Digital Intelligence Report
November 2019
Half of the battle in doing digital correctly is strong communication. You have to be thorough in your expectations and explanations. You have to listen to both the capabilities of the tools and the needs of the brand or product. 

Sometimes, better communication comes just by defining terms. In an industry with so many terms, it's good to be on the same page.

So, on the terms around paid social, can we all agree to the following? I know we haven't thus far after doing research into the topic this week. 

  • Boosted -- Extending the reach of an organic post to either followers or a targeted group. Basically using the Easy button to advertise. 
  • Sponsored -- Content supported by a specific brand for the purposes of extending reach of the content and/or brand. It's typically content from a publisher but the brand benefits from alignment with it. 
  • Paid Ads/Promoted Posts -- Using the platform’s ad system to inject ads/messages to a defined audience. Paid ads are often new creations whereas promoted posts are previous organic messages readily available in the system. 

These terms are created to be operational in nature and define the manner in which they get accomplished. 

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