Digital Intelligence Report
October 2020
Ag Marketing in the Digital Age (AMiDA) launched this month. The first session on Content Marketing had a great group of speakers, was perfectly set up and then an On24 video-encoding server crashed and the live event was left in a shambles. The on-demand version was rebuilt, is actually quite strong and available for all registrants now.

The programmatic session this past Tuesday was incredible. Great content from the speakers, the technology worked and the audience was riveted all the way until the end.

This next Tuesday, we tackle the Musts and Must Nots in digital marketing, specifically in agriculture. Many of the leaders in ag marketing will offer up their advice on the things we do that we need to stop and the things we don't do that we need to try. There should be something for everyone, whether you are marketing a brand, helping clients at an agency or a part of a publishing or digital vendor group.

You can still register and gain access to all of the content. Register here.
DIGITAL MARKETING: Many are just scratching the surface of automation capabilities in marketing. Are you ready in 2021 for hyperautomation? MORE ... Are marketing operations people more aligned with your technology team or your marketing team? MORE ... Automated Content Recognition assesses and categorizes content (think audio and video) to create behavioral-based targeting groups. MORE .. In what was billed as a Section 230 reform conversation devolved into partisan politics, mostly amounted to very little when Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s Sundar Pichai took questions from Congess. MORE ... A quarter of Google's advertisers have boycotted the platform at some point. And no one noticed, really. MORE

SOCIAL: What is the proper ratio of paid and organic social? It's not really about ratio. It's about your strategy. Use paid to expand your reach, for instance. MORE ... Do you have a social media policy? Is it carefully constructed and representing all facets of what a policy should cover? MORE ... One legal and technology expert believes social media should shut down ahead of an election. And if the platforms don't do it, businesses should. MORE ... Influencer activism is something to watch. As you engage with influencers, you are going to have an added step of watching their activism and make sure it aligns with your brand. MORE ... Influencers are on the move this year, shifting revenue streams, using TikTok and Triller and focusing on social welfare over hard sales for customers. MORE
  • Facebook: Facebook advertisers were recently informed about ad limits coming in 2021. The alert is somewhat alarming, but the limits start at no more than 250 ads running from a given page at a time. Larger pages will be limited to as many as 20,000. MORE
  • Instagram: You can now run a livestream on Instagram for four hours. MORE
  • YouTube: All signs point to YouTube taking YouTube Shorts very seriously as a challenger for TikTok. MORE
PROGRAMMATIC/DISPLAY: Sean Cotton, Eric Nelson and Courtney Yuskis spent an hour with the AMiDA audience talking about programmatic in agriculture. Check it out here. MORE ... There is now doubt about the cookie-less future and how far the killing of the cookie will go. But, you need to know more about it. Check out this whitepaper on the topic. MORE ... The cookie, meanwhile, served a great purpose. "It allowed publishers and advertisers to utilize one of the strongest features of the internet itself, which is addressability and trackability," Andrew Baron, Vice President, Machine Learning & Marketplace at PubMatic. MORE

CONTENT MARKETING: Justin Davey, Stephanie Gable and David Jones spent an hour with the AMiDA audience talking about content marketing in agriculture. Check it out here. MORE ... When does good content viralize? When the SEO, audience and media align perfectly. MORE ... If your content team is used to feeding a printed vehicle, the mindset has to change to grow to digital. MORE ... Twenty-six percent of B2B marketers never gate content. MORE ... Content marketing isn't only a digital offering, but it is two-thirds digital. MORE ... SEO and thought-leadership are two key pieces of a B2B content strategy. MORE ... A siloed approach to content makes more work for everyone. Collaborate! MORE

SEARCH: Content marketing without a corresponding SEO strategy could be like a tree falling in a forest. MORE

AUDIO: IHeartMedia is so bought in on podcasting as the future wave, it bought a programmatic vendor. MORE ... The Rooster Cast just surpassed 80,000 listens and 140 episodes. That's more than 550 listens per episode. My mom must listen often because I don't know if there are 550 people worldwide interested in my digital marketing musings. MORE ... If you are a podcaster, make sure you are discoverable on Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify, Breaker and The Podcast App. MORE ... Scalability of audience tends to be a killer but podcasting does show substantial benefits as a content marketing tool. MORE

PRIVACY: In case you are wondering how we got to this point on privacy, it didn't all happen at once. MORE ... Privacy legislation is a good and needed thing. But too much of that good thing could be bad. MORE ... "Businesses need to have visibility into and control over the consumer data in their care," Zak Rubenstein, CEO and co-founder of MORE

RESEARCH: Everyone loves research, whether it is done by someone else or it is a survey for gaining audience feedback or creating content. The better the tool or source, the more you can learn. Here are a few to check out. MORE

DATA: Account-based marketing aligns technology, analytics and data. To do it right, it takes work in all three areas. MORE

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Merging machine learning with human interaction, whether it is automated or real, will strengthen AI 2.0 in marketing. MORE ... The use and growth of AI and automation are predicted to shrink ad agencies over the next few years, according to a Forrester report. I'm not buying it. I'd bet new, cooler and bolder tasks will replace old. MORE

VOICE: It's pretty forward-thinking of the writer to have voice search the third element of a basic digital marketing plan in a niche arena. Let it be an encouragement to everyone to be considering where voice is heading. MORE

VIDEO: I'm not hyping a particular vendor for short marketing videos here. I am just pointing out there are a lot of services out there to help if you need help. MORE

USER EXPERIENCE: Do you know the difference between UI and UX? The graphic below makes it clearer. MORE
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