Digital Intelligence Report
February 2021
SOCIAL: If you are in B2B, you really need to consider social influencers for your marketing in 2021. R ... Social leads the pack on Lent. It's a love-hate relationship for many, obviously. R
  • Clubhouse: Facebook and Twitter have noticed the success of the audio chat channel and are looking to launch something similar. R
  • Facebook: Australia is proposing to charge companies for the news shared on their platforms. Facebook is planning to shut off those newsfeeds in response. R
  • Parler: It's return has been shaky but apparently it has returned. R
  • Reddit: Coming off of the GameStop news, Reddit has raised funding to add staff and grow its user base. R
  • TikTok: If you value your digital data privacy, experts recommend you avoid TikTok. R ... “I don’t think they’re out of the woods, but I do think it’s probably less threatening or seems less threatening than the previous administration,” said Ray Wang, principal analyst of Palo Alto-based Constellation Research R ... A number of European-based complaints were announced this week against TikTok. R
  • Twitter: Some premium features may move to a subscription model. R

AUDIO: The thing about articles promoting the creation of a podcast is they often don't mention the likelihood of low scale/penetration. R ... iHeart just acquired Triton. R
DIGITAL MARKETING: Maryland is toying with the idea of adding a tax for digital ad dollars. Others may follow suit. R ... Autonomous testing and natural language processing are tech items showing growth in 2021. R ... Brand suitability is a big deal in marketing and DoubleVerify has a report out covering what it looked like in 2020. R ... Here are a few upcoming webinars and events to consider:

CONTENT MARKETING: Think about your audience and your product differently to break through writer's block. R ... A good reminder on content marketing is it doesn't have to cost a lot, isn't only about SEO and is a longer-term approach. R ... When starting on content, think about your smallest addressable market. Don't cast too wide of a net. R

SEARCH: You can kick off your keyword search solo but you will eventually want tools like SEMRush and HREFs to assess variants and volume. R ... Knowledge of SEO, even at a basic level, will help your brand and career. R ... Everything is set up right, but you hide your phone number or other ways to connect with you. That will lower sales/conversions. R ... Many top web sites are skipping a tactic that could increase engagement in search: Schema Markup. R ... Pillar pages are helpful guides for the search engines to pull together bundles of content around a specific topic. R

PROGRAMMATIC: It's finally happening! Private deals are growing rapidly and could outpace open exchange in 2021. R ... Apple's recent privacy changes are annoying but aren't going to kill digital marketing. R ... Now is the time to know more about your audience. R ... Unified ID work has progressed enough for The Trade Desk to hand off the management of it to Prebid. R

VIDEO: Live video isn't the over-produced, overly safe messaging consumers expect from television commercials. There's an element of real that scores well digitally. R ... How do you do live well? Here are some thoughts. R ... YouTube's answer to TikTok plans to launch in March. R

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: The first question is always what do you hope AI can solve for your business. But there are six more to ask. R

PRIVACY: There are a lot of facets to digital privacy ... and a lot of solutions. R
DSP (Demand Side Platform) – A technology solution used by advertisers to buy open ad inventory in a programmatic setting.
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