Digital Intelligence Report
March 2021
PROGRAMMATIC: Google plans to stop using individual browsing histories as a data point in targeting ads. R ... And they don't plan to adopt an email-based option supported by many independents in the industry. R ... The cookie was never supposed to be the end-all, be-all for marketers. R ... Disney is aiming to unify its media offerings and allow it all to be bought programmatically (in an addressable manner) within the next five years. R

AMiDA: Not everything from 2020 should be forgotten! AMiDA was an 8-week ride through all things that matter in digital marketing, specifically related to agriculture. We heard from industry experts on content marketing, social media, search, analytics and much more. And guess what? We took notes. Download the AMiDA ebook today and catch up on all of the digital marketing strategies, tactics and philosophies from the top minds serving agriculture. R
SOCIAL: Social media runs fast and furious. Take your eyes off of it, and you risk looking tone deaf. R ... Searching for posting ideas for March? Here are a few ideas. R ... Myths like "my customers aren't on social" or "I should post only during the week" are myths. There are a few others, too. R
  • Facebook -- Facebook settled a privacy lawsuit around facial recognition software in Illinois and will pay $650 million. R ... Videos drive most ad clicks on Facebook. R
  • Pinterest -- Video, data and ecommerce were on display during a recent summit. R
  • SnapChat -- Only the most technical of creatives can build a Lens AR Experience ad in Snap? Think again. R ... Gannett solidified a deal with Snap for local advertising. R
  • TikTok -- TikTok agreed to pay $93 million for privacy issues related to younger users. R ... Wondering if there is anything ag-related on TikTok? The hashtag #agriculture has 1.7 billion views. USA.agriculture has 123,500 followers. Check it out. R ... The Ready, Set, Grow Summit is for small businesses considering TikTok. R
  • Twitter -- Twitter is considering a subscription option that might include paid subs for certain channels. R

DIGITAL MARKETING: A well-manicured Google Alert strategy will let you know when there is a digital reputation problem for your brand or clients. R ... Frequency capping is a tool you need to be using in your campaigns. R ... Upper funnel, lower funnel, yadda, yadda. What does it all mean? R ... If you are starting from scratch, make sure you have analytics, email, social and search covered from a stack standpoint. R ... Here are a few upcoming webinars and events to consider:

CONTENT MARKETING: Paying publishers to publish your content has a place but it is not going to make up for lack of organic effort. R ... Mix up your types of content, focus on all of the types of audiences and how they are thinking about your offerings. R ... Be brief. We are all busy! R ... You have the perfect content marketing program and poor site security, you are toast. R ... Whether you are reactive or proactive, content is improved when you work to a specific pace, focus on a singular goal, involve many segments in your organization and hit the audience mark. R

EMAIL: Not sure about the source of an email list you are using? There are tools that will help before you hurt your brand by sending to it. R

ANALYTICS: The topic of truth came up recently as it relates to digital metrics. It struck me that given the history of digital media and sales, we’re in a tough spot related to truth. R

VIDEO: DoubleVerify reported a CTV scheme that spoofed more than 2 million devices daily. R

PRIVACY: Virginia is the second state to bring forward a state-based privacy law, but this one has digital industry support. R ... Utah is working on its own privacy law. R ... The acting FTC chair indicated federal privacy legislation is a top priority. R ... Privacy and consumer protection needs to have a better answer. R
CPM (Cost Per Thousand) -- Any ad buy that is sold at a rate based on the number of impressions per spend. For instance $5 on a $1 CPM campaign would generate 5,000 impressions.
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