SOCIAL MEDIA: Social video is ok but when will it get REALLY COOL? It's coming, folks. MORE ... How would you like to exponentially grow the content you are sharing without having to do much more than you are already doing? Turn your prep times into post times and bring authenticity to your brand. MORE ... Challenges, contests, live action, smart humor, Q&As, etc., are also great ways to generate excitement without a lot of extra effort. MORE ... If likes are going to be a hindered metric on Instagram, that means assessment of the channel will have to take place at a deeper level. MORE ... By the way, you can buy influencers but you might already be paying the influencers who are most impactful for your business. Your employees. MORE ... Agility wins in social. Are you set up to be agile? Most are not. MORE ... Don't worry about Facebook challenging your content on truthfulness anytime soon. MORE

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VIDEO: A study claims that 22 percent of programmatic ad delivery in OTT and CTV is fraudulent. MORE

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FRAUD: Integral Ad Science, the standard in the fight against fraud and fraudulent practices in digital media is bringing the fight to OTT. MORE

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