Digital Intelligence Report
January 2021
Note: To make the Digital Intelligence Report a little easier to read (or even to look at) this week, I have reduced MORE to a rooster-inspired R for links through to the articles.

PROGRAMMATIC/DISPLAY: The deal between Facebook and Google either was a predatory move from monopolistic industry leaders or something most wouldn't understand. R ... Google believes it is the later (It probably is!). R ... Taboola is joining the social "stories" fray with Taboola Stories. R ... Fraud is difficult to uncover but not impossible. R ... The targeting challenges get the headlines but the measurement issues will be the most painful with the loss of the third-party cookie. R ... Are you up to speed on the cookieless future? Take this test to see. It's a tough one but teaches as well. R

SOCIAL: The increasing conversation on social around hot topics also increases the brand unfriendliness of social. R ... A social media management solution needs to include all key platforms, scheduling, rescheduling, rough image editing, inbox controls, audience data controls, listening, team tools and metrics. R ... 2021 will see marketers spending on more social platforms than Facebook. R
  • Facebook: Despite the legal, technical and competitive headwinds, Wall Street still sees Facebook as a high-performer in 2021. R ... Facebook is the platform more marketers plan to decrease spending in 2021. R
  • LinkedIn: It is the second-most popular platform for B2B marketers. R
  • Parler: The right-wing "free-speech" social platform promises to find its way back after Apple, Google and Amazon pulled the plug. R
  • Pinterest: New more personalized and dynamic ad options have appeared. R
  • Triller: The short-form video platform may show up with a Super Bowl ad. R
  • Twitter: Zignal Labs said election misinformation decreased 73 percent over the subsequent six days after banning President Donald Trump. R ... Your ads need to be relevant, recent and resonate with your audience. R ... It's somewhat basic, but if you want a primer on Twitter advertising, Twitter offers this. R
  • What's App: A privacy update has been pushed to May after fears and confusion had users complaining. R
  • YouTube: YouTube suspended President Donald Trump for a week but has not kicked him off of the platform. R
EMAIL: If you aren't using email to bolster your first-party database, you might be the only one. R ... Test every email campaign to eliminate mistakes, improve reach, protect yourself and expand your tool usage. R

SEARCH: You need a search strategy. R ... An India company has released a group of free SEO tools. They are worth checking out. R ... AI, voice and mobile are the key themes in SEO in 2021. R ... Pillar pages increase the power and ability for you to create a strong link-building strategy. R ... But the power of links in search is possibly overstated. R ... Duck, Duck, Go has grown substantially but is still dwarfed by Google. R ... SEO is an unending trash heap full of your money if you allow it to be. Here are some ways to justify and optimize the spend. R

DATA: So I know third-party data is dangerous and first-party data is the bomb. But how should I feel about second-party data? R

AUDIO/PODCASTING: Apple is planning to start a podcasting subscription service. R ... eMarketer sees huge growth in podcast spending in 2021. R

PRIVACY: Marketers are now lopsided in their response to privacy issues, worried most about the legislation rather than the issues the legislation is trying to combat. R ... Legal wins in 2020 included use of facial recognition, personal data demands and the need for encryption. R

DIGITAL MARKETING: How do you keep track of your competition? Google Alerts, SEM Rush, Alexa, Moz ... Here are a handful of upcoming webcasts that you can access to learn more.
Native Advertising—Ads that follow the form, function, and feel of the website content. Native ads typically achieve higher engagement because the ads closely match the media content.  
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