Teaching about the latest methods and madness in digital media is what we are about at Rooster. But, despite all of the nifty digital tools available to all of us, there remains a serious blind spot for marketers in digital: Measurement with a purpose.

There are plenty of metrics, reports, calculations and analytics. But there is a systemic lack of action based on the numbers. We live in an era where a report at the end of the month is still standard. Sometimes, it's a wrapup report at the end of a lengthy campaign. And only 10 percent of people actually look at the reports, and those people are deemed cutting edge.

The whole process needs to be changed.

  • At the front end, it needs to move to outcome-based pricing models. Items that are $100 cpm should perform better than those that are $20 cpm. Often, then don't.
  • In the middle, it needs to be changed to automated optimizations. Relying on human intervention when the systems can do the work is insane.
  • At the back end, it needs to be changed to include analysis, not lines of metrics in a spreadsheet.

It's time to clean up this mess and get to a place where digital is absolutely ready to be.

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