... Instagram is the darling for 2020 among marketers. MORE ... Maybe the best way to learn about TikTok is to see TikTok's best of 2019. MORE ... Social media is a political whipping subject but there have been some powerful uses over the past decade. MORE ... Influencers may be on the decline while experts grow. There is an important but fine line. MORE ... And that might be even more true among older solcial readers. MORE ... Google Plus? Dead. MORE ... A little holiday gift to your social media manager -- 23 helpful apps. MORE

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Maybe the sci-fi fears should have us change this to cognitive tech? MORE

DIGITAL MARKETING: The requirements for privacy, data and technology are increasing, and a thirst for the most effective elements, rather than the cheapest, will keep cpms on the rise in 2020. MORE

SEARCH: It's not about terms. It's about relevance. MORE ... It's also about the content, so make sure you are selling your video content in the best possible manner. MORE ... But don't do all of the extra work and ignore the basics -- keywords. MORE

CHATBOTS: Easily programmed, more than just customer service assistants just hasn't happened. MORE ... But if you have the wherewithall, chatbots can serve needs. MORE ... More will be investing here in 2020. MORE

WEB DESIGN: Page and site speed are more important than you think. Anything that loads in more than 3 seconds risks traffic loss. Check out this tool to see where you could get and how. MORE

EMAIL MARKETING: Privacy and security issues must push you to do more and better in 2020, even if CCPA and GDPR don't directly force changes. MORE

CONTENT MARKETING: Do it like this -- right target audience, right format, marketed in the right manner and all of the right details handled. MORE ... Start by aligning your marketing strategy with your content strategy. Sounds simple, right? Then do it already! MORE

PODCASTING: Leading podcasters are begging for standardization because it is the only way podcasting will earn larger brand budgets. MORE ... Meanwhile, as we learned earlier this year, marketers want in on the trend. MORE
For more details on any of the topics covered here, contact Rooster’s Chief Digital Officer James Arnold:
Cell: (913) 291-6996
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The goal of the Rooster Strategic Solutions Digital Intelligence Report is to provide intelligence around the digital product landscape. What is coming next. How to use what you already have. Who might be doing it right.