Digital Intelligence Report
February 2021
Note: To make the Digital Intelligence Report a little easier to read (or even to look at), I have reduced MORE to a rooster-inspired R for links through to the articles.

SOCIAL: Social influence in 2021 should push more into the visual/video area. R ... B2B channels continue to see growth across the board. R ... Want to know what B team social media channels can offer? Try these. R
  • Facebook: Facebook will be prompting users to opt into ad tracking ahead of Apple's planned update this spring. R ... Topic exclusions in advertising would help with brand safety measures. R ... One slanted view on the ills of Facebook and privacy. R
  • Instagram: Vertical stories are coming thanks to the TikTok. R
  • LinkedIn: The platform boasts both traffic and revenue growth closing 2020. R
  • Pinterest: Wall Street is thinking Pinterest is an upward mover. R
  • Reddit: The GameStop news has put this platform back into the forefront for marketing consideration. R
  • TikTok: WPP deal strengthens TikTok's business/marketing focus. R ... TikTok will get into the misinformation warning game as well. R
CONTENT MARKETING: Leading the pack for areas you HAVE TO execute is content marketing. R ... Real business outcomes determine success of any content strategy. R ... I can't say it often enough: A good content strategy starts with your intended audience. R ... Planning your content for March? Here are some ideas. R

SEARCH: Duplicate content has a negative affect but not the way most have judged over the years. R ... Hosted videos have no SEO benefit over equally optimized embedded content. R ... Speed and user experience are of paramount importance for Google. R ... Google search results are bringing more domain information to users. R ... Toxic backlinks can hinder your SEO progress. Are the sins of past SEO work still hampering you? R

DATA: A data-infused future isn't just about having data but in growing it and executing based on insights from it. R ... You need data tools. Which ones? R ...Machine learning, AI and data analysis all need data first. R

PRIVACY: Google's moves in Chrome on the surface look like wins for privacy but the real win might be for Google. R

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: From automatically dressing you on video conference calls to letting you know you might be breaking protocol, AI could have a huge impact on work in 2021. R ... Manual enforcement doesn't seem to work. Maybe AI is the key to data privacy. R

DIGITAL MARKETING: Digital-first approaches isn't replicating the current sales process and then doing it digitally. It is using digital differently to meet your audience's needs. R ... Another B2B sector is looking at various areas within a digital-first approach to consider. R ... Have you ever considered a "Turn Off" test to see how much digital marketing means to your business? R ... Here are a handful of upcoming webcasts that you can access to learn more.
API (Application Programming Interface) – A software intermediary that allows communication between two systems.
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The goal of the Rooster Strategic Solutions Digital Intelligence Report is to provide intelligence around the digital product landscape. What is coming next. How to use what you already have. Who might be doing it right.