Digital Intelligence Report
March 2020
Now is not the time to panic if you are a premium publisher or a fan of premium publishers. It's true that the playing field is shifting and smart marketers armed with good technology and optimization strategies can already be successful without paying premium prices.

Facebook, Google/YouTube (and soon Amazon) dominate the digital ad spending and continue to gain ground against the masses of other offerings. The fights against fraud, privacy, viewability and transparency have taken the premium player's eyes off of the reason for it all -- the client.

But it's not time to panic. It's time to act.

  • Earn the premium with ever-deepening audience data and insights.
  • Pull the plug on products that earn a premium (now) via inertia but not through performance metrics.
  • Right-size the costs for other products to make the decision to leave the premium option more difficult to make.
  • Get nimble. Move faster. Be at least as good as the cheaper options.

Act now because there's not much time left. Incidentally, Rooster might be able to help.

We will lose some of the best if they aren't able to act fast enough. MORE ... Share your thoughts on the future of premium publishers on Quora. MORE ... Some are doubtful premium players are capable of figuring it out. MORE ... Is the era of walled gardens the route to long-term security for premium publishers? MORE ... Getting set up for programmatic guaranteed is a must. MORE ... Maybe the future isn't about your current ad slots. MORE ... Premium brands spreading a form of hate need to suffer a demise, but it's difficult to filter. MORE ... It's not an old-school niche ad network, it's a publisher alliance. Totally different. MORE

In honor of daylight savings time kicking in again for many this weekend, here's a look back at the first issue of the Digital Intelligence Report, which is now a year old!
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SOCIAL MEDIA: Fleets is Twitters take on stories. MORE ... In a recent study, 77 percent of marketers claimed up to 25 percent of their budget will be devoted to influencers. MORE ... Meanwhile, there is a major push toward micro-influencers that should shift your focus. MORE ... Is your social post too short or too long? Here's some advice. MORE ... Pssst. You can post that same thing again, and it might perform even better. MORE ... Want to reach teens? Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. MORE ... You should expect a 0.39% ctr and a 15% conversion on LinkedIn sponsored ads. It remains rather pricey compared to other options. MORE

TECHNOLOGY: Almost every piece marketing technology sounds like a winner when pitched by a sales guy, but does it connect with your other tech, miss out on your first-party data or create more work than advancement? Run. MORE ... When assessing your stack, take the blinders off. MORE

CONTENT MARKETING: Blogs, videos, long-form content, infographics are all interesting mechanisms for content but they are also strong supports for SEO. MORE ... According to the Content Marketing Institute's annual study, only half of B2B organizations use a content management system. What a mess! MORE
DIGITAL MEDIA: Balancing the benefits of in-housing with the benefits of external partnerships is important. MORE ... You aren't new to the digital game, so read this checklist to make sure you aren't executing like you were born yesterday. MORE ... The whole world of digital marketing and ad tech is changing. We'll have to change as well. MORE

MOBILE: Apple is going to allow push notification advertising on its apps, something it had policed aggressively in the past. MORE

PROGRAMMATIC: The financial sector is still seeing programmatic vendors, like The Trade Desk, as growth opportunities. That bodes well for those concerned that all of the challenges are slowing it down. MORE

BLOCKCHAIN: This is the concept of how blockchain can help in digital marketing. It's still a ways away. As I read it, it's what programmatic was supposed to solve. MORE

VIDEO: Growth in TikTok's user base will curb drastically, but is that a sign of a fad or of growth in a different direction? MORE ... Video is powerful for earning new business, even if the quoted study metrics are too ridiculous to believe. MORE ... Deeper metrics for video engagement are challenging. MORE ... Skippable videos and short attention spans have challenged marketers to come up with the two-second ad. Is it even possible? MORE

SEARCH: Sixty-four percent of marketers invest in SEO as a part of their strategy. MORE ... How does Google even work in 2020? Here's an in-depth but pretty basic explanation (with pictures!) that will help everyone understand the current landscape. MORE

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: AI is now the most popular specialty among computer science students, doubling security as a specialty. SCARY! MORE

EMAIL: Do you take the content of your cold emails as seriously as you should? If your email means business, so should you. MORE

DATA: Leading data on-boarder LiveRamp is gearing up for the privacy era with a new offering that shares data but takes privacy into account. MORE ... Google to the rescue as it relates to the post-cookie digital marketing world ... or not ... or maybe. No one knows. MORE

FRAUD: The industry is serious about fighting fraud. Players like Integral Ad Science, the IAB and others are active, but perpetrators of fraud are tough. MORE
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The goal of the Rooster Strategic Solutions Digital Intelligence Report is to provide intelligence around the digital product landscape. What is coming next. How to use what you already have. Who might be doing it right.