Digital Intelligence Report
October 2020
Candidate 1: I'm running for supremacy on the platform that endemic websites offer the best opportunity to reach ...

Candidate 2: Wait a minute. You know that programmatic is right message, right audience, right cost.

Candidate 1: I know no such thing. Endemic sites typically know the most about their audience, engage with them at deeper levels ...

Candidate 2: Stop. Stop. That old line doesn't hold water. Layering in the various consumer data sets along with first-party data can take a campaign farther than ever before.

Candidate 1: Endemics offer context and real-time user behavior that is unmatched ...

Candidate 2: All of those things never result in improved performance, especially when coupled with the cost.

Candidate 1: What happens when the cookie fully crumbles, Mr. Programmatic?

Candidate 2: I have excellent plans for that. Lots of plans. We'll be ready.
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SOCIAL: It would be good news for non-political advertisers if social media blocked political ads the majority apparently would prefer. MORE ... Interested in checking out influencer marketing but not sure where to start? Here you go. MORE .. Do they really influence anyone? Maybe not, but research and analysis can tell you. MORE ... The cheap route toward societal relevance for social media messaging is knowing the upcoming holiday events. MORE ... Be sure to use social media to monitor and impact your brand reputation. MORE ... We do social media audits for customers and are pretty good at them. What goes into one? MORE
  • Facebook: The 20% text requirement for ads apparently has been lifted. MORE ... Facebook will revert to the 7-day attribution model. MORE ... Messaging will cross over to Instagram soon (it already has in some places). MORE
  • SnapChat: Platform bursting looks like an effective way around some of the natural SnapChat ad negatives. It also looks pricy! MORE
  • TikTok: The courts are keeping TikTok available in the U.S. MORE
PROGRAMMATIC/DISPLAY: All of the programmatic ills discussed in one article. If you are focused on outcomes and optimization, you are protected. MORE ... Microsoft has teamed with Integral Ad Science for its network of sites. MORE ... buyers.json is the publisher-supported tool they deserve. MORE ... Blocking categories and keywords won't protect your campaign perfectly, so IAS is putting some emotion into the equation. MORE ... Do I need a DMP, an SSP or a DSP? Know the terms. MORE ... Vox is launching a self-serve tool for marketers interested in hitting premium content. MORE

CONTENT MARKETING: "What value is this (content) offering my audience?" MORE ... Maybe the content you are providing is more valuable as a paid offering than as a top of funnel support? MORE ... 70 percent of B2B marketers made changes to their strategy based on COVID. MORE

CREATIVE: You know you should be A/B testing your messaging. Here are some tips for programmatic and social on how to do it. MORE

MARKETING TECHNOLOGY: Choosing the right solution is a decision in time. Quite possibly, a better decision can be made at another moment, possibly protecting the future business. MORE ... But don't sit and wait for perfection. MORE ... And things are getting better on the integration front. MORE

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Digital marketing cannot happen outside of quality customer experience. Quality customer experience should be fueled by good digital marketing. MORE

EMAIL: The leading marketing automation platforms also offer social and SMS capabilities along with APIs into other offerings. These could oneday be the command center for your marketing and sales executions. MORE ... Artificial intelligence gave one email campaign a significant boost. MORE

SEARCH: If you don't think SEO is a costly rabbit hole if not done wisely, make sure you are already covered in keyword research, content optimization, site enhancement, SEO analysis and penalty research. MORE ... You need a hybrid plan including both SEO and paid. MORE

VIDEO: “There’s this grand assumption that, well, since it was delivered to a television set in someone’s living room, it must be viewable. Well, the reality of it is in many cases, it’s not." MORE ... Video ads in the 10-15 second range that contain text in the early screens are high performers comparatively. MORE

VOICE SEARCH: If you aren't doing anything in the voice arena, walk through this article to see if there might be a place for it. MORE

PRIVACY: CCPA enforcement is starting. MORE ... Apple isn't playing well with the other kids in the digital world. MORE

QR CODES: 11 million U.S. households will use a QR code in 2020. That's less than 10 percent of the total population. MORE
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