Digital Intelligence Report
June 2020
Marketing has thrived with reach and frequency modeling for a number of years. Reach ensures coverage of a prospect audience. Frequency ensures impact for the message.

But the model has become too simple in our matrix of media options, especially related to frequency. A 728x90 banner may deliver 100,000 impressions to a target audience of 25,000 but even with a viewability of 50 percent, is that really a frequency of two? No. Did you reach all 25,000? Probably not, unless you are an avid capper like I am. And even something viewable doesn't mean it left an impact. Viewable = 1 second, 50 percent seen. Got it?

Yet many models run through the math and equate a display impression to a social post impression to an email impression. It's not all the same. Not even close. Share of screen and length of engagement have to be a part of any real equation. For instance, on your mobile, you are more likely to see impact from a 300x250 than a 300x50. But boy oh boy do we have inventory to burn in that 300x50 arena. Impact is not 1:1 between the two sizes.

While we work on a new model, which may require a substantial percentage of cloud storage, we are going to continue with our approach and fight for impact with each impression.

Meanwhile, how does all of the media stack up in this conversation? The Rooster team talked about it in All Media Tactics are NOT Created Equal.
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SOCIAL MEDIA: Social use and engagement has grown substantially. With that great power comes great responsibility? Not in my personal feed. That leaves an opportunity for smart brands. MORE ... Negative comments happen on social media. Do you lash out? Delete the post? Freak out? Probably not. MORE
  • Facebook: Many advertisers have stopped advertising on Facebook either throughout July or indefinitely. MORE ... I am not a fan of the boycott but certainly understand. MORE ... The problem for some is the ad platform is pivotal to their marketing approach. Plus, it works. MORE ... It works also for many publishers who rely on it. MORE ... Programmatic is an area that can be fixed. MORE ... Meetings are scheduled to move things along but no positive movement is anticipated at this point. MORE ... What does a social platform do when there is freedom of speech, even when it is factually wrong? MORE
  • Twitter: The teasing continues from Twitter on adding an edit function. Seriously, Twitter, just add the function. MORE ... Maybe you'll be able to edit in the subscription platform version of Twitter. MORE
  • Instagram: Pinned comments are rolling out next week. No telling if that's the small news I expect or something more (that I am missing). MORE
  • TikTok: The U.S. government is "looking into" a ban of TikTok as an extension of its ongoing spat with China. MORE ... The self-service ad tool is now available. It's a tad clunky but aren't they all? MORE

VIDEO: The pillars of B2B video content strategy are distribution, technology and content. Get these right and you will be successful. MORE ... More statistics are coming to YouTube channel operators and with them come a need for explanation both of the metrics that matter and the YouTube algorithm. MORE ... The average cost per view on YouTube is 1-3 cents. MORE
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DIGITAL MARKETING: The cookie alternative isn't coming as fast as hoped. MORE ... Tracking pixels are key for lots of things, including conversion analytics and retargeting. How do they work? MORE ... Blockchain sounds cool but there aren't really any specific marketing benefits today. MORE

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SEARCH: Despite nearly everyone knowing that duplicate content is a headshot to a good SEO strategy, it remains the leading problem ... followed by empty alt tags. MORE ... Fraud battlers won by turning off Google search partner web sites (and Facebook Audience Network sites) paid search programs. MORE ... What are the basics to monitor for SEO? Overall SEO health, keyword opportunities and the competition. MORE ... There are some lesser-used tools in Google that can help your SEO. MORE ... SEO and paid search are exponentially powerful together, but some marketers choose one or the other. MORE

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Apple has the largest appetite for artificial intelligence, having acquired 20 companies in the space. Google has acquired 14. MORE

MOBILE: The cost of apps has generally helped us all navigate that minefield well, but experts continuing to shy away from messaging is befuddling. MORE

AUDIO: One brand is putting millions behind supporting its podcast customers. MORE ... Weekly podcast listening in the United States is just shy of 35 percent and growing. MORE ... 69 percent of podcast listeners are introduced to new products while listening. MORE

PRIVACY: Apple's recent announced changes for its next iOS is drawing praise but also doesn't comply with GDPR. MORE ... Want to see all of the companies who have been fined in the post-GDPR world? Check out the dashboard from MORE

FRAUD: 5.3 percent of U.S. desktop display advertising was fraudulent in the first quarter of this year, according to Moat. MORE ... In your efforts to battle fraud, you might need to battle your fraud metrics. Are there business outcomes that equate to your analytics. If not, the fraud is still there. MORE
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